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Chapter one

The King VS the Sand

Shock reverberated through the arena like a wave when Sarutobi had said that name. Many of the Konoha genin were instantly brought back to the young days when a small yellow-Haired boy would proudly explain his dreams of being the Hokage someday while some of the older generation were instantly brought back to the days that they had harassed him.

One such person was the man that had insulted him a few days prior in the forest of death and was threatened by Hayate.

He glared at the boy and thought one thing.

"I thought we got rid of that freak!"

Some of the girls were lost in thought. One such was a young woman named Hyuga Hinata.

"N-Naruto-kun!? It's really Naruto-kun!? I-I can't believe it. Oh my, he's so scantily clad! Uh oh I'm gonna…"

And without another thought she fainted.

"Holy shit! That's Naruto!? I remember that kid. He was annoying and loud and he sucked at school. But now…" This came from the young pink haired woman named Haruno Sakura.

"Just look at all that hair! No way! He's gorgeous!!!" Thought Yamanaka Ino.

Similar thoughts were going through the minds of the rest of the females as well. Kurenai for one was holding back a nosebleed.

But the girls weren't the only ones full of thoughts.

Gaara was eyeing the blonde carefully, his aquamarine eyes scanning every part of the boy's body. He reeked of power and it made his lust for battle grow.

Uchiha Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the blonde. This was the king of beasts? He guessed it made sense given the odd things that happened before his disappearance, but to make such a big deal out of it? This blonde boy was still just s dobe in his eyes. An idiot that was not deserving of the stories told about him.

A man named Kakashi thought the same thing. The boy was indeed gifted with a strange power but he remembered how lacking the boy had been before he vanished. There wasn't any way he could have gotten much stronger if all he did was hide in a forest for nine years. He shrugged and put his nose back into his perverted book.

A disguised Orochimaru was practically excited. He had never seen this boy before and like Gaara he too could sense the power hidden behind those confused blue eyes.

"I wonder how he would take a cursed seal? Kukuku."

For a whole five minutes everyone just continued to stare and he likewise.

But then something completely unexpected happened. A genin by the name of Inuzuka Kiba and his large dog Akamaru along with the Kekei beetles of a young man named Aburame Shino rushed at the blonde. Many exclaimed words of shock and warning but they were ignored.

When the three finally got to Naruto something else unexpected happened.

Kiba and Akamaru bowed while the bugs swarmed around him affectionately.

"Naruto-Sama," said Kiba with his head bowed while Akamaru said the same thing in his native tongue.

Naruto chuckled a bit as the beetles crawled all over him and he gave a pat to both Kiba and Akamaru's heads.

If jaws could unhinge and fall through the ground they would have.

"No fuckin way!" yelled a young woman named Tenten. A couple of the Oto nin were flat out laughing.

"I don't believe it! He's bowing! He's actually bowing! Ha ha he really is a dog!" exclaimed Abumi Zaku while Dosu and Kin just stared.

"Oi Mutt what the hell are you doing!?"

Kiba looked up at the Uchiha and said with a glare. "He's my king."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes then voiced the question that was going through all t the moment.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Kiba looked down and said, "It's instinct Sasuke. All of the Inuzuka have it. We are more in tune with our baser instincts then most. In a sense we are more dog-like then Human. I can't really understand why but I can smell his superiority. It's…strange. He emits a feeling that commands me to submit to him."

At this there were a few whispers.

Sasuke scoffed and grabbed Kiba's collar to yank him up.

"I bet your clan would laugh at you if they saw this."

Kiba grinned. "Nope. They'd do exactly what I was doing. Something you should do as well."

"Please! An Uchiha bows before no one."

"Kiba yanked Sasuke's hand from his jacket and said, "You're too arrogant."

Sasuke pushed Kiba out of the way and walked right up to Naruto and got in his face.

"So the dog thinks you're a king eh?"

"Wait Uchiha don't do it!" yelled Anko but it was too late. Sasuke reared back and delivered a fierce punch to Naruto's face causing him to fly back and hit the wall.

