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Chapter One: Nothing's Changed

Written by xFadingMoonx


"Dammit, they've hardly grown!"

I sighed heavily and examined my stupid small bumps, also known as boobs or breasts as my mother always corrects me. It didn't matter anyway - they were small either way.

I'm Kairi Melissa Drewe. I'm 16 years old, I have lanky red hair and I'm ridiculously skinny and scrawny. Honestly - I don't understand how girls would want a thin body! I'd rather be chubby any day! Maybe then my breasts would decide to grow.

Anyway, today was the very first day back to Destiny High after a long, hot summer. This year we'd be graduating at last! - Although I had to admit that it was sad to think about parting with my friends and taking the risk that we might not be able to see each other again!

"Kairi, I hope you're awake!" Mum's voice floated up from somewhere downstairs. "You breakfast is ready - you'd better hurry!

"Right." I sighed once more and quickly stuffed some rolled up socks in my bra to fill it out better. I ran a brush through my hair, adjusted my uniform, grabbed my bag and hurried downstairs to the glorious smell of burnt toast. Yummy.

"Woah am I seeing things here? You mean to say that you aren't still in bed?" My mum laughed as soon as I slouched into the kitchen in what I hoped was a cool fashion.

"Well it is the first day of school," I fell into a chair and helped myself to some toast. "Are you saying you'd rather me being late?"

"Nope - I'm saying it's a miracle you're even up. Usually I'd have to come and drag you out. Anyway, good sleep?"

"S'alright." I mumbled and tried not to think about the nightmares that always haunted me. Finishing my breakfast and gulping down some out-of-date orange juice, I kissed my mother goodbye and bolted from the house, before I really was late.

For some reason, I did actually feel like trying hard this year at school. Maybe it was the sudden change from summer to a new term - but it really made me want to do well and work hard for my exams (even though I'm totally hopeless at studying!) Ah well, maybe my friends would be able to kick me into submission. It was really annoying that they lived all the way over the other side of the island, while I was stuck near the stupid bay all by myself, to walk to school on my own.

Ah well. Someone once told me; 'When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand oranges.' Totally crazy but totally makes sense at the same time.

The small, squat building that was my school, began to grow larger and larger until I began to ascend the cracked steps, eyes casually darting around for the sign of my friends.

"Kairi!" I turned to see a familiar blonde tackle and throw her arms around me. Over her shoulder, Sora, Riku, Selphie and Tidus grinned awkwardly. I peeled the girl from me.

"Nice to see you too, Namine. But we saw each other yesterday - no need to be so shocked."

She giggled. "Oh but I am - you're never at this school by this time!" We all began to walk into the air-conditioned reception and collect our timetables from the secretary. I ignored Namine's comment and scanned over my lessons.

"Biology first," I murmured.

Selphie squealed. "Who with? I have Miss Metcalf."

"Mr. Hoyland," I replied. "Sorry Namine - I'll be the one perving on him this year, instead of you." I laughed and dodged her half-hearted punch. It was a well-known fact in our group that Namine had a major crush on Mr. Hoyland - the most youngest and cutest teacher in our little school. Of course we teased her often - but never told anyone else.

"Oh sweet!" Riku smiled. "We all have double Physical Education last!"

"How do you find that so great?" Selphie sighed. "Mr. Hern will be barking orders at us all lesson."

The first bell sounded loudly and we all begrudgingly, hurried to our form tutors and selected seats in the back of our beloved C14 classroom. Next to our desks, was the ugly cream wall that people had scribbled messages on, all of last year. Someone had stupidly tried to paint over it, but our names still stood out clearly. I smiled at the memory.

"You think the new school year will be good?" Namine (who chose a seat next to me) said. Sora and Riku, who were in front - turned on their seats to talk.

"Maybe. I mean, Riku's 17th party is next week and there's a load of stuff like the talent show and the winter dance coming up." Sora grinned, the little wisps of lose brunette hair venturing away from his hair gel. He groaned and hastily tried to re-style them again. Ignoring the small mutters of 'totally gay', coming from Riku.

