He wanted to cry again, and he wanted to cry badly.

He felt weak in the knees and wanted to wrap his arms around him himself, wanting to assure himself that this was all a horrifyingly realistic, stupid nightmare again. It was stupid, since he had never had any reason to feel this way. "…they didn't even give him a funeral." Sakura's voice was quiet, flat but tight with coolly controlled anger. "How could they… one of their own…" Her voice fell to a broken whisper. "…our best friend…"

She forced him to look her in her vibrant, summery green eyes. "Sasuke, don't you miss him, at all?" He said nothing, glancing away from her and Naruto's grave. "Don't look away from me, from him."

"Sasuke…" she said again, a tad softer. "What happened?"

"What going on here?" a light hearted voice said, appearing from behind him. Sasuke turned his face slightly, peering into Kakashi's dark eye.

"A small visit to a dead and worthy man," Sakura answered in her quiet subdued voice. "Maybe we'll ask the others to come by later. As of the moment, will you be joining us?" Kakashi kneeled down, resting his arms on his knees, his thumb and first few fingers brushing dirt gently.

"Knowing him, Naruto wouldn't stay dead for long," he said.

"Don't even joke about that, Sensei," Sakura said, eyes narrowing. "The dead don't walk again. Everyone knows that."

Kakashi simply shook his head.

"You never know."


"Kanda-kun, Ge ge wants you in his office for a bit," Linali said, tapping him on the shoulder.

"If it's not a mission, it has nothing to do with me," he said, turning away from her.

"Hey, don't be like that," she complained, running lightly to catch up to the male. "Anyway, Ge ge didn't specify, but it might be a mission…" Kanda grunted in annoyance, following her into the large room, with Komui nearly completely buried in the mountain of blinding white papers, his head cushioned by the many papers; the coffee, precariously placed close to the edge; and the drool, trickling freely down his chin.

"Just wait a minute, Kanda-kun… Ge ge… I need you to tell me how I look in this really great wedding dress I found." The older man awoke, his screams rebounding in the room.

"Noooooooooo! Not my sweet, precious Linaliiiiiiiiiiiiii!" The screams stopped, replaced by yelps as a leather-booted foot slammed down on his head. Thank goodness.

Komui coughed embarrassedly, regaining his composure "It seems General Allen has once again lost himself."

"Your point?" Kanda said warily, knowing where this was going. Komui was definitely going to send him off to find the damn spineless, naïve general just to spite him. Stupid Chinese man.

"I need you to find him." Bingo. Kanda was so right.

"And if I say no?"

"You have no choice in the matter. Other than Linali, whom I must keep with me," he sniffled, "to help," another sniffle and a tear, "to keep me on task, there are no other exorcists left in the Black Order."

"I thought I saw Rabi-"

"-is very much occupied with Bookman as of the moment. Perhaps later," Komui finished.

Kanda groaned, sighing wearily.

"When do I leave?"

"Preferably as soon as after you pack your bags within the next hour; a little good news, you're going to Japan!" At least Kanda didn't have to struggle through reading English.

"How did Moyashi get lost in Japan of all places?" he said, placing his hands on his hips. "This completely confirms, yet again, that he's an idiot." The Chinese man chuckled.

"Tell that to him when you find him." Komui drew out a map from underneath his desk after a few short minutes of search, carefully unwinding the scroll and gently stretched it out. "We believe he was lost somewhere around in this vicinity…" he pointed a finger to a dot, "…of the Hidden Village of the leaves - Konoha. Knowing Allen, he'd go wherever food is…"

"In other words, you mainly want me to search in that village."

Komui nodded. "Basically," he said. "Okay, you may leave now Kanda! Bring him back!"