Summary- Dean is granted his "heart's desire" while tangling with a witch. Now under a witch's spell, he feels compelled to overprotect Sam from every evil and danger in the world. Dean wants complete control over Sam in order to keep him safe. Will the brother's relationship survive, before the spell is broken? Season 2

This story is a birthday dedication to my wonderful beta and friend- Sendintheclowns. Happy Birthday Girl!

Heart's Desire Part One

Dean was enjoying a decent cup of coffee while watching his brother surf the internet for their next hunt. They were relaxing at a local coffee shop in Peculiar, Missouri after finishing hunting - a black dog in the Ozarks.

It hadn't been a difficult hunt, but there had been some scary moments. At one point Sam had slipped and fallen and if Dean had been a second later in firing off a shot, there would've been no more Sam. Dean was sure that worrying about Sam was going to be the death of him. He had always worried about Sam on hunts, and now he had to watch for the threat of Sam going "dark side." Dean was pulled from his thoughts when his brother spoke.

"Hey Dean, I think I found something." Dean glanced at his brother who had looked up from his laptop with a furrowed brow.

"Okay, shoot Sam what did ya find?" Dean took a sip of coffee as he watched his brother go into full geek boy mode.

"Well, two weeks ago in Conway, Kansas a girl named Susan Masters committed suicide. In her suicide letter she confessed that she was the reason that five of her friends had died that week." Sam replied.

"Okay, so what she was driving drunk and caused the death of her friends, not our thing Sam." Dean could see he had responded too soon from Sam's expression.

Sam sighed. "Actually, I looked it up and in one week's time five girls, all 25 years of age, died in weird accidents. The first one died on a Monday and a girl died each day after, and on that Sunday Susan committed suicide. The first girl died after being hit by a drunk driver while she rode her bike, the second girl was on a ladder hanging a theater banner and fell and broke her neck, the third girl lost control of her car and smashed into a tree, the fourth girl was killed when a large tree branch fell on her at the funeral services for the third girl and the fifth girl had a heart attack and died in her sleep. I think this just might be our kind of thing." Sam replied with a smug look on his face.

"Wow, okay, yeah, I think you have something there Sammy boy! So is there anything else about the girl's suicide note?" Dean was already getting excited about this hunt.

"No, the article just said that the grief of losing five of her friends in a week must have caused her to be a bit delusional. Do you think that Susan really could've been the one responsible?" Sam asked as he reached for his own coffee.

"Well, she could've been dabbling in black magic and gotten pissed at her friends and conjured up a spell of revenge, not really knowing what the consequences were going to be. It wouldn't be the first time we've dealt with this sort of thing. I still think we should check it out, just in case an outside party helped her or was actually the cause of it. How far away is it?" Dean asked as he grabbed for his jacket that was on the back of his chair.

"It is about a five hour drive. The town is about forty five minutes outside of Topeka. So if we leave now we can be there by early evening." Sam replied as he mimicked his brother's moves and made a grab for his own jacket.

"Alright Sammy, let's hit the road!"


Sam and Dean had arrived in Conway by early evening just like Sam had estimated. Sam was happy to learn that the small town had quite a few conveniences that a lot of small towns were without.

There were two places that you could stay in town, one being a Super 8 and the other was the Simmer Motel. They opted for the Super 8 because it had free wireless. This suited Sam just fine considering the Simmer had a mural of a giant deer on it, and he was afraid of what type of décor that motel might have.

Sam immediately got on the computer once they settled in their room and Dean headed out to pick up some dinner. It didn't take long for him to learn more about the young women who had committed suicide.

His attention was pulled from the laptop at the sound of Dean's boot knocking at the bottom of the motel door. He could hear his brother grumbling from the other side. Sam quickly got up and let his brother in.

"Thanks Samantha." Dean replied as he walked in the room balancing bags of food and a six pack of beer. Sam started to grab for the beer when Dean grunted at him and replied "I got it Sam!"

Sam watched as his brother made it to the small desk that was against the wall and dropped the food on top of it.

"So Dean did you spot anything interesting while you were out and about in town?" Sam asked as he headed back to his bed and the computer.

"Well, yeah I did there are actually two bars in this town, which is where I think I will head later!" Dean replied with a smirk. Sam just rolled his eyes at him.

"Oh and there was one other thing." Dean paused and Sam had to smile at the expression on his brother's face. He looked like the cat who had swallowed the canary. "A new occult shop opened up in town on the main drag. I asked about it at the burger joint and evidently it is the talk of the town. Of course it doesn't take much to be the talk of the town in a small town!" Dean finished with a smirk.

"Hm, that might be a good place to start, maybe see if Susan was a customer. I found out a bit of information on her. She went to Kansas State and got a business degree. Her family owns a local construction business and she was the office manager for it. So my thoughts were, I could pretend to be a friend from college who is in town visiting and stopped to pay my respects." Sam could see by Dean's expression that he was on board with the idea.

"Yeah sure Sam, that would work. Let's eat, and then head out to the bar to see what we can find out from the locals." Dean replied as he headed over to the food and started dividing it up.

"Sounds good Dean." Sam hoped that it would be a fruitful evening.


Ramblers was like most small town bars, loud and smoky. Dean felt at home the minute he walked into the joint. There was a pool table in the front and he quickly grabbed a beer and headed over to see if he could make them a bit of money. He decided not to raise suspicions because they were working a job and kept the game friendly.

As he played with a local farmer, he noticed that Sam was actually sitting with a girl. He had to stifle a laugh because both of them looked so out of place. The girl had on clothes two sizes too big, and glasses that covered her face. Dean could tell she was the type that liked to fade into the background. He could tell that Sam had turned on his puppy dog charm because the girl was actually smiling at him. Way to go Sammy, Dean thought as he lined up his next shot.