"Pfft. Typical. He's nothing Kiba just like I said."

Sarutobi glared. "Sasuke! Do not attack people that do not deserve it!"

Sasuke crossed his arms. "I'm sorry Hokage-Sama its just that every one makes such a big deal about the oh so powerful King of beasts. I thought I should take him down a peg or two."

Many were feeling disappointed. They thought Naruto was strong. Oh well looks can be deceiving.

"That is not the point! That boy is not…"

Sarutobi's words died in his throat because Naruto suddenly appeared in front of the Uchiha and gave a powerful punch to his stomach causing him to puke and to go flying backward.

"Holy shit! He's fast!"

Sasuke skidded to a stop crouched over and clutching stomach in great pain while trying to regain his breath.

Naruto himself had an impassive face as he approached the Uchiha.

"I can…Understand," he said much to the shock of the room.

"I…not idiot. Live in forest…does not mean I can't talk."

Sasuke glared while breathing heavily.

Naruto looked at the young man and grinned.

"You weak. Still pup. Still hatchling."

"WHAT!? I'LL SHOW YOU!" Sasuke leapt to his feet and charged at Naruto with a Kunai. Naruto merely stepped to the side then leapt away. Sailing over everyone and to the spot where Sarutobi stood.

"He didn't use any Chakra!" was the surprised yell of a young man named Rock Lee.


At first it was hazy, barely noticeable. But over the next couple of minutes it became much clearer.

When the elder had said that word. Naruto, it all had started coming back.


Past events childhood adventures and a troubled beginning. He had become lost in thought as the memories continued to flood his mind. Things that were so alien to him suddenly became familiar. Faces and names that he once did not understand were suddenly clear to him and the meaning of the word Naruto was obvious to him as well. Then the boy, his dog and the swarm of beetles had approached him and addressed him as their lord. It had also brought back more memories.

Times during the past where he would easily befriend a stray animal where ever he went. Times where even huge tigers and packs of wolves would bow before him in front of crowds of people, freaking them out and causing them to react negatively.

It all came back.

Then there was the group of people in front of him now. They were people he knew. Well most of them were. He remembered he used to do something called Sinbi training with some of them. No… Not sinbi… Shin-o-bi. Yeah.

Then when the one called the Sasuke had gotten in his face and spoke with that tone of superiority and insulted the Kiba, one last memory came back. He remembered how to speak more of their tongue then just the word chakra. Though his vocabulary wasn't very broad it was enough to get his point across after he sent the boy across the arena with a punch.

Then when he leapt to the old man he couldn't help but smile.

"Jiji Hokage," he said.

Sarutobi's eyes had widened and then without another word he was engulfed in a bear hug from the old man.

"It is absolutely fantastic to see you after all these years Naruto."

Naruto grinned and untangled his legs from his hair.

"Yeah… Good…see you too."

Sasuke meanwhile was lost in thought. "What the hell have you been doing Naruto no Baka? How strong have you become? Ugh my stomach. Whatever. I'll find out sooner or later. For now I must pass this exam.

Sarutobi had released Naruto but still kept smiling. "So why have you come here anyway Naruto? I was getting worried that you might be dead."

Naruto shook his head. "Not dead. Got chased away. Became pack leader for forest. Became Alpha."

He then looked over at a still uneasy Yugao and Anko.

"Had fun chasing," he said with a smile. Anko instantly lost all sense of unease and was in his face. "FUN!? You terrified us for fun!?"

Naruto shrugged. "You started it."

Anko growled but was subdued by a wave of the hand from the Hokage.

"Anyway I'm sure everyone has questions but we're still in the middle of an exam. Save your questions until afterwards please."

There were a few groans but every agreed save their questions until later.


A lot of thoughts ran through his head has he crouched on the railing and observed the arena below.

"What was the point of this? Pitting them against each other. Was it for the enjoyment of the crowd? Did it serve a higher purpose? He thought about asking the elder but changed his mind and decided to just watch.