"Oh yeah! You should sing in it Kai." Nam suggested. I stopped smiling and stared stupidly at her and my face heating up, not quite sure of what I was hearing.

"You what?"

"I said that you should sing in that talent show Kairi, you have an amazing voice!"

Again I blushed. A bad habit that I grew tired of years ago. "When have you ever heard me sing Nam?"

"When I came to knock for you last holidays - remember? Your mum let me in and told me you were upstairs. But when I got there, you were dancing around your room, listening to your iPod singing loudly - I was surprised the whole street didn't hear."

I continued staring. Great - I probably looked like a total asshole.

"I'll think about it," I lied and hastily changed the subject. "So Riku - who's coming to your 17th?"

I was interrupted by a curly haired brunette, entering the room and dumping her horde of binders on the front desk. The students stared curiously at the new teacher - most of the boys, I noted and was disgusted to find Riku practically drooling. I kicked the back of his chair.

"Hello girls and boys," the woman spoke in a high-pitched voice. She looked around the room. "I'm Miss Reed. It's lovely to see so many of your smiling faces, staring up at me like this."

She was talking to us, like we were about three. I don't think I lot of others noticed though, they seemed to be more preoccupied with her.. Cleavage. I stared down at my own tiny bumps and immediately loathed her.


"Dodge ball sucks." I sighed and nearly dropped the ball that Sora had just thrown to me.

Mr. Hern had demanded we get into groups of ten, and then split into five aside, for our own mini-games of dodge ball - still, it was better than completely embarrassing yourself in front of the whole class, I suppose.

I took my place on one side of the hall. Joined by Sora, Riku, Namine and Tidus. Our opposing team consisted of Selphie, an orange head called Wakka, and some other friends of ours - Yuna, Tifa and Yuffie. A whistle blew from .. Somewhere - and then hundreds of balls started flying around the hall. I got a grip and aimed mine at Wakka's big head - missing by at least a mile..

"Ohh smooth!" He laughed. I waited patiently, still trying not to get pummelled by the many balls that seemed to be shooting everywhere. He let his guard down and sent one toward Riku. I seized the nearest one to me, and with all my power, I clumsily hurled it at him. However, by some sheer miracle - I got him on the kneecap and he was forced to sit on the bench, where only a few players were sat already.

The game went on and on. Riku, Yuna and Selphie had joined Wakka and were cheering us on. Sora and Yuffie threw balls at the exact same time and managed to get each other out. The rest of the team laughed as the two teens groaned and picked themselves off the floor, holding identical places on their heads which soon will be replaced later by small lumps.

Tifa was the only one left on the opposing team and had fought hard all the way through. In a matter of minutes, she managed to take out Namine and Tidus. My heart dropped as I realised it was a one-on-one between me and this feisty black-haired girl.

"I won't go easy on you Kai!" Tifa grinned, holding up a ball.

"Go on Kairi!"

"You can take her!"

"Stay focused Tifa!"

"Aim for her legs!"

"Aim for the head!"

I didn't bother to listen to the encouragement that my friends were shouting and totally ignored the stupid advice Riku said. ('A lesbian kiss would stop her!') Ugh, he can be such a pervert at times. I somehow mentally blocked out all of the background noise and listened to the excited thump of my heart, beat loudly in my ears. For now, I had to watch Tifa and try to stay alive.

She followed for the advice and went for the legs, to which I jumped up and bounced one back. In a flash, she had another wretched ball in hand and watched me swiftly dart from left to right – hoping to somehow confuse her. Apart from being beautiful, Tifa was probably the best in the 'strategy' department of her mind so at least I wouldn't last long. Tired of dancing about, I swerved to the left of her flying ball and clutched onto the nearest on to me. Without even looking properly at where I was aiming her, I hauled the ball in her general direction and prepared to seize for another. She just merely got out of the way in time but didn't see me launch my second one. It gently hit her knee.

My team leapt up off the bench by the wall and they rushed over to tackle me.

One thing's for sure - if the rest of the school year was as interesting as our first day, it seemed like there would be a lot in store for us.

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