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Pairing: Axel x Roxas


Axel couldn't sleep. He had been staring at the ceiling for what seemed like hours, yet the peace of slumber still eluded him. It was just too cold for the pyro to sleep, Mansex kept the castle at a freezing temperature, something about Vexen's research being more important and the ice wielder liking it cold. Still, would it be that much trouble to crank the thermostat up a few degrees, or at least allow Axel to have a space heater in his room? It was so stupid!

Flipping over to his side, Axel pulled his blankets even tighter around himself. It did no good and the fire wielder shivered slightly. Suddenly he knew how he could warm up. With an evil smirk he slipped out from under his comforter. Quietly he stalked through the castle halls until he reached a door with XIII on it. Slowly, as not to alert the room's occupant, he opened the door. He stopped dead when a light came flooding out. When no demand that he identify himself came, Axel peered into the room.

Roxas was lying on his bed, eyes closed in a deep slumber. A book lay open by his hand and the lamp on his bed stand was what was giving off the light. How cute, he fell asleep reading. Well, time to wake him up. Axel shut the door behind him with vigor, a deafening bang sounding through the silent castle. Roxas jumped and fell off of his bed. Sitting up he looked around in confusion, until his eyes fell on the beaming Axel.

"What are you doing in here Axel?" Roxas's voice was groggy, but it held a definite irritation.

"I couldn't sleep." Axel stated.

"That doesn't explain why you're in my bedroom."

"Well," Axel strode over to the bed, "I was thinking; Axel, you know what would help you sleep?" here he paused, waiting until Roxas quirked an eyebrow at him, "Roxas, that's what. And who am I to debate my own logic, so here I am." The redhead immediately regretted his words; Roxas looked like he was going to kill him. The blonde's eye was starting to twitch, never a good sign. Hastily Axel continued in an attempt to save himself from dismemberment, "I only woke you up to make sure it was okay for me to sleep in here of course. All I want is the extra body heat."

Roxas didn't buy that for a moment, he knew the redhead too well. Still, if Axel wanted something he wasn't going to stop until he got it. "Fine," Roxas finally said, "You can sleep in here. But if you try anything, and I mean anything, you're getting a key blade up your ass."

Axel only smiled, this was working out perfectly. Without another word he slipped under Roxas's covers and patted the bed next to him. Still eyeing him suspiciously Roxas got into the queen sized bed beside Axel. Reaching across his pyro best friend Roxas turned off the light and settled back into the covers. Axel lay there listening to Roxas's breathing. Soon it became the steady, slow, deep breaths of sleep. Turning to face the blond, Axel drew his friend into his arms. In his slumber Roxas nestled into Axel's chest, his blond spikes tickling Axel's chin.

With an evil glint in his emerald eyes, Axel leaned down and trailed his tongue along Roxas's ear. A soft moan escaped the blond and Axel took that as a sign to continue. Slowly, as not to wake Roxas, Axel trailed kisses down Roxas's neck, his hands beginning to wander over the younger teens body. Axel was thrilled at the noises that Roxas was making, soft mewling and moans that sent little jolts of electricity through the redhead's body. As soon as Axel came to the base of Roxas's neck he began to suck lightly. A deep moan tore its way out of Roxas's throat and the blond moved in his sleep, pushing himself up against the redhead.

Letting one hand fall below Roxas's waist, Axel began to trace patterns on the blonde's thigh. Roxas began to pant softly; the redhead's ministrations were really getting to him. Slowly he began to return to reality, his eyes opening lazily. As soon as his mind became fully awake he grabbed Axel by the hair. Ripping the redhead off his neck, Roxas forced their lips together.

Axel responded immediately, forcing his tongue between Roxas's lips. The blond moaned, his hands beginning to wander over the pyro's body. Pushing Roxas onto his back, Axel climbed on top of the teen. Thrusting his hips down, Axel felt Roxas shudder slightly as his nails dug into the older teen's shoulders. He couldn't take it any longer; he had to feel Roxas's skin against his own. Axel didn't waste any time in ripping away Roxas's night shirt. He didn't have to worry about his own; the blond took care of it without a moment's hesitation.

As soon as he felt their bare chests against each other, Roxas broke the kiss. He found his mouth connecting itself to Axel's neck and he savored the older teen's flavor. Axel's hands were trailing over Roxas's body, leaving a burning heat in their wake. When a hand delved below his waistband Roxas arched off the bed. Axel took the younger teen's rapidly stiffening member in his hand, pumping and squeezing at a tortuous pace. Soon he had Roxas whimpering with need.

The blond could no longer take it. He ripped away Axel's boxers and the redhead took the cue. Roxas soon found he no longer had his pajama bottoms on, a fact he rather liked. Slowly, Axel trailed soft kisses down Roxas's stomach, his breath ghosting over the blonde's taught stomach. With a smirk the redhead stopped just above Roxas's cock, looking up at the flustered blond.