One by one the matches came and went. Naruto had been surprised a couple of times by some of the abilities. The red head with the iron sand was ruthless and bloodthirsty. He was powerful and resourceful as well. But that other one in green was no pushover either. His ability to do something called opening the inner gates had surprised him a lot. He had no idea people were capable of such a thing. The one called the Sasuke was still so angry about the punch that he absolutely destroyed his opponent blasting the poor man with a fire dragon. The two females called the Sakura and the Ino were pretty entertaining. They fought for a while, exclaiming their love for the Sasuke and eventually knocking each other out with powerful punches to the jaws.

He was disappointed when the Kiba lost to the one called the Sai but he gave the dog boy the benefit of the doubt. Those painted animals were quite a force to have to deal with.

But he was satisfied when the one called the Shino won his match against the one called the Zaku. He figured one with a far weaker ability like his, had better be equipped to win.

Though he felt the most emotion when he saw the match between the two dubbed, the Neji and the Hinata. He didn't like the way the Neji treated his fellow pack member but didn't say anything. It was not his place to do so lest he cause an unnecessary conflict that would end up with more of the creatures that were like him getting killed.

One by one they fought each other and soon only half of the genin that entered the tower were standing in a line. The Elder had phased out and reappeared in front of the group of genin and congratulated them on passing the second stage of the exam then explained to them that they had a month of training to commence before the final part of the Chunin exams were to take place.

He found the whole thing interesting. Perhaps he should attend these matches in a month? He knew they would spread the word about him once they left his forest but it didn't bother him.

"Hey what about him?"

Naruto shifted his gaze and saw one of the masked nin staring at him.

Sarutobi shrugged.

"What about him? He can come if he wants."

"But shouldn't we…?"

"I doubt you could force him to come with us if you wanted to. That boy easily defeated three ANBU and a special Jounin"

Naruto heard this and said, "I feel…regret killing those two…not mean to…"

Sarutobi smiled. "Its alright though I will have to take some sort of action in the future. For now just enjoy yourself. Show off in front of the girls heh heh."

At this, Sakura, Hinata, Ino and the Oto Nin named Kin and several others blushed and tore their eyes off of him.

Naruto himself just raised an eyebrow.

"In any case I need the victorious Genin to come here and draw from this box. This will determine your upcoming matches.

Naruto was able to hear the coming face offs.

Sai VS Neji

Shino VS Kankuro

Sasuke VS Gaara

Shikamaru VS Temari

Kankuro VS Shino

And Dosu got a free pass.

He could tell they were all excited and wanted to show off. They were so energetic it was humorous to him.

Finally they calmed down and began to chat amongst themselves. Naruto after realizing that nothing else was going on decided that he had seen enough. Theses creatures he remembered were called Shinobi were quite an interesting thing to observe. But alas he would need to return. His forest was already calling or him, the beasts that followed him growing worried for their master. Naruto gave a small smile to the Elder who was chuckling as the Anko and the Yugao excitably described their encounter with him. He smiled a bit at that as well. At least they didn't hate him, like before.

He leapt off of the railing and landed in front of the door.

But just as his hand grabbed the knob, a voice stops him. It was a shy quiet voice that also held a bit of disappointment.

"Y-you're leaving? Already?"

Naruto turned around and focused his deep blue orbs into the suddenly surprised bright green eyes of the one called the Sakura. She was standing before him with her hands behind her, her head facing away shyly while she looked from the corners f her eyes with a blush.

Naruto looked down at her and said, "Time to return. Home in forest. Been gone too long. Uncomfortable."

Sakura nodded in understanding. "But do you have to leave so soon? I mean we barely got to say anything to you because of the exams."

Naruto looked up in thought. Memories of this female bombarded his mind. She was a shy girl with low self-esteem due to her large forehead and pink hair. She was a girl that was much like him in some ways.

He started to think.

