Betrayal, that was how it all started. That was the reason for everything that was the trigger that was the catalyst. It was all betrayal. First, my parents were betrayed by Wormtail, and then I was betrayed by everyone else.

Why you ask? So do I, they think me a murderer. I am no such thing, I am a survivor. And if I can survive Voldemort and his followers then I can survive anything including this place, one Azkaban Prison. The Aurors may be better than the Death Eaters, but not by much. A glass of water everyday, and a meal every three were two consessions I was allowed if I was good and didn't scream as they beat me. Yes oh yes, they beat me, and I know the names and faces of everyone that did it. When or if I get out, such as when they're leading me to my exocution, I'm going to pay them back with intrest.

Why am I here? Simple they threw me in here after the lask task, no trail, no questions, no chance to explain, and no hope to live. I'm scheduled for the kiss soon or at least I was, they thought that five years and then the kiss was an appropriate punishment. I went mad after the first three months, I still don't know how I got my sanity back, but I know that it's been two years. I think it was my inheritance; the true inheritance takes place anywhere within two months of the Seventeenth birthday. I guess mine was just an extra blessing.

Seventh year starts in two days, and I have seen everything. By everything I mean everything that dear old Tom has been up to, and I saw all the articles through his eyes. I know everything the Ministry and Dumbledore have done, and I saw exactly what happened when the world found out that Sirius and I were innocent.


Several men were walking done a busy street, they included fifteen Aurors and the Minister of Magic, the fool that he was, Cornileus Fudge. Several feet away walked another man one Wormtail, it was his job to locate a regade Death Eater who thought to run away, but as can always be said he was not the most intelligent and as such he turned to face the approching group of Aurors who were discussing a recent defence plan of one of the ministers country houses.

"Yes, I think It's- My God! That's Peter Pettigrew!" One suddenly shouted. As one all the Aurors surged forward grabbing said man, who was now cursing to himself and shaking at the thoughts of what his master would do to him after this stunt. The minister was convinced he was innocent and was just in hiding all this time, and as such called forward a flock of reporters to catch the story. After he had been properly dosed the questions began.

"What is your name?" the interigating Auror asked.

"Peter Pettigrew."

"Did you hunt down Sirius Black on November 3, 1981?" he asked just to get a basis for the interogation

"No, It was the other way around he hunted me down." He said flatly, shocking everyone in the room.

"Why would he hunt you down?" the Auror asked sharply, this was not good

"I was the secret keeper for the Potters, and I betrayed them to my master. He wanted revenge for the Mudblood and the Blood Traitor" He answered fighting every word. The resounding gasps and cries of "Black was innocent!" came from every direction quickly became a storm of chaos.


"What happened when he found you?"

"He had me cornered, I couldn't run so I shouted out that he was the betrayer, and using the wand behind my back I cut off my finger and blew up the street, before turning into my animagus form and running into the sewers. Since everyone was convinced that he was the secret keeper I got away, and he got put away in Azkaban." Angry mutters followed this confession, along with glares and curses.

"Where did you hide?"

"At first in alley and parkways of both Wizarding and Muggle London, later I stayed with the Weasley's as the pet rat of both Percy, and Ronald Weasley. To follow any news in the Wizarding World, waiting for my master to return." Again this brought out disgusted looks, gasps of shock, and murderous attitudes.

"Why did you stop acting as their pet?"

"After Black escaped I began to panic, then throughout the year at Hogwarts he tried to get me, one day I was being carried by Ronlad Weasley back towards the school when Black in his animagus form attacked and dragged us through a passageway to the Shreiking Shack, Potter and Granger followed and Potter attacked Black.

"Potter had his wand on Black when Lupin came in, Lupin helped Black. Granger and Potter shouted and argued with them, they then discussed me and my actions before Snape showed up. They argued with each other then Potter, Weasley, and Granger knocked Snape out. Black and Lupin forced me back to human form, I tried to escape and Black and Lupin cornered me with Potter blocking the door.

"They planned to kill me, Potter stopped them he said to take me to the school and the dementors, and that Black would be free then so that he could get away from his abusive realitives. They started for the school, and made it back to the grounds, but when they were distracted I transformed and escaped." Everyone was silent not knowing what to think.

"Are you the reason for the increased Death Eater activity?"

"No, the Dark Lord returned at the end of the Triwizard Tournament. He has rallied his allies, and has set plans into motion for the wizarding world. Soon it will be his." Everyone gasped and many gave out despaired cries.


"The Dark Lord had a loyal Death Eater, pose as "Mad-Eye" Moody during the school year using polyjuice potion; he put Potter's name in the Goblet of Fire and forced him to compete. Just before the last task he turned the cup into a port-key, when Potter and Diggory grabed the cup they appeared in the graveyard where the ritual took place.

"When the Dark Lord gave the order I killed Diggory, and bound Potter to one of the headstones. I then started the ritual. First I summoned some of the Dark Lord's father's bones, I then cut off my hand, and finally forcibly took some of Potter's blood to complete it. Afterwards Potter dueled with the Dark Lord and escaped with Diggory's body using the port-key."

This brought out even more anger and shock. Harry Potter was innocent, and had even dueled with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as well! They had to act and fast, soon the word spread the headline the next day was: "POTTER AND BLACK INNOCENT!! PETTIGREW CONFESSES!!"


That had been two days ago, how do I know what happened? Well turns out all I have to do is concentrate and I can watch what someone is doing, It also helps to have strong emotions about them such as hate, anger is good too, but with good old Vold I have no choice in the matter. It seems that I have developed a true 'inner eye' like what Trelawney was always raving about. Still it's been a day, and still I am waiting. I have thought of the perfect plan as well, I am going to let them think I'm insane, and then study every chance I get and after I kill Voldemort I'll vanish, that is if I don't vanish first. No, I want to see their faces especially Dumbledore's. Speak of the Devil here they come, let the games begin.