Untapped Power

Disclaimer: JK's world I'm only playing in it.

Chapter 1: Marauders Courage

Another quiet night on Privet Drive. Not a soul would dare disturb the sanctity of this fine street save one young man. This young man was most unique indeed. Hero to some, crazy to others, and enemy to the most powerful dark wizard to walk this earth in hundreds of years. However this cloudless night while every other inhabitant of privet drive was sleeping soundly in their bed this young man in the smallest bedroom of number four was in the throws of a vivid nightmare.

"Shit" Harry thought as his back leaned against the cool brick wall. Another curse slammed into the wall next to him as he turned to face Neville who was sporting a bloody nose.

"What do we do now Harry?" Neville asked

"We've got to find the others and get out of here" Harry replied

"Harry Potter. Hand over the prophecy and your little followers won't get hurt." Came a drawling voice from the doorway.

Harry turned and took a glance over the wall. He could see Ginny and Luna in front of three or four death eaters. Both held at wand point. Ginny was on the ground holding her ankle while Luna was on her feet with blood dripping down her cheek.

Things can't get any worse. Harry thought to himself

Harry knew that his friends were safe as long as the death eaters thought the prophecy was still intact. As he weighed the thought of surrender an idea came to him. He could take out the wall on the opposite side of the corridor in hopes of getting into a better position.

"Neville lets blast a hole in this wall" Harry motioned to the wall opposite them.

"Are you sure this will work?" Neville replied. Always unsure of himself.

"It's the only idea I've got Nev." Harry said.

"Ok. On three then?"


"One, Two, Three!"

"Reducto" they shouted in unison

Two blinding red jets of light erupted from their wand tips colliding with the wall opposite them blasting smoke and drywall debris everywhere but leaving a great hole leading to another corridor on the other side.

"Lets go." Harry said. As both the boys got up from there crouched position and ran for it they could hear more curses bouncing from the wall they had just left as well as footsteps trying to catch them before they could escape.

As Harry and Neville ran down the corridor they passed door after door until they finally reached the end. Before them was a great polished oak door with brass handles.

Neville tried to open it "its locked" he supplied.

Just then a deep purple curse slammed into the giant door. Harry turned around only to see Lucius Malfoy and Belatrix Lestrange advancing on them using Ginny and Luna as shields.

"Neville ill hold them off you get this door open" Harry yelled.

Harry turned around the death eaters still advancing on them when he locked eyes with Ginny. He stared into them for a split second but that was all that he needed to see the pain and fear these death eaters were causing her.

Anger welled up in Harry's gut as he leveled his wand at the offending death eaters.

"Protego!" He screamed and a translucent golden shield sprung from the end of his wand.

This stopped the death eaters in their tracks.

"Nev I suggest you get a move on!" Harry yelled as the first volley of spells impacted against his shield.

"None of my spells are doing anything Harry!" Neville shot back.

Harry took a moment to glance back and see that Nevilles efforts were futile. He turned back to the death eaters who resumed their methodical forward movement. They didn't have much time left.

Just as Neville had turned to face Harry and the death eaters and huge crack appeared in the shield. Time was getting short. Things were looking desperate.

Just as another crack appeared in Harry's shield he felt more then heard a small crack in the back of his mind. Almost like a window spider webbing. All of the sudden a strange feeling surged through his arms still clutching his wand for dear life. He had never felt anything like it before, almost as if some unknown power was just itching to escape from his fingertips. He took one hand off of his wand and aimed it palm open at the giant oak door.

"Reducto" he said simply. Letting the power flow through his hand impact the door obliterating it.

All the while Neville stared at him slack jawed.

"Harry?" Neville asked as Harry stared at his open hand in awe.

"Run!" Harry yelled as his shield finally shattered under the strain. And the two boys were off through the splintered remains of the great oak door.

They found themselves in a giant circular room with two levels and a great veiled archway on top of a dais in the center and a plain looking door opposite the side they came in. They took cover behind the steps of the dais.

Harry took a chance and lifted his head over the top of the platform to evaluate their position.

Just when the death eaters were crossing the threshold of the door they had blasted the door opposite them was blasted off the hinges. The death eaters paused. Harry and Neville leveled their wands. As the dust and smoke cleared Harry could barely make out the face of the second most wanted man in the wizarding world. Sirius Black.