Sakura looked at Naruto with hopeful eyes. She really wanted to do a bit of catching up with the blonde. It had been so long since she had seen him. And he had grown so damn good looking. "Only he could pull off the loincloth and extremely long hair," she thought with a smile.

That smile quickly turned to a gasp when Naruto suddenly spouted a pair of huge black feathery wings and his eyes turned grey.

"H-he CAN transform!" exclaimed the sand Nin, Temari. There were similar exclamations and a smile from Kiba.

Naruto looked back at Sakura and said, "I apologize, but I leave now."

A mighty flap of his wings propelled him into the air and the entire room watched as he circled above them. Twice he circled, like a vulture that had spotted a carcass before jetting right to the door.

However his path was once again interrupted when a wall of black sand rose up and caused him to collide with it.

"Fight me," said Gaara as he appeared in a swirl of sand in the middle of the arena.

Naruto leapt to his feet and turned around slowly to face the redheaded young man. His eyes having turned back to normal while his wings receded into his back. He brushed one of his two-foot long bangs from his eyes and growled out before turning to leave again.

This did not sit well with Gaara at all. He was not to be ignored by anyone. Not even this guy who is spoken of all over the village like a legend. He watched as the Beast king walked around his sand and once again headed for the door.

"I said fight me!"

And with that, Gaara struck.


Naruto was a bit surprised by the actions of the Gaara but wasn't really put off by them. He knew that several people in the room wanted to fight him. It was merely a matter of time before one of them couldn't handle it anymore and struck.

This was part of the reason he wanted to leave. He had seen what he came to see and felt it was time to return to his forest. He could feel the desire to kill emanating from the Gaara and one of the masked shinobi.

He also felt a desire to fight coming from the Sasuke and the Dosu, and he was beginning to grow uncomfortable under the wanting gaze of the shinobi watching over the Oto genin team. The man was strong and smelled of snakes, the same creature that had given the Sasuke that strange power.

But his annoyance began to grow when the Gaara yelled out, "I said fight me!"

Just who did he think he was? He comes into his forest and demands a fight with him? Did he think he was special because of the sand? Because it had a mind of its own?

His thoughts though, were cut off when several yells of, "Look out Naruto!" rang through the room a second before something big, heavy and incredibly hard smashed into his back and pinned him against the wall.

He could feel the cold metal slowly pressing him into the wall. As if trying to slowly crush his body into nothingness.

"I have no time for this," he growled out as his body began to glow orange.


Gaara stared on in disappointment. All that hype about this beast king for this? To watch as his sand slowly crushed the fool against the walls? Embarrassing.

He ignored the shouts from the other shinobi that were telling him to knock off his foolish behavior and he ignored the Hokage who was glaring but with a hint of pity. It was as if the old man was giving Gaara a warning stare that said, "do not take Naruto lightly. You will pay for it dearly and I pity you for the ass beating you're about to receive." This pissed him off.

"Old Man I'll destroy this fool right before your eyes!"

Baki, Temari and Kankuro were growing a bit nervous. Gaara's second personality was beginning to surface and the more that happened, the more of a chance that his sand would come to life. Gaara's split personality and his Iron Sand Kekei Genkei melded one day when he was six. The boy had been plying by himself and using his special ability to create all sorts of cool statues when a woman appeared before him and mentally tortured him for hours while claiming that his ability was a pathetic recreation of her power. The resulting thirst for revenge and desire to kill created this personality. And since he vowed to use the iron sand to wipe the woman from existence that lust for death and bloodshed became imbued into his sand. In a sense, a new bloodline limit was born.

But even having intelligent Iron sand couldn't have prepared him for what happened next.


It came out of nowhere. None of the Shinobi occupying the room felt the buildup. The power.

But when Naruto unleashed it.

Boy that was something to gasp about.

Fire so hot it glowed white exploded outward with such force it created a shock wave that rocked the forest.

"H-Holy SHIT!!!!"

