Title: Something Blue
Summary: A collection of KaiJou ones hots and drabbles. Chapter 1. I spy with my little eye...
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Something Blue

Jounouchi leaned back on the couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table. The brunette had told him many times not to get the surface dirty with his dusty shoes, but the teen never listened. In the end, Seto was the one who learned not to nag him anymore.

"Let's see... I spy with my little eye... something..." the blond looked around for a moment. "something... black." his boyfriend sat at his desk, typing away at the computer like it was the end of the world. With a small glare, he looked up at Jou.

"Katsuya, I have no time for your games. If you want me to come home early, leave me alone so I can finish this paper." he went back to typing once more.

Jounouchi let out a long, whiny groan, reminding the CEO once more why he called him a puppy. "But Setoooooo... I've been waiting for you to finish that damn thing for HOURS. It's already ten and I'm tired and I wanna go to bed and it's really late and--"

"Katsuya!" Seto snapped.


"If I... if I play your stupid game with you, will you stop complaining?" he inwardly smiled at the beam his boyfriend was sending him.

"Yup!" Jou put his feet down on the floor and sat his bottom back as far as he could on the couch; he swung his legs up and back onto the carpet, repeating this motion to show how glad he was. "you go first." The brunette let out a slightly-annoyed sigh, glancing around.

"I spy something..." he continued to type as he spoke, amazing the other teen at his great multi-tasking skills. "...gray."

"Pfffft!" Jou spat out, "are you trying to bore me to death with something so easy?" he leaned forward, hands flat down on the leather on either side of him. "the carpet!"


He raised an eyebrow. "That bookshelf over there?"


"The window sill?"


"My shirt?"


"Your trench coat-vest thing?"


Jou sat silently in thought, trying his best to guess. After several seconds had passed, he dropped his fist into his palm in realization. "Your computer!"


He furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms over his chest. "C'mon, Seto, what is it?"

"Nothing." a slight smirk graced the brunette's features as he continued working. He peaked up at the other's face, only to see him puffing out his cheeks in angry. "so, you want to be a blow fish now?" he went back to working. "well... all you need is a set of gills and you can get the fish part down..."

"Don't mess with me, moneybags..." Jounouchi pouted.

"Okay, puppy." it was silent for a few minutes after that, for which Seto was quite proud. He was almost finished with the paper and then he could go home and take a nice, hot bath... and if Jounouchi wasn't pissed off with him, he could have him join as well.

"What're you grinning about?" Seto quickly regained his poker-face and raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know what you're talking about."


With things going the way they were, the teen realized Jou was going to be angry with him for a while, and that was not a good thing. Letting out a sigh, he spoke up.



"Come here."


"Because I'm Seto Kaiba, and I can decide who lives and who dies, now get your ass over here."

Jounouchi stood up, "Fine, but only because I don't hear you cuss a whole lot."

"Right..." Seto stopped typing and looked up at his boyfriend, staring him down. The stare was worrying the blond very much.


"Shut up and let me think." he continued staring, a small smirk slowly forming. Worrying him to the extent of screaming, Jou turned red instead. It wasn't long before the CEO spoke up again.

"Sit, right there." the blond obeyed, sitting himself down on the desk beside the computer. He was faced away from Seto, so he turned his back to face him, the leg closest to the desk sat on it.

"It's your turn, Katsuya." said Seto, returning himself back to typing.


"Must you always question me?" the typing continued as this was spoken. "the game. It's your turn."

"O-oh, oh yeah!" Jou stared out at the window behind his boyfriend. It was nighttime, so of course it'd be dark; the city lights helped brighten everything up just a little bit, like Christmas lights, so it was quite pretty. "I spy... something gold..."

"The lights outside."

"What?! How did you even know?" said Jou, completely dumbfounded. Seto stopped working once more to answer his boyfriend's question.

"I noticed you looking outside." he replied nonchalantly.

"You suck."

"And you swallow." Seto moved the mouse around and clicked a few times; the printer by the monitor came to life and started to spit out sheets of written paper. "now it's my turn. I spy something blue."

"Uhm..." Jou suddenly felt Seto staring right at him, and they caught each other's eyes. Next to unnerving, this was a romantic situation he had gotten himself in, in a way. Seto's eyes... they were blue, but since he couldn't really see them, he wasn't exactly 'spying' them, so it didn't count (though, Jounouchi kept a note of his eyes, as a last resort). The printer stopped vomiting the report and the brunette took this time to break off eye contact to get the papers. He pulled them out, evened them up and put them in one of his desk drawers, standing up and straightening his jacket.

"Do you have an idea?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the teen sitting on his desk.

"Um..." out of ideas, Jou decided to say it, "...your eyes?" he noticed a twitch on his boyfriend's face before the CEO grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the desk, towards the door.

"No," was the curt reply. "it's your uniform lying on my bathroom floor."

It was Jou's turn to twitch as he was practically getting dragged out of the building.

Seto Kaiba could be romantic when he wanted to; tonight, unfortunately, was not one of his nights.

Something Blue

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