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Summery: A small look at how a child sees his world and his family. Wee!chesters. OneShot (about 300 words). Complete.

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"What is it Sammy?"

"Nothing," he said, bottom lip poking out as he ran to the shared bedroom.

Dean sighed and walked to their bedroom, he found his baby brother huddled under the covers of one of the beds, nothing more than a whimpering lump.

"I'm sorry Sam. What's up Kiddo?"

"I drawded something for you."


"Who's dat?"

"No Sammy, I drew something for you," Dean calmly explained.

"Really? Can I see it? Please Dean!"

"What did you do for me Sam?" Dean asked siting next to his brother on the bed.

Sam thrust a rumpled piece of paper into Dean's hands and silently watched his brother. On it was a simple, stick-figure, drawing, three people standing by a black box, with a person with wings above them.

"What's this Kid?"

"It's us!" he answered proudly. "It's you, me Dad, the 'pala and Mummy. It's our family," Sam's eyes sparkled with hope.

"This is great Sammy."

"Where's mine?"

"Your what?"

"My picture?" he asked frowning. "You said you drew me something?"

Dean stifled a laugh. "I did, come on, let's do some more pictures. Maybe we can give them to Dad when he comes back."

"When is he coming home?"

"I don't know, sorry Sam."

"It's ok, we'll always have 'ch-other"

"Yeah. We will," Dean replied allowing a small smile to grace his young features.


Later that night, John Winchester returned to the small apartment they were calling home for the next few weeks. He entered the room to see his two boys laying on the floor, sound asleep, with paper and pens littered around them.

He picked up one drawing that had been placed on the lounge and saw three figures, the black shape and the winged person and he smiled.

Above the small picture, in Sam's messy hand writing was;