It was like a maelstrom of superheated globs of melted metal, rock and air. Gaara's sand so instantly liquefied that one could've doubted it was sand in the first place.

The melted debris flew out in all directions away from Naruto and nearly killed several people and his once blue eyes were now glowing orange with anger and power. His hair whipping around wildly and his hands balled into fists. Gaara had frozen, along with everyone else.

This truly was the fabled beast king.

The fire spiraled around Naruto fiercely, switching from orange to blue to white to back again. It was the most beautiful thing the group of shinobi had ever seen.

"You annoy me," stated Naruto as he took a step forward.

"Want fight so bad? Fine. I show why I rule forest."

He the lifted his head and let out the loudest, longest and strangest call they had ever heard. It was like a combination of a scream, a howl and rodent's clicking and a gorilla's mating call.

When he was done he smirked at Gaara and said, "Gather metal sand. We fight."

Kiba and Akamaru felt control of their bodies vanish and before they knew it they were standing beside Naruto, ready to fight. Shino's Kekei beetles were the same. They left their home and converged on Naruto's person.

"What's going on!?" yelled Temari. This was definitely NOT what she expected to see.

Gaara's recollected his sand and everything else that was made of metal and glared at the beast King.

"I control metal. I'm not easy to defeat."

Naruto merely grinned and said, "You control but one thing."

Suddenly the door burst open and in they came.

Wolves, Snakes, foxes, Coyotes, Scorpions, Birds, Bats, Raptors, Flies, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Mice, Rats, Lizards and numerous other species spilled into the room.

Countless beasts off all different types poured into the arena from the door and quickly filled the floor. The Shinobi could only gasp and leap to higher ground.

"But I control many," Finished Naruto.

Gaara's shock was matched only by the other occupants of the room. Naruto stood before him with an army waiting to attack. He was completely surrounded and Naruto's fire seemed to give the creature more power.

"I-Incredible!" exclaimed Kakashi, Kurenai and Baki at the same time.

"That sand nin is dead!" said Ino with a look of pure horror on her face.

"Gaara get out of there!" screamed Kankuro. Never in his life had he seen anything like this.

Naruto smirked as his fingers on his left hand transformed into five long snakes and his hair turned into Porcupine quills.

But that wasn't all.

His legs bent back and became those of an Eagle while his face elongated and became that of a raptor.

Gaara was afraid. What the hell is he? He wasn't human! No Human could have the type of power he had! He took a step back.

Naruto chuckled and bent forward.

"Attack!" he commanded.

Then it happened. The creatures surged forward at speeds that some species should not have. Kiba and Akamaru reached their target first and tried to Gatsuuga the redhead but, it was blocked by the sand this time.

"Argh!" he looked down and saw a large scorpion removing its stinger from his leg but before he could do anything, a heavy fist smashed right through his sand and into his head he flew back and was caught in the talons of a huge Condor. The sand lashed out and bashed the bird in the chest, causing it to release him but it was all for naught.


The shinobi clung to the walls and the ceilings and could only watch in awe as Gaara was systematically destroyed by Naruto and his beasts. His sand was practically useless. There were just too many enemies to defend against. And add to the fact that Naruto kept melting it and it only made things worse for Gaara.

However Gaara was powerful and stubborn. His sand lashed out at everything and killed numerous beasts. It's defenses and durability seemingly increasing during the fight and his reflexes got better. He created an arm of sand and bashed several Raptors away while simultaneously ducking under the slash of a tiger. His sand shield blocked the strike of a large snake but not the attack from Naruto himself. His burning fist melted right through the sand and buried itself in his stomach, filling his entire being with immeasurable pain.

"Gaara!" screamed Temari as the redhead was launched backward and into the waiting crowd of a pack of thirty wolves and Kiba.

They proceeded to maul him for the next minute until Naruto commanded them to stop.

