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The heat in Konoha had been unbearable in recent days. The members of Team Kakashi had just returned from a mission to Suna to help Kazekage Gaara quell an uprising in one of their provinces.

"Oh my god! Why is it so fucking hot?" Shouted Naruto Uzumaki as he kicked off his shoes once he returned to his apartment. "Hey Hinata, you home?" he called. He had recently married Hinata Hyuuga, who apparently, had a crush on him since they were kids.

"Naruto? Is that you?" came the sweet soft voice of his betrothed. Naruto had always loved how soft and sweet Hinata was, and the fact that she was one hell of a fighter just added to her attractivness.

"Naruto!" she yelled as she leapt at him and planted a big 'I missed you' kiss on him, "How was Suna?" she asked while leading him into the dining room where she poured them some tea and sat down to listen to him.

"It was fine, the rebels put up little of a fight, we managed to take most of them back alive. Their boss was a handful though, he knocked out Kakashi-sensei, Sakura, and Sasuke (1), leaving me to fight him alone."

"But, weren't there any Suna ninja there?" Hinata asked sweetly,

"Yeah, but they were tied up with the guards, So any way this guy was breeding something in his fortress, because we found some kind of fleshy egg type thing in there, it was really weird, we brought it back here for lady Tsunade to look at." Naruto continued.

As Naruto continued with his boasting about how he took down an entire criminal organization, he, Hinata, and the rest of Konoha were being watched, not by an Akatsuki member, but by something much more deadly.

The Yautja (2) elders of the Bleeding Blade Clan had sent one of the more mature Blooded warriors from their clan to earth to exterminate a Hard Meat (3) nest before the oomans were able to discover it. The Hunter named Bakuub (5) had managed to eliminate most of the nest, but the meddlesome oomans had extracted one of the eggs before he could reach the nest and detonate his bomb.

Bakuub had followed the egg to an ooman town in a desert, then here, where he lost track of it. The hunter knelt on a ledge watching one of the oomans who was with the Hard Meat egg. He was somewhat disgruntled that he was not permitted by the elders to engage the oomans, but he followed his orders none-the -less.

The ooman was sitting with what looked to be a female of the spiecies, he recorded the entire conversation they had, and ran it through a translater. The ooman made some mention of the egg, but not enough to know where it was. The hunter growled angrily and leapt from his perch to seek out the other oomans who were with the egg. Bakuub had thought to put tracers on all of the oomans, and followed one to a nearby building, he recognized the form inside as the female from the group, and wither was what appeared to be another female.

"The females here have too much freedom. The other had a mate, this one must as well." He growled to himself, he surveyed the apartment for a male form before recording the conversation that was starting inside.

"Sakura, baby! You're home!" Ino Yamanaka shouted with glee as she literally jumped on Sakura, knocking them to the floor. Ino lay on top of her lover, straddling her hips, she gave Sakura a kiss and asked, "How was Suna? Did you see Temari? Is she still as hot as ever? Did you mention the threesome?" Ino spurted rapidly.

"Easy, girl." Sakura said, pushing Ino off her, "Good, yes, yes, no."

Ino pouted at hearing about the threesome, "well, did anything 'interesting' happen there? Ino asked with a devious smirk.

"Nothing like that Ino-Pig. We did find this really weird egg though. I left it at Tsunade-sensei's office."

"Who cares about some stupid egg? Why didn't you ask Temari about a threesome next time she's in town?" Ino shouted, Sakura came up and gave Ino a peck on the lips then whispered in her ear, "Because I don't want to share you with Temari, I want you all to myself."

Ino's face lit up like a Christmas tree, "HEL-LO!" was all she said before she picked Sakura up and ran into the bedroom, Sakura giggling all the way.

Bakuub ran the conversation through his translator, and once he heard where the egg was he went to find this 'Tsunade', and hopefully destroy the egg before it hatched. Bakuub hesitated when he heard more sounds coming from the building he was just looking into. He looked back and saw the two females doing what appeared to be a mating ritual.

"What's wrong with this planet? Females mate with each other? Oomans make me sick," He growled before leaping off to find another beacon, hopefully leading him to this Tsunade.

Kakashi Hatake sighed with the heat as he waited for Tsunade to see him. "Man, why is it so hot here? Suna was cooler." He said, loosening his collar, he patted the egg like thing next to him, "bet you're burning up in there, eh?"

The door in front of him opened and Tsunade and Shizune walked out, Tsunade locked the door behind her, and when she saw Kakashi, she seemed surprised, "Kakashi, what're you doing here?" she asked, "I'm here to give the mission report, you said to see you as soon as we got back."

"Oh…" she said, she looked at Shizune, then back to Kakashi, "give it to me tomorrow, and you can leave the egg thing here."

Kakashi sighed again, "Very well, Lady Hokage. But if it's all right, I think I'll sleep here and watch the thing, just to be sure nothing happens."

Tsunade smirked, "Anko pissed again?"

Kakashi merely looked at his feet and sighed again. Tsunade chuckled and bade him good night. Kakashi laid down and shut his eyes, ready for sleep, but he was interrupted.

(1) I don't know what happens to Sasuke after Ship, but here, he retured to Konoha.

(2) The Predator Spiecies, i will be refering to them as this or Hunters

(3) Aliens

(4) Yautja for "Straight Spear"

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