Greetings! A few things to cover quickly before reading. This was initially written with the plot of the second book in mind, which will explain the setting. Also want to give warning that as this is a comedy, there's going to be copious amounts of OCC-ness spreading like a virus. Additionally, some of the language can be…quite crude, to put it gently. But if that won't be too much of a problem, enjoy!

Points of Authority


Fang sat in class, tapping his pencil and staring blankly down at the test before him. He had to solve for x using exponents and square roots, and other methods of mathematics. He glanced at Iggy to see how he was doing. Then he remembered, Iggy was blind and in a special class that catered to his needs. He sighed and looked around. His eyes landed on Max. Max was chewing nervously on her eraser and punching wild calculations into her calculator. She didn't even look like she knew what she was doing. Then there was Lissa.

She sat right in front of him, the girl with the flaming red hair. All he had to do was get her attention just the slightest bit. He dropped his pencil on the floor. Actually, he more or less threw it in the girl's direction. It landed beside her left foot. She didn't reach down to get it.

"Um-hm," Fang said quietly, hoping she'd hear him. She kept herself hunched over her test, absorbed in the near-impossible problems. "Um-hm!" Fang said louder. Still no reaction. Out of desperation, he gave a very loud cough, choked on his saliva, and had a real coughing fit. Finally Lissa turned around.

"Do you need to get some water? Or are you always this gross?"

He wouldn't ever admit it out loud, hell, he wouldn't admit it to himself, but that hurt! Ouch. This was the same girl who had seemed so desperate to kiss him on his first day at school and now...when did the tables turn? Fang forced himself to stop coughing and said hoarsely, "I dropped my pencil."

"Well pick it up!" She snapped and turned back around.

Just then, a shadow loomed over them. Their teacher. Without a word, she snatched up both his and Lissa's papers, crumpled them, and made two direct shots into the trash cans. Those who saw it, applauded. "Now, you two can go the headmaster's office this moment," she told them, her lips pressed together in a thin line.

"You know, perhaps you should've tried out for the NBA," Fang said. "Because you suck as a teacher. Oh yeah, you're also growing a mustache."

Her face turned livid. "Office! Now!" She screamed, pointing towards the door. Fang got up slowly, taking his sweet time leaving. He caught Max's eye, hoping for a grin from her. Instead she gave a disappointed stare. Oh, not you too, Max?

Suddenly, Max gripped her stomach and moaned. "Ooh, I don't feel so good. I think I need to go to the nurse's office."

"Finish your test first Ms. Maxine!" The teacher snapped.

It's Max. Just Max, she thought. She couldn't let Fang go to the office by himself. His snide comments would only land him in more trouble. So, desperate times calling for desperate measures, she stuck her finger down her throat. She didn't throw-up but she gave enough of an impression to look as though she was going to. With a quick wave of her hand, the teacher dismissed her.

Max caught up to Fang and Lissa, who was walking moodily a few feet in front of him. "What'd you go and say that for?" She whispered to him.

Though their hearing wasn't as good as Iggy's, he could hear her without Lissa overhearing as well. "What? You mean to tell me you understood that test?" he asked with a hint of calling bull on her.

"Well maybe you would've understood it if you'd spend less time-" Max crossed her two hands and made a flying motion. "And more time studying."

"You know, I didn't ask for a sermon. I'm already about to get that from the Headhunter," Fang said dryly.

"Well, you're making yourself look bad. Remember, we're supposed to be incognito," Max whispered.

"Yes, Mother Max," Fang said, tired of arguing with her.

As they entered the office, the secretary glanced up at them, then continued her typing on her computer. "What're you here for?" She said in bored voice.

"We were sent to the principal's office," Lissa said, throwing a nasty glare at Fang. He returned the stare, narrowing his dark eyes at her.

"Uh-hm." She pressed a button on her desk and said, "Mr. Walton, there's some students here to see you."

"Send them in," a voice said and a click was heard as the person left the conversation.

"Go down that hall and take a right. It's the first door on your left," the secretary said, still not looking at them. Lissa pushed past the other two, bumping her shoulder into Max.

Max made an attempt to grab the girl, but Fang pulled her back, shaking his head. "We're supposed to be incognito, remember?" he said with a smirk, then followed the other girl.

Damn I love him, but sometimes I feel like kicking his ass, Max thought, following them.

The headmaster's office was a little too up-scale to belong to a principal. The furniture was of rich wood and shined from a recent polish. The pictures on the walls were of stern, stuffy-looking men, but not from America. Britain? His accent sounded as though that's where he was from. They sat down in three chairs facing his desk as he stared at them, fingers forming a peak.

"Ah, so it's you two again?" He said in a not so very surprised tone. "Tell me, how've your brothers been? Anymore bombs?"

Fang glanced out the corner of his eye and saw Max's jaw tighten, but she said nothing.

The headhunter's eyes went to Lissa. "Ms. Scott, good heavens, what happened? I brag to the other teachers about how great of an exemplary student you are. What atrocity could have been bestowed upon you for you to end up here?"

Fang's bent over and acted like he was tying his shoe to keep from laughing. Atrocity?! Who really says that in normal conversation?! Man, Gazzy was going to get a kick out of mimicking this once he told him.

Lissa's gums got to flapping and once they were opened, they weren't shutting anytime soon. "I was taking my algebra quiz, just minding my own business because I'm a good student and I never bother anyone and so this...this...nincompoop started bothering me and I was trying my hardest to ignore him because I didn't want to get in trouble but he was being really rude and kept coughing in my ear and tapping my back so finally I confronted him and he said that all he wanted was for me to pick up his pencil, and all I did was shake my head no, but the teacher saw us and must have thought that I was giving him the answers, because we all know that these kids aren't the school's brightest, but now you know that I didn't do anything and can let me go. Can't you?"

Max slowly turned her head toward Lissa and put all the hatred she could muster into her eyes. Not the school's brightest?! Oh, those were fighting words right there!

The headhunter's eyes locked on her and Fang. "Well, that explains hers and Nick's reason for being here. But what about you, Ms. Maxine? Or are you here to try and bail your brother out of trouble?"

Max got ready to give a retort, but Fang said, "You're right, I did ask Lissa if she could pick up my pencil. As for my coughing, it's a normal bodily function. Couldn't help it. But as for tapping her on her back. Well, I was considering tapping dat, but after this…" Here he sized Lissa up with his eyes in a contemptuous way. "Never."

Lissa's eyes grew wide and she started babbling like she was about to tell the headmaster what Fang meant by "tapping dat" but the sound of Max cracking her knuckles stopped her.

"So, we had a class disruption, did we?" The headmaster went on. "Fine. Nick and Lissa, you two have Saturday detention."

Their jaws dropped. Lissa composed herself the quickest. "But sir, I didn't do anything! I was doing my test and-"

"Would you stop bitching!" Max finally said, unable to stop the words from spilling out.

"Ms. Maxine, you may join them." The headhunter added.

Max stood up quickly, Fang doing so as well. "Fine. Just fine. I'll do your stupid detention. But I think you need to really look into the one you call Little Miss Perfect sitting here." And with that, she stormed out.

"See ya Saturday, Headhunter." Fang said, leaving out.

"What?" the principal yelled.

"Headmaster," Fang corrected over his shoulder with a smirk.

The bell rang in the halls. Thankfully it was to signal the end of the day. With heavy hearts dreading Jeb's reaction to their news, they quickly left the building to go to their meeting spot to wait for the others.