My plans were becoming harder to maneuver around with the old coot and snake face mucking about but they were coming along slowly Rita's articles explaining most of my life and Dumbledore's involvement in it were even more successful than we anticipated and Dumbles was rapidly loosing steam in all the public aspects of his life. I have almost made a total physical recovery from Azkaban and from what I'm told I've become relatively sane excluding all my new quarks of course.

The meeting with Riddle has yet to happen no matter the fact it's been what two months? since the run in with Lucius I lose track of time so easily Christmas break is just a week away as well so that helps with the time aspects anyway. My wardrobe has been complimented endlessly the 'potions' are having scattered effects still which allows me to add my two pence in every now and then of course that always ends the conversation as well so I only do it when I have a sort of opinion on the matter. On other fronts Twilight Corp. Is skyrocketing in the business world all my businesses are raking in the galleons or pounds depending on the business. Hmm what else? The owls and Hedwig are getting quite the workout with things with Adrien Malfoy and my family meaning Tom, Jerry, and Sarah.

Which reminds me the plans for his reveal Adrien's that are set with the completion of the Potions Sev has set up for the Longbottom's cure. Oh right I never said anything about that did I? Well since the headbastard is still tweaking out about my 'insanity' and ordering endless tomes of potions Sev decided he was going to use them for something and started a project to heal the minds of Frank and Alice Longbottom shortly after Nev joined the gang which I really need to find a name for! The gang not the potion Sev will name that himself speaking of which he just walked through the door with a smile on his face something in his eyes glittered triumph as well so there's always that too.

"It works!" he said with conviction. "Now all we have to do is go to Mungoes and give it to them and If you take it it will repair any damage done in Azkaban before you created your shields."

I could tell for a fact that if he wasn't so prim and proper or as others say reserved he'd have been bouncing on the balls of his feet with the excitement of a successful potion. I smiled at him mentally calculating the time frames and coming up with nothing of importance as to why I should keep up the charade of insanity anymore on the contrary I thought it was a better thing to have Siri there I get my sanity back he drags me to Gingotts and I take control of everything and bingo everything is practically settled.

After all I have already maneuvered all my assets into place after the official return of my sanity the goblins will launch the political parts of my campaign by systemically releasing damaging information and records against not only Dumbledore but Riddle and Fudge as well. Not only that but when asked the goblins would set each side at each others throats. They would tell Riddle that Dumbles leaked the info against him, while telling the same to the Dumbles in reverse of course but you got that didn't you you're smart at least I hope someone smart found this.

Right, goblins achem. They would tell the ministry that the info against them was launched by both of the other parties depending on what the info was told who...Right I think or I should say that depending on what the information was they would be told either Riddle or Dumbles leaked it that makes more sense right? Good. Now where was I? Oh right Sev I gave him a nod and told him to pick a date he looked surprised but since we had already confirmed the release with the goblins as soon as they got word of my 'returned' sanity. Wait am I supposed to be talking in present or past since it's all happened well this is supposed to be written as an ongoing thing so present would be perfect right? Never mind, I hate grammar since I've always sucked at it.

Right moving on I think um hmm nothing terribly important happened for the rest of that day or the day. Oh forget it this is my journal autobiography thing you all know it all happened a long time ago and I'm writing it down obviously and since I've gone and forgotten to write in it for awhile not to mention confusing myself which the damn grammar crap...

Or I could have gone back like I just did and read how I was doing it before anyway back to the story.

I woke up the next morning and got ready for my to speak. Adrien's reveal was set for another three days from now at the next Wizagmot ,or however you spell it, meeting. That is going to be fun. But for now I finished my routine and met a practically bouncing Sev in the common room of our suite well ours as in Siri, Remy, and mine, even if Sev spent more time in here to avoid certain undesirables. Anyway rather than bore you with the details and confuse you with my wild and incoherent writing I will just tell you we decided as a group which by the way I have since named the gang the Avengers see if you catch the pun or reference of course it could be just a name never really checked into it. Right back to the point we decided to go and do it today.

With that all decided we had everything set up and with a warning to the headbastard we were off . I can tell you though all the occupants of the St. Mungos where shocked silent at the entrance of the Survivor Savior, his latest title, with an entourage of a newly famous Potions Master, the exonerated Lord Black, and the re-instated Defense Professor of Hogwarts by student and surprisingly parental demand. Right well they were shocked. Though we just ignored them all the made our way straight towards whatever the ward that the Longbottoms were housed in.

The mediwitchs made to intercept us as we entered the ward but upon noticing me they stopped and merely asked where we were going and upon receiving the answer led us to the Longbottoms themselves. I could tell that Sev was close to just busting out and shoving the potion down their throats, but we had to wait for Madame Longbottom to arrive which she did minutes later with a surprised Neville tagging along behind.

Upon her arrival Severus immediately began regaling her with everything he did in the research of his potion which I could tell was overwhelming the poor woman until Siri couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing completely throwing Sev off his tangent as they both turned to face him. Sirius just shook his head as he continued to laugh at him, while Remus cleared his throat and suggested Severus just tell her what the potion would do once taken by the Longbottoms as well as Harry.