Naruto was impassive as he vanished and reappeared with Gaara held up by the throat. The beasts stopped attacking and looked on in anticipation. Gaara glared and tried to strike with more sand, only or it to melt upon contact with his body. He was in horrible shape. He had never even experienced the slightest of pain during the course of his entire life but now as he hung almost limply from Naruto's snake fingers it was all he felt. It was a feeling he never wanted to feel again.

"Understand now?" Said Naruto as he dropped the young sand nin.

"I… not weak… Stronger then most… You no match for me."

The beasts howled out their agreements while Kiba shouted, "Hell yeah!"

Gaara looked up and wheezed out, "W-what…are y-you?"

Naruto looked up in thought. "Not sure… Born with strange power. Born with bond to animals."

"But…what about the fire?"

"Same thing. I… think it because fire wild, untamed and free, like animal. Fire is animal spirit."

Gaara nodded weakly.

"I…see. You… really aren't human. Or rather…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and bent down.

"Chakra," he said as his hands began to glow green.

Within ten minutes, Gaara was healed mostly. All of the different poisons were removed from his system and his injuries were taken care of. He was still heavily bruised and his sand was slowly but surly reforming out of the twisted melted then hardened metal laying all over the place but he wasn't in any more danger.

The other Shinobi wearily came down from their positions on the walls and ceilings and slowly approached Naruto and his beasts. They heard a few of them growl but a command from Naruto in their tongue quelled them.

Naruto transformed back to normal and smiled.

"I sorry," he said.

"I not mean to scare. Just put upstart in place."

Gaara growled and uttered a weak, "Shut up."

Sarutobi approached and said, "No apologies are needed. You merely were defending yourself."

There were grunts of agreement from the beasts.

Naruto smiled again and examined the rest of the group. Most were still openly stunned while others such as the Anko, the Ino, the Kin and the Sakura were looking with admiration and starry eyes. He raised an eyebrow but said nothing about it. After all, females of the forest were always attracted to the strongest of their species. Perhaps it was the same for the Shinobi as well.

He turned back to the Hokage and said, "I leave now," before turning and heading to the door for a third time.

"Wait Naruto."

Naruto turned to face the Hokage.

"Will you come visit?"

Naruto was quiet for what seemed like an eternity before he smiled.

"I might."

And with that, he was gone.

The beasts collected their fallen comrades and they too were gone in a couple of minutes. Kiba, Akamaru and Shino's Kekei beetles remained behind. Once Naruto was Gone Kiba blinked a few times as if coming out of a trance, before gaining an amazed expression on his face.

"He could control me too!" he bellowed out in a voice that was full of excitement.


Shino himself was deep in conversation with his own creatures.

Slowly the shock of everything wore off and the Shinobi headed out of the arena and back toward Konoha.

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Orochimaru sat in a hidden room in the tower along with Kabuto.

"My my my now this is a most stunning development. The beast King eh? Kukukuku. Extraordinary. I never thought the fabled king of beasts would be this powerful at such a young age."

Kabuto adjusted his glasses.

"Orochimaru-Sama do you know anything about this boy?"

The snake sannin grinned. "Not a thing. However I did stumble upon an old prophecy when I was younger. It stated that at long last after eons of waiting, a person would be born. He or she would be gifted with the power to control the common beast. He would unite them and bring them greatness. It stated that this fabled new lord would be looked down upon by the lords of the other realms and that he would have to prove himself to them. It is said that the lord of beasts would be gifted with the very spirit element of the animal and his power would grow to astounding, unfathomable levels. He would force the other lords to recognize the power of the beast if he had to."

"And this Naruto is that person?"

Orochimaru shrugged.

"I do not know. For all I know it could just be a powerful Kekei Genkei. I really do not put my beliefs in folklore and legends. However I will keep an eye out for that boy. He is very powerful. That is something I cannot deny or simply overlook."

"What do you plan to do?"

Orochimaru shrugged.

"We'll proceed with the invasion as planned. If the so called King of beasts interferes I'll deal with him…personally."

Sadistic laughter could be heard echoing through the now empty arena.


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