Almost immediately Sirius was through the door. Harry could make out the forms of Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks, Remus Lupin, and his own head of house Professor McGonnagal as they surged through the door engaging the death eaters who had been joined by the others.

Relief swept over Harry like a blanket as he immediately stood and joined the battle that had just started raging. He saw Malfoy throw Ginny to the ground like she was nothing this served only to enrage Harry once again.

"Accio Ginny. Accio Luna." Harry screamed aiming his wand in their direction. When both of the girls were lifted from the ground and soared over to him. Luna ran behind the stairs for cover while Harry had to drag Ginny to safety.

"Neville you take care of them. I'm going to help." Harry said as he turned to run back into the fray.

He proceeded to interrupt the duel between McGonagall and Dolohov first by using a quick body bind spell. The Professor shot him a quick smile and moved to help Tonks deal with Lucius Malfoy.

Harry paused momentarily to survey the battle ahead of him. He saw Malfoy hit by a stunner sent by Tonks. Kingsley dueling with Crabbe and Nott at the same time until Tonks came to his assistance. But what caught his eye was his godfathers duel with Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Come on dear cousin, I know Voldemort has trained you better then this." Sirius taunted.

"You dare speak his name!" At this bellatrix's fury was evident. She sent a barrage of spells at Sirius who deflected them almost lazily.

"It is only a name my sad excuse for a cousin." Sirius said with a smirk of defiance as one of his bludgeoning hex's slipped past bellatrix's shield.

Sirius never saw it coming. As Bellatrix stumbled backward she let loose one of her own hexes which wiped the smirk right off Sirius's face. The hex impacted dead center on his chest sending him flying through the air right toward the Veil. Time stood still. Harry glanced at Remus who was standing over a dead crabbe sr.'s body. His face stark white. Fear Evident in his eyes. All of the sudden Harry knew Sirius Couldn't reach that veil.

"Accio Sirius!"

All eyes were on Harry. Bellatrix was staring fury and hate etched in every line on her face. He stared down at the motionless body of his godfather. Godfather and son locked eyes until Sirius could keep his open no longer. The cracking in the back of his mind was happening again. The anger of never knowing his parents. His Godfather being lost to him again after 12 years in Azkaban. Watching Sirius's eyes close was just replaying over and over in his head. Finally the Glass in the back of his mind shattered. And the power that he felt earlier engulfed his entire body. Every nerve was on fire. Every pore was tingling. Harry had never felt so alive. He turned to look at bellatrix who took a step back at the look on Harry's face. Staring deep into her were not the emerald eyes of the young Harry Potter but black eyes dancing with emerald flames. The eyes of death.

Harry raised his hand to bellatrix open palm just like the door.

"Reducto" he said almost lazily.

An enormous jet of red light exploded from his palm and shot toward the death eater who already had her wand up erecting a shield. But it was not enough. Not even close.

Harry's spell tore through it like it wasn't even there. Like a rock through a napkin. And impacted bellatrix's wand tip destroying it. But the explosion didn't stop with the wand. The jet of like took the whole arm and shoulder with it as well leaving only a hint of red mist in the air.

The force of the spell spun Lestrange around slamming her to the floor. And then she disappeared into thin air.

All eyes were on Harry Potter. His hand still raised at where bellatrix was once standing. Nobody could moved. They were all stunned into silence. That is until the most powerful wizard in the world walked through the remains of the door.

Harry turned his head. Willing himself to stay conscious just a bit longer. His black and emerald eyes locked with the headmasters. Harry could see sadness, guilt, and something he could not place, but it looked almost like triumph. There was no twinkle.

Finally after about 10 seconds of staring Harry's legs buckled and the world was black.

Suddenly the youngest inhabitant of number four awoke with a start. Head burning from another nightmare. The same nightmare that had plagued him since that terrible night at the department of mysteries.

Knowing that there was no sleep to be had this night Harry reached under his pillow and grasped the one thing that meant more to him then all the gold in his vault at gringotts. The two way mirror that Sirius had given him.

"Sirius." He said clearly.

Within seconds a scruffy face appeared in the mirror with a smile on his face.