This in turn caused Augusta to turn back to a barely blushing Severus and looked at the man expectantly as he explained the end result of the potion. Which quickly led to her actually going so far as pushing him towards Frank and demanding that he administer the potion immediately which he did with a smirk. Handing another to the mediwitch beside him so that she could do the same with Alice. They did so quickly and the Longbottoms went totally limp and seemed to stop breathing for several seconds which had Augusta rounding on Severus with an open mouth to no doubt rip him a new one, which was only stopped by the expectant look on said mans face.

She turned her attention back to the couple just as I did in time to see them both take deep breaths and jackknife up off their beds and land in defensive positions reaching for wands that weren't there before stopping and taking the gaping crowd around them and locking in on Severus they looked like they were about to charge wands or no so I reminded them of my presence as well as got the attention off of Severus at least the negative kind, "Sevvie they don't like your medisin either! See, see, they look mad at you too!"

This had a double effect of having the Longbottoms whirl around to face me with shock on their face and snapping the others out of there shock so that they all started to move around Sev took out the last vile of the potion and both he and the two marauders started cooing at me to take it while I acted like a stubborn child turning my head away which only had the effect of making both attending mediwitches and Augusta join in which had the remaining Longbottoms jerk their heads in her direction as soon as she spoke they seemed to get more confused by the second. Until I seemingly was not paying attention to the potion when they put it to my mouth I acted like I swallowed it on impulse rather than on purpose and then acted as to spit it out as three sets of hands went over my face to stop me from doing just that and after a minute I swallowed and sent a glare at them before the effect started and I was dragged into my mind-scape giving Sev a scare as I collapsed bonelessly into his arms.

I opened my mental eyes to see a full healthy forest with a stream running through a small clearing full of lilies which mixed with the smells coming from the mulberry and sandalwood wood trees. All of it coming together with my memories on branches and everything in perfect order like a mind should be rather than the scattering piles of thoughts and trees that it was just before the potion I had my full mental effects back but it seemed that while my thought where no longer scattered the quirks and effects of my brief but full insanity as well as my mostly sane advances of late had still left a mark and some of those quirks would be permanent the most of which I could tell would be my new sense of humor.

I felt myself getting drawn out of my induced meditation and decided that I'd follow the Longbottom's example. I jackknifed up out of the bed before sweeping low knocking someone off their feet before turning quickly and grabbing whoever was behind me twisting them around till we were back to chest with one of my arms around their throat the other with a grip on their wand pointing it at a rather shocked Madame Longbottom before freezing breathing deeply my eyes narrowing before darting around and taking in an impressed and shocked couple that were the Longbottoms, then the pseudo-shocked faces of Remus and Sirius though with Siri the amusement was leaking through. Then looking down I saw a very annoyed Sev whom it seems was the one I knocked down before looking to the side to see the second mediwitch with her hands up and looking at my cautiously.

The one I was holding apparently decided that since I had loosened my grip almost entirly at the sight of familiar faces spoke up and asked if I would be so kind as to let her go. I faked a start at that before letting her go and backing away from them all and then deciding that locking in on Siri would make this the most believable I turned to said man and spoke, "What the hell is going on here? Why am I not in chains, and for that matter why are you not in chains? Where the hell are we, and what the hell happened?"

I watched as all of them save the Longbottoms looked like the world had just been saved even if I knew half the group was just acting before Severus decided to take the lead and explained everything it was all more for the Longbottoms than for me but the story was told he turned back to said couple and told them most of what they needed to know before suggesting an outing to Gringotts for all of us formerly insane to set our affairs in order. Something that was agreed to at once for all parties present. Though I am rather more looking forward to peoples reactions than any business but I bet you lot already knew that didn't you? No matter let's let the real games begin.


I could tell immediately tell when the people in Diagon Alley finally got a clue regarding the state of both my and the Longbottoms sanity; of course it could have been the fact that neither Sev nor Siri had their hands on my shoulders, but I rather think that it had more to do with the fact that both Frank and Alice Longbottom were walking hand in hand just behind and beside me. And let me tell you the reactions were hilarious I saw at least five wizards walk right into doors, walls, or other simialer objects. The witches all did double takes and several tripped over something or walked right into someone else. I just kept a straight face after all I couldn't act like I had forgiven them all now could I?

After reaching Gringotts the group was split up with all the Longbottoms of the group following a goblin down a side hall while we were led back to Griphook's office once again I shan't bore you with the details just say that everything that I had set up while still insane became a solid reality well at least in the public's view. The Lordship notices were sent out to the Wizengamot as I claimed full rights to the Potter, Morgan, Draven, Le Fey, Emyrs, and founder seats, which put a lot of power in my hands at least in the lawmaking department and that's not counting the fact that I had Adrien's support. Well to put it simply Fudge and all his toadies just lost any hope they could have had about their political survival. Too bad they would have been just fine if Fudge hadn't given the arrest order and then covertly given false information to the Wizengamot members to have me locked up, but well he did so he goes down and now I know just the way to do it.

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