Sam had not really wanted to go to the bar with Dean but knew that it would be a good chance to talk to the locals. Ramblers was a typical bar, too loud and too smoky. Sam ordered a beer and was about to take up a back booth when he noticed a young girl about his age sitting at the bar nursing a beer. He decided that she might be a good place to start for information.

As he walked up to her, he could tell by her body language that she was not comfortable being at the bar. It was puzzling Sam as to why she was there. She definitely looked more the coffee house type.

Sam put on a friendly smile and approached her. "Hi, um do you mind if I sit next to you?" Sam got out, wishing at times like this that he was as smooth as his brother.

The girl looked up at him and smiled. "Sure, though I'm not sure I'm good company right now."

"That's okay, I'm not in a great mood myself. My name is Sam, by the way." Sam held out a hand and she took it.

"I'm Marie, nice to meet you Sam. So are you passing through?" Marie asked and then took a small sip of her beer.

"I was in town visiting some friends when I heard that one of my college friends had passed so I stopped here to pay respects." Sam replied waiting to see if that sparked interest in Marie.

Her eyes got big as she asked "Who was your friend?"

"Susan Masters, we went to K-State together and used to hang out at the student union between classes." Sam could see that Marie definitely knew Susan from her body language.

"Oh, wow, Susan was my best friend. She never mentioned you Sam, but we kind of lost touch while in college, she went to K-State and I went to K-U. " Marie replied and then got really quiet.

"I was really sorry to hear about Susan, she was such a sweet girl. The fact that she committed suicide really threw me, she seemed so together when we were in school, but I guess people change." Sam could see the tears welling up in Marie's eyes and he softly patted her hand that was on the bar.

"Yeah well, it may have been suicide but it was because of the evil that had touched her." Sam watched as Marie sank into herself. She looked away and Sam could tell she said more than she meant too.

"What do you mean Marie?" Sam tried to give her a reassuring smile.

"Oh Sam, you don't want to hear this and I need to shut up, people already think I've become just as delusional as Susan. But, I know the truth, no one wants to believe it. It's too hard to believe." Marie gave Sam a sad smile and started to get up.

"No wait Marie, please, I'd like to hear what you think happened. I promise I won't think you're crazy. I've seen some crazy things happen that aren't easily explainable." Sam took her hand and motioned for her to sit back down.

"Well, did you read about the other death's that happened the week that Susan took her life?" Marie asked and Sam nodded in agreement that he had. "Susan had decided to go to the new occult shop- Dragontail about two weeks before the deaths happened. She went to have her palm read. While she was there, the medium, Kira told her that she could help her achieve her heart's desire. Susan had always felt ignored and had never had a serious boyfriend and this woman told her that she could perform some sort of ritual that would make her the prettiest girl among her peers." Marie paused and Sam could see she was waiting for him to make a comment.

"What did this woman want in return for performing this ritual?" Sam could see the relief in the girl's eyes, relief in the fact that Sam believed her.

"She wanted money. Susan didn't tell me how much the woman wanted but I'm sure it was a lot. She told her that she would think about it. Susan had a wealthy Aunt who had passed last year and so she had the money, and finally the need to try this outweighed her distrust of the woman. I tried to talk her out of it, but she was so sure that this was the answer." Marie started to sob quietly.

Sam placed an arm around Marie and comforted her. Sam spoke in a quiet voice, "You know we all do foolish things sometimes. I just feel bad that Susan had such a low opinion of herself. So she gave this woman the money, and the woman performed the ritual?" Sam asked.

Marie pulled away and nodded. "Yeah, the Saturday before the death's started happening, Susan went to her with the money and the ritual was performed. The woman told Susan that within a week she would be the prettiest girl among her peers. That Monday, Linda died, and each day that followed one of our friends died. Susan got what she wished for at the expense of her friend's lives, that is why she committed suicide, she couldn't live with what she had caused." Marie looked up at Sam waiting for his response.

"Wow, and did she try to tell people?" Sam felt so bad for Marie knowing that she had to live with the truth that no one believed.

"She did, but people thought she was delusional from the loss of her friends, I'm the only one who believed her. I feel so alone." Marie said as she used a napkin to wipe away the tears.

"You're not alone. I believe you. I'm not sure what can be done, but I want you to know that you aren't alone. There is one thing that you can do Marie, warn people not to trust Kira, and maybe tell the police about the money that Susan gave her. That might make her at least leave this town." Sam could see a bit of hope in Marie's eyes.

"Thank you Sam, and you're right, I might not be able to have this woman arrested for murder, but I can warn people about her. I'm glad I ran into you tonight, talking to you has made me feel a bit better. I need to leave though, I have to get up early tomorrow morning." Marie rose and smiled at Sam.

Sam grabbed a napkin and a pen from his pocket and quickly jotted his cell phone number down. He handed it to Marie. "If you need to talk again, please call me." Sam replied and reached over and gave Marie a quick hug.

"I will Sam, thanks and take care." Marie replied as she walked towards the exit.

"Take care Marie." Sam replied. Armed with this new information Sam knew that he and Dean had some evil to hunt!

AN: I just wanted to say thanks to my wonderful beta- sendintheclowns- the birthday girl. She is one of the reasons that I enjoy writing so much. I love bouncing ideas off of her. She is always so supportive! Thank you girl! She is a great fan fiction author, does wonderful limp Sam stories, so if you haven't checked out her work- you should! Thanks for reading- I hope to have more up very soon!