"Axel." Roxas whined.


"Please Axel, I can't take it any longer."

Not one to deny his friend, Axel slowly licked from the base of Roxas's erection to the head. Teasingly he dipped his tongue into the slit and Roxas arched off the bed once again, a deep moan tearing its way from his throat. With a smirk, Axel took Roxas into his mouth.

"AXEL!" Roxas screamed, his hands grabbing hold of crimson spikes. With one hand Axel pinned Roxas's hips to the bed and began to bob his head. "Oh god, Axel." Roxas was certainly a vocal one; Axel didn't doubt that several other organization members were hearing this. The pair would have to endure some teasing tomorrow, but right now Axel couldn't really give a shit.

Feeling Roxas's stomach tighten Axel pulled his head away, eliciting a moan of disappointment from the blond. Moving back up, Axel brought their lips together once again. Roxas readily took Axel's tongue into his mouth, tasting himself in the kiss. He was distantly aware of Axel's arm moving away from him, but to tell the truth, he didn't really care where. When a slick digit slipped itself into his opening Roxas knew where the hand had gone, the redhead had grabbed the lube that they kept in his bed stand. Roxas couldn't stop the gasp from escaping him when a second digit entered him.

Axel began to thrust and scissor his fingers, trying to hit that one spot in Roxas that would make him see stars. He knew he had found it when Roxas let out a yell and arched clear off the bed. Adding a third finger Axel continued to thrust and Roxas was screaming incoherently by the time he had finished preparing him. Removing his finger, Axel received an annoyed groan. Smirking slightly, Axel spread some more of the lube over himself. Taking one of Roxas's legs, Axel placed it around his waist. Immediately Roxas hooked his other leg around Axel, locking his ankles together against the redhead's back.

Axel positioned himself and slowly pushed in. Roxas moaned loudly, his head falling back to expose his neck. With a little more haste Axel pushed until he was fully encased by Roxas's tight heat. Eyeing the exposed neck, Axel brought his lips to Roxas's skin and began to suck and nip at the flesh. As soon as he felt the blond buck up against him, Axel began to pump himself in and out of Roxas. Suddenly Roxas let out an animalistic scream and his back arched so violently that only the back of his head and his shoulders remained on the bed.

Roxas was seeing stars, brilliant white stars. It felt like his entire body was on fire and all he wanted was for that fire to consume him. Axel thrust in again at the same angle, hitting that spot within Roxas with even more force. The blond wasn't even aware that his hands were moving, not aware that his nails were leaving thin red lines over Axel's shoulders and back. Desperately he thrust himself to meet Axel; he needed that feeling once again.

Axel didn't know how much longer he could take it, the combination of Roxas's tight heat, his desperate cries of ecstasy, and the pleasurable pain of his nails against the redhead's skin was really starting to get to him. Raising himself to his knees, Axel took Roxas's hips in his hands and began to thrust with all the force he could muster. It wasn't long before he felt it coming; he knew his end was near. Taking one hand from the blonde's hips, Axel wrapped it around Roxas's neglected member and began to pump in time with his thrusts.

As soon as he felt Axel's grip on his cock, Roxas lost it completely. Screaming out his pleasure the blond began to buck wildly, torn between trying to force Axel deeper within himself and trying to create more friction against the redhead's hand. Roxas's vision was completely gone by this point, hazed over by brilliant white. Even when he squeezed his eyes closed he was blinded by the dazzling blaze. Then he felt it, just as Axel thrust in with even more force, nailing that spot once again. With a strangle cry, Roxas spilled himself over Axel's hand, his muscles spasming wildly with the force of his orgasm.

As Roxas came, he clamped down on Axel's length. The wave of pleasure that washed over the redhead more than he could take. With a final thrust Axel came deep within the blond. Desperately Axel pushed himself deeper into Roxas, trying to encase himself even more completely within the spasming tightness. Finally Axel had fully spent himself and he carefully extracted himself from the shaking blond and laid beside him, panting heavily. He could feel his body shaking from exhaustion, but refused to give into it. Rolling onto his side he took Roxas into his lanky arms.

Without hesitation Roxas snuggled into the embrace, tired yet content. Nothing ever affected him as much as Axel did, something he was grateful for. It wouldn't do to be like this on a mission after all. Still, he had no desire to fight the 'feeling' that Axel invoked in him. If he didn't know any better he would have said that the redhead made his heart beat harder and faster. As he slipped away into unconsciousness Roxas wondered if it was the same for Axel.

Smiling at the spent blond in his arms, Axel finally gave into the sleep that had been threatening to overtake him. He finally felt warm. He finally felt.


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