Title: Something Blue

Chapter Summary: Years after they meet, Set finds that Kat has been kidnapped.

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Glaring Dream

Fureru yubi de yume o kasaneru
Iki mo dekizu ni kusureteku
Tashika na koto futashika sugite
Nanji o shinjireba kimi ni aeru
Shiroku kieteku ano ni no shiruetto

Seventeen-year-old Set wandered throughout the palace in a hurried manner. This wasn't like him, at all, for he just brushed past the servants without even greeting them like he usually did.

He looked in the kitchens, the bath houses, the sleeping chambers, but to no avail, he was not pleased.

"I told him not to go anywhere while I went with the young Pharaoh to the market..." he muttered, clenching his fists and he continued walking down the hallways in rage. It wasn't before long a servant boy ran up to him, out of breath, his long raven hair disheveled.

"Master Set!"

"Moki?" Set raised an eyebrow. "you're supposed to be out in the fields. What are you doing here?" Moki continued to pant, leaning down and putting his hands on his legs as he caught his breath.

"Kat... outside... men... on horses... they... took him!"

Set's eyes widened as he process what he had been told, "What?! They took him?" Moki nodded, letting out a small cough, the air that he had been running against dried his throat greatly.

"They looked like the men the grave robber had come with..."

"Grave robber...? The thief, Bakura?" The brunette growled. "Moki, go ahead and get back to the fields. I'll find Kat."

"A-all right. Good luck!" Set prepared to walk away.

"Listen, Moki, if anyone's looking for me, tell them I've gone out."

"I will."

With that, he left..


Kat slowly opened his eyes, his hands and feet tightly tied so he couldn't get away. A sharp pain jolted through his head, barely remembering that he had been knocked out.

Remembering this little bit of info, Kat grew wide awake, realizing he was in an unfamiliar place... a cave. Someone had started a small fire, successfully keeping him and whoever else was there, warm.

He wondered how long he had been out-- from the looks of it, it was nightfall, so it could have been for a while...

"So, the slave is awake, I see..." someone walked into the cave, carrying a sack full of priceless treasures. Kat held his breath as the figure came closer, realizing who this person was. The scar under his right eye... the messy whitish-grey hair...

"You..." this man was the person who had taken off with the previous Pharaoh's body before! "you're the grave robber..."

"As much as I love that name..." the man sat down by the fire, warming up his hands. "...it gets annoying after the first several times I'm called it." his eyes were slowly drawn to Kat, who couldn't help but shudder from the gaze.

"Why am I here?" the blond asked, trying to move his hands. He was only met with a smirk.

"You're one of the Pharaoh's prized servants, aren't you? The one called Kat?" Kat frowned, attempting to move his binded wrists.



"I'm… I'm not this Kat you speak of." It was true he wasn't one of the Pharaoh's servants, but he wasn't going to get Set hurt as well…. If that was the Tomb Robber's objective.

"Oh?" the white haired man raised his eyebrows, in mock surprise. "is that so?" Kat could only nod, giving up on the ropes. He looked downcast onto the ground, the fire's light danced among the traces of dirt.

"You lie."

"What?" the slave looked back up at the man.

"You are indeed, Kat. It's called information, slave, ever heard of it?" the Tomb Robber made his way over to the bound blond, who's heart raced faster now that he knew something was going to happen to him. The man sat down next to him, leaning over to his ear, his hot breath leaving a tingling sensation over his sensitive skin. "and information tells me that you've lied, not once, but twice. You're not one of the Pharaoh's servants. You're that High Priest's."

Kat let out a gasp, turning his head to face the robber in shock. The man just fell back and let out a laugh. "That right there is proof!"

The slave was getting even more frightened. "Why have you taken me hear?!" His reply was the ceasing of laughter and a smirk.

"Because you, slave, are a prize."


"If I've taken you, it would make the palace men angry, since you are the one with the most respect." The Tomb Robber once again leaned over near Kat, tracing his jaw line with his index finger. "it is strange. A slave, with respect? Just what have you done to earn such a thing…?" he placed his hand on Kat's leg; the slave only flinched, trying to jump away.

"My name… is Bakura." He said, licking the side of the blond's face. "that is the name I wish for you scream…"

But Kat could only scream in fear and pain as the Tomb Robber broke him that night.

"Kat!" It was bright. Who was calling his name? Kat opened his eyes, his whole body, covered with only a blanket, was sore. He couldn't move… he didn't know if he could even speak.

"Kat… oh Ra, Kat…" he felt someone hold him up. The blurriness in his vision was fading, and he realized that a familiar brunette was speaking to him.

"Set…?" he managed to choke out. He felt Set hold him tightly.

"Kat, why? Why did you disobey me and leave the palace? If you had only stayed inside…" he heard the high priest choke.

"I'm sorry…"

"You should be!" Set spat out, hugging the slave tightly as though his life depended on it. "but… you're still alive… right?" Kat could only manage a nod. "…damn, that Bakura… when I see him again…" he let out a sigh, standing up, carrying the blond as he did so. "you're going to be okay, Kat. I'll take care of you."

Kat could only put on a pained smile. Set couldn't look at his face—blood traced themselves in thin lines on his cheeks and the corners of his mouth looked sore…

'He must have been screaming…' the high priest mentally slapped himself. 'Of course he had been screaming! Dammit, Bakura raped him!'

Set remembered what had happened early that morning. One of the slaves had burst into his chambers, telling him that there was a strange man there to see him.

"Hello there, High Priest. I have a present for you."

He was told where to find the cave and to go there alone. He rode on horseback and walked into the cave, only to find Kat wearing nothing but the blanket covering him, bruised.

Anger rose in the High Priest's chest as he got back to the palace with his servant.

"I'm sorry…" the blond had repeated again as they entered his chambers. Set looked at him worriedly, sitting him down on the bed and finding him some clothes to wear.

Set turned around with the outerwear, only to see tears sliding down Kat's cheeks.

"I'm sorry…"

The brunette dropped the clothes and wrapped his arms around the fragile body as it shook and shuddered as the slave sobbed.

"I'm so sorry…."

With a trembling finger, I gather up the dreams
Without even breathing on them, they're crumbling
Even the certain things are too unreliable
If I believe in something, can I be with you again?

It's whitely vanishing, the silhouette of that day.

Glaring Dream

Words: 1184

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