Why on earth am I doing this again? Kanda grumbled to himself in irritation as he tightened his red tie around his hair. You better be worth this, Walker. He really didn't want to be here. He honestly didn't want to do anything non-related to the missions – which definitely included this weird side-mission that the ninjas forced him into. I ought to sue.

Kanda usually wasn't one to complain unless he was forced to put up with people that annoyed him. A lot. Unfortunately for Sakura and Kakashi, they were forced to face a steaming Kanda and a moodier than usual Sasuke.

"Everybody knows what to do?" Kakashi asked cheerfully.

They nodded and Kanda grudgingly sighed. "How is this going to help me find my general?" he said, gritting his teeth. The grey-haired ninja simply hummed, pulling out an orange book that Kanda later noted was an obscene book that he should avoid. On second thought, Lavi might like something like that and the book might be able to distract the redhead from annoying him every single day.

Dear Kami, he was starting to know too well how Lavi thought. And Linali for that matter. She'd definitely want some kind of souvenir.

Kanda walked slightly slower than the others, eventually falling behind to where Sasuke was. The black-haired man was almost as tall as he was, and Kanda couldn't help but notice that they looked similar - the inky blue hair, the equally dark eyes, the pale skin. It was strange.

Sakura looked past her shoulder and gave a soft laugh. "You guys almost look like brothers, standing next to each other like that." Kanda would've jumped from being startled, but he wasn't what most would call normal any time of day. Sasuke stiffened at the word "brother". Sakura noticed and quickly closed her mouth.

"So Kanda, what's the Black Order like?"

Kanda didn't take a second to think. "The people there are pushy," Lavi, Linali, Komui, Tiedoll, and so many others, "the higher ups don't give a damn about who they're sending to their deaths, and there's this person that everyone really looks up to that's a complete idiotic martyr," Allen Moyashi Walker.

"I take it that this guy is the general you're looking for," Kakashi commented.

"Unfortunately," Kanda said dryly. "We're always being lumped together – I hate it."

"Opposites do tend to attract," Sakura said, glancing at Sasuke with a knowing expression. Sasuke looked away, his lips thinning into a tight frown.

"We're too different," Kanda insisted. "There's no way I'll ever even be friends with him." Sakura shrugged before allowing Kanda to catch up to her.

She leaned in close to him, whispering. "Sasuke said that about Naruto too." At Kanda's questioning eyes, she continued. "When they first met, they hated each other – they were bitter rivals. Are you and your general like that?"

Kanda didn't answer. "In the end," Sakura whispered even lower, "they loved each other the most." She laughed softly and pulled back to see the other's reaction.

Kanda scowled, his eyes flashing defiantly. "I don't love Moyashi," he whispered fiercely.

"Moyashi? That's a strange name," Sakura said. Kanda didn't bother to correct the pink-haired medic, focusing his eyes on the road.

"Hey, Kakashi, when will get there?" Sakura called out to him.

"Tomorrow, around noon," the "scarecrow" answered. The sun wasn't as high in the sky as it was when Kanda had just arrived in the village of Konoha. Instead, the fiery orb was almost touching the horizon, and would soon disappear, turning its back on this part of the world for the next several hours. "We should probably make camp soon."

"You'll probably be going to be stuck with gathering firewood," Sakura told him. "Kakashi's lazy, I'm better with setting up the tents, and Sasuke usually feels better hunting." Kanda shrugged. Sakura frowned. He totally was another Sasuke. Boring. She wished she could get more of a reaction out of him. At least Sasuke could look sad sometimes. She bet that "Moyashi" could probably get a rise out of Kanda. After all, Naruto managed to get Sasuke riled up any time he wanted.

"Alright, we're camping here," Kakashi later insisted as soon as the sun was out of the way, the stars were twinkling, and crickets were chirping in the background. "Sasuke, you hunt; Sakura, set up the tents; and you," he nodded at Kanda, "are getting the firewood."

"See, I told you," Sakura said sagely. Kanda rolled his eyes but didn't argue. It was below him to be too rude to females.

"Fine." Each moved to finish whatever they were going to start, and Kanda wandered off into the thick brush of the forest, gingerly walking past, around, and around virgin growth. It was, in other words, annoying.

"Why I ever agreed to this, I'll never know." Why was he complaining to himself? It's not like it was going to solve anything. Kanda gathered some of the thicker, dryer twigs and wood, not really caring where he was heading.

What was the mission supposed to be about, anyway? No one told him anything, yet he was expected to go along with whatever they were planning. He shrugged. If they tried anything, he could always protect himself.

Kanda began to think – not that he didn't usually, he just decided to think a little more than he usually did. He tried to recall something terribly unforgivable that he had done in the past few days that he would receive the bothersome mission of retrieving an annoying person and manage to get another bothersome (and mysterious) mission. He did yell at a couple Finders, thumped the stupid rabbit on the head a couple of times, and… and… the list went on – still, it was nothing that bad.

I hate you, Kami.

Kami was bad. Kanda was glad he never really believed in the whole-god-religion-worship thing. It was pointless anyway. What he did believe in, was a thing called, karma. Sometimes.

It's just my luck that something even worse is going to happen.

Kanda had no idea how right he was.