Sasuke and Naruto stood face to face, the two strongest Ninja of their generation, or of any other generation for that matter. Both names feared throughout the world. Sasuke had heard about Naruto's adventures from travelers, he found it funny that the boy that searched for anyone to acknowledge him had the whole world awestruck at the mere mention of his name. Sasuke's eyes moved to the captains insignia that now adorned Naruto's ANBU uniform.

"I see you got promoted." Sasuke began. Naruto began to walk further into the field away from the tree line where his team waited.

"Yes." He replied as Sasuke followed suit and walked beside him.

"You are separating yourself from your team?" Sasuke questioned with a smirk, letting Naruto know he was not unaware of the ANBU in the trees.

"None of them would be useful against you, but I am sensing you are not here for a fight. I find that peculiar since you are aligned with the Rock and preparing for an offensive against Konoha." Sasuke smirked again, it seemed news of him apparently being in the Rock had traveled to the ears of Konoha as well.

"Actually I am on my way to Konoha to find out why it is being said I am aligned with the Rock." Sasuke found the surprise on Naruto's face to be very satisfying. "I would not be surprised if The Hokage stirred this rumor up to end all sympathy that still remained in Konoha."

"She doesn't even know." It was Sasuke's turn to be surprised. "My team just intercepted a communication with your name in it. We had no speculation of you being involved up to this point." Sasuke was now further intrigued, and irritated that his name was being used in such a manner. He owed allegiance to nobody.

"You no longer need to worry about the matter, I am heading to the Rock now to destroy this rumor, I will not accept this disgracing of the Uchiha name."

"You seem to need no trouble in that department, you've screw up your family's name just fine on your own." Naruto said with a sneer. Sasuke gave him a hard look, Naruto gave him one right back.

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me Uzumaki?" Sasuke was not going to take this kind of disrespect from a dog like Naruto. All Naruto did was follow orders for his precious Konoha, The Uchiha were beyond such lackey's.

"Last names? Why so formal? Did I upset the self-righteous last Uchiha?" Naruto shot back, his trademark cocky attitude never leaving his voice.

"Hn. You're not worth my time." Sasuke replied tired of the bickering. He looked away off into the distance.

"Sasuke, go back to the mountains." Sasuke looked back at Naruto who was looking away to the tree line where his team waited. He did not think anyone from Konoha knew he was living in the mountains.

"You knew where I was all this time?" He asked still shocked.

"Yes, I have been keeping tabs on you for some time. I inherited Jaraiya's spy network after all." Naruto turned and faced back to Sasuke. "You have been living there in peace, mainly training and meditating. It has been good for you. I can see it. Go home, this is a Konoha matter. I will inform the Hokage that an imposter is using your name to inspire the Rock and Rain against us." Sasuke was shocked to say the least, Naruto had changed, there last encounter was only a few years ago, he had been the same impetuous boy from their childhood. What could have changed him so? Then he remembered Sakura. The last time they met, she was there and…

"How is she?" Sasuke could tell Naruto knew exactly who he was talking about.

"In the trees over there, with Kiba, Shino, and Neji." Sasuke was also surprised Naruto gave the names of his team members and their location so readily.

"So you two are still on the same team? Comrades till the end." Sasuke sighed, he for a split second, wondered how his life would have been.

"Hardly." Sasuke was now tired of this closed book Naruto. He activated his Sharingan.

They were soon in a dark hallway, leaky pipes lining the walls and ceiling.

"I hate it when you do that." Naruto stated.

"Well I wasn't getting anything from you out there." Sasuke replied. "What is going on with the Rock and Rain, and why are you so angry with Sakura." Sasuke had not said her name out loud in so long. It was strange to hear it from his lips.

"The Rock and the Rain have made and alliance and are making an offensive against Konoha, The sand has agreed to help us in the matter. The Rock is using the anti-Konoha sentiment in the Rain from Pein's defeat to gain favor there. And as for my teams medic, you were their." Sasuke stared at the man his old friend had become. Naruto never hated him and he never hated Naruto, their paths just went separate ways. It took them years to realize this but the both came to the conclusion on their own, it took Naruto much longer than he though. But Naruto loved Sakura. And he would never leave her side, but as they talked Sasuke had been searching Naruto's mind as well. The two never spoke anymore.

