Formerly, Not A Lost Cause.

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so please bear with me. The fic starts around chapter 371 of the manga so if you're not caught up expect some spoilers, mainly the use of characters not yet introduced in the anime. It's a sasuhina fic, my favourite crack pairing! A handful of the chapters will be based in the past because I feel obligated to build a relationship, so it'll be awhile until we see them get together if they do that is, but there'll cute stuff when they're young!

Summary: They made a promise to each other, she broke it. He left to seek power. Will she be able to bring him back or is he a lost cause? A SasuHina fic

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CHAPTER 1: Another Failed Mission.

Her creamy lavender eyes exhibiting no signs of submission penetrate his onyx irises, a sturdy gateway to a bottomless pit with no signs of any humanity that had once been present. A staring contest: likely the best way to describe the events unfolding before them.

"What's wrong all mighty leader? Are you getting soft?!" bellowed Suigetsu amidst the crowd of shinobi's, "just finish her off already! A battle with a little girl is almost comical!"

"Yeah, hurry up Sasuke! This is stupid!" Karin retorted. Enraged thoughts ran through her head. Why is he staring at her like that? Why won't he just kill her like he did the other one? AHH! He's never looked at ME like that! Hmph

"Hinata ... W-what are you doing?" the nearly incapacitated blonde asked nervously looking up at the figure in front of him, her arms outstretched from her sides as a means of shielding him with her body. Her stance was solid, unwavering, and apparently free of any hesitation. This was not the Hinata he knew.

The sound of his voice sent a chill through her body, she slightly glanced back making sure not to lose sight of the enemy and gave the blonde a reassuring smile. She was going to do anything in her power to protect him, even if it meant giving her life. She looked back directly into the black eyes, her sight bypassing the blood drenched blade inches from her face.

"Foolish girl, do you want to die like Sakura?" he motioned to the lifeless body not far from Naruto. "Stand aside, this isn't your battle, this is between me and those two worthless cowards" Sasuke stated firmly through his intimidating demeanour. "I'm not one to take lives of those who don't deserve to die, but if you insist on protecting him, I will kill you." He looked her over once more, looking for any indication that her will to protect Naruto would somehow falter.

"N-n… no… Na-Naruto is my friend and I will protect him even if it cost me my life!" Hinata blurted out confidently pushing her usual stutter away. She didn't know what had overcome her, minutes ago she 

was watching the battle between the shinobi's of team 7, but somehow she had now found herself involved in the battle.

"Well then, so be it. I will deliver to you the fatal blow" with that Sasuke pulled the blade of his sword back to thrust into her but found himself hesitating… again he was hesitating. He looked into her pale eyes; they were filled with tears, looking back at him, piercing into his. What was it about those eyes? What was it about her that made him sway in his objectives? At this point Sasuke's battle with his former team was no longer that. When he pulled his blade back, Kiba and Shino had instantly appeared at Hinata's side. Kiba and Shino on either side while Akamaru growled at Sasuke from behind. In the split second after team 8 had moved to Hinata's aid, so did Sasuke's group, Hebi. Juugo to Sasuke's left looking directly at Shino, while Suigestu had taken his stance directly across from Kiba. Karin moved to Sasuke's back, looking nervously into the eyes of a massive dog. Sai and Kakashi had made their way over to Sakura who was not far from Naruto. Behind Hinata stood Yamato who was tending to the whiskered blonde boy.

"W-why? why? w-why S-Sa-Sasuke?" Hinata managed to stutter out becoming more emotional as tears streamed down either cheek. He was caught off guard by her reaction to him, why had it bothered him so much to see her like that? She was no different from any other girl, so why was he taken aback? "Thi-this… this… is not… you're not… Sasuke" she cried out, "pl-please… b-be the… Sa-sas… be the Sasuke I know…"

"Ha! Don't talk like you know anything about Sasuke, you dumb girl!" Karin snapped back from behind him.

Sasuke held his glare at her, his stern face was no longer tense as it had been before; his jaw was not clenched tightly like it had been in this battle and all his other battles. He could feel the muscles in his face soften, what was happening to him? He had never been this soft since his days in Konoha. His heart-beat hastened and a shudder made its way through his body at the mere thought of being weak. It's all her fault, this feeling is because of her, he cursed himself. I hate her. I hate her, but why can't I bring myself to kill her? He pulled his eyes away from hers as well as his bloodied blade and sheathed it. "We're leaving" he stated firmly.

"What?! Why would we leave now?! Just kill the stupid girl! She's just a stupid naïve girl anyway, what difference does it make if she's dead or alive?! She's so weak! You know what?! I'll do it for you!" with that statement complete, Karin made her way out from behind Sasuke pushing Jugo aside. But before she was able to move any further towards the now stunned Hinata, she was stopped as Sasuke's left arm raised to obstruct her way. She looked at him with a puzzled expression, what is this girl to him?

"Oi, Sasuke… you really are getting weak aren't you?" Suigetsu said mockingly at him.

"Let's just go. I have no desire to harm anyone" Juugo said calmly while looking at the equally calm Konoha shinobi across from him.

Sasuke took one last glance at Hinata, who by now had ceased her crying although her cheeks glistened where the tears had fallen, he then turned to walk away. The rest of his team followed behind.

"Wait! I'm not done with you!" a voice came from behind Hinata. It was Naruto, beaten and battered and he still wasn't going to let Sasuke go.

"You're in no condition to fight me. If you really expect to be able to bring me back to Konoha, then you know you need to get stronger. But it's irrelevant either way, I'll just eventually kill you" and with that Sasuke walked out of their sight, leaving the Konoha shinobi's to accept the defeat as another failed mission.

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