"You do not hate her but you no longer speak to her." Sasuke could see Naruto becoming angry. "You love her."

"She chose you and left me to die!" Naruto was now yelling. Sasuke always had the upper hand when Naruto was angry. Naruto got sloppy when he got angry. He could now move through Naruto's mind more freely.

"But you didn't die." Sasuke was close to the information on the Rock he needed from Naruto's mind.

"No thanks to her, I am done being loyal to things that are not loyal back." Sasuke did not miss the obvious swipe at him in the comment. He was going in circles looking for the maps and info on the Rock he would need to attack them. "You won't find it Sasuke." Sasuke froze. Naruto knew he was rummaging through his mind the whole time? How strong had Naruto become? "Sasuke, out."

They were back in the field, sun on their faces. Sasuke giving Naruto a quizzical look.

"Why let me in if you knew you could kick me out at any moment?" Sasuke asked.

"Kiba can hear this far. Shino has a bug on my shoulder. Neji can read lips." Naruto stated.

"Keeping things from your team? Doesn't sound like you." Sasuke was now very suspicious of Naruto, he was the same cocky kid with extraordinary abilities, but something in him was, broken.

"Learned from the best." Naruto shot back. "You want a crack at the Rock?" Naruto asked. Sasuke gave a simple nod. "Then you're coming with us."


"To Konoha. Team!" In a flash four more bodies were in a circle around Sasuke. "We will be escorting Uchiha Sasuke to Konoha."

Sakura was in utter shock, they were traveling with Sasuke back to Konoha. What the hell was going on? They seemed to have a whole conversation in a flash. Then he calls them over and gives the last order she thought she would ever hear.

"Kiba point. Shino left. Sakura right. Neji on our six." Naruto ordered. And they began to move. Naruto and Sasuke shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the group. The tension was palpable. The other three might not have the experiences with Sasuke that she and Naruto had, but they were soldiers of Konoha, and Sasuke was a traitor that almost caused the destruction of their home. They were a powder keg running at high speeds through a forest 10 miles from home. This was bad.

"Is this the fastest you can all go?" Oh no, Sakura thought to herself, he had to go and say something.

"We were going slow for you traitor, didn't want to tire you." Kiba was the first to reply.

"We could tie you up and carry you like the criminal you are if you would prefer." Neji added.

"Hokage lap-dogs beat me? Very unlikely." Was Sasuke's return. Sakura did not know what to do, Naruto could hold his own if this broke out into a fight, but the others would go down fast. And she could only heal, not bring back from the dead.

"Quiet, all of you." Came Naruto's authoritative voice. "Especially you." He said looking at Sasuke.

Sasuke scoffed but stayed quiet. Something was going on. Naruto and Sasuke seemed to be on the same page but Sakura and the others were miles behind. Naruto had read that scroll and they began to rush back to Konoha. Then they run into Sasuke! And now they were taking him back to Konoha? What the hell was going on?!

They soon found themselves walking through the Gates of Konoha. Sasuke looked up at them as the walked through, he seemed to have a huge weight put on his shoulders when he past the threshold into his old home. He looked warily at the people they passed as the walked in. He then looked towards Sakura and she realized she was staring. Their eyes met and he seemed to be questioning her, about what she was not sure. Then he looked to Naruto and she knew exactly what question he was asking.

The guards were in shock, the number one outlaw in the entire Ninja world was walking through the gates with their top ANBU team. They began to whisper, Naruto silenced them and gave strict orders that they were to not report who walked into the gates just now. But it seemed too late, the villagers on the crowded street were beginning to notice the individuals standing in their midst. They were murmuring to one another. That's Naruto, and Oh my god it's the Uchiha.

"Kiba, Shino, Neji, Sakura, you are relieved of duty, go home, I will call for you when I need you." As Sakura was about to protest she saw Naruto's eyes through his mask. He was not in the mood. He was obviously trying to get out of there with as little commotion as possible and her arguing with him was not going to help. She turned to leave, and slowly began to walk through the growing throng. Then in a quiet voice, lower than a whisper she heard him, "I walked him right through those gates, the promise of a lifetime." She quickly turned around to find she was alone in the crowd of chattering people. The rumors of the return of Uchiha Sasuke with the great Uzumaki Naruto had begun to swell and grow.

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