"Your mother was a firecracker"

Kirsten Nichol and Sandy Cohen were trying to follow their usual Friday-Night-Ritual that consisted of classes, Kirsten/Sandy-time, studying, partying, drinking, love-making and finally sleeping. They hadn't even made it to the drinking part yet when they spotted their friend Ella Lanson practically jumping towards them.

"KIIR-STEN" she yelled embracing her blonde friend in a huge hug.

"Ooooh my good SAAN-FORD" she continued then and threw her long arms around Sandy's neck.

"Wow have you grown since the last time I saw you San?" Ella asked in a slur that made Kirsten giggle at her.

"No, but maybe you've drunk a little since the last time I saw you" he said clearly amused at Ella's obvious state. They weren't the only one who had a Friday-night ritual!

The dark-haired girl, obviously too drunk to get the joke, shook her head before her eyes widened.

"Ooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god" she yelled all of a sudden before disappearing in the crowd because she had obviously seen someone else she thought she'd know.

Kirsten and Sandy just looked at each other, amused, before he took her back and his arms and they continued dancing amongst all the people. After a while they had both passed to the next step- drinking- and soon Kirsten called everyone "her best friend in the world" or "really awesome".

Sandy couldn't say he liked when his girlfriend drank like that but on the other side he was glad that he could "protect" her, that she had fun and besides everything, he knew it was a habit she would probably never get rid of. Her mother had passed it on to her and since Sandy had heard of Newport Beach for the first time, he was surprised that she wasn't an alcoholic already.

"AAAllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" everyone heard from the other side of the room though the loud scream that actually escaped Kirsten's mouth was nothing but a gentle whisper over the loud music. Sandy however, who was standing unfortunately right behind his girlfriend, winced in pain because he had covered his ears too late.

Ally who had been busy with dancing with some random guy heard Kirsten however and smiled at her, not needing to be closer to her to see that Kirsten was already wasted. And it wasn't even midnight yet.

Making her way over to her roommate, Kirsten pulled roughly at Sandy's hands to make him follow her. Sandy just shook his head, laughing, and feeling like her little "accesoire" instead of her boyfriend though he would rather be Kirsten Nichol's "accesoire" than anything else.

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai" Kirsten said smiling before throwing her arms around Ally's neck, not caring that the poor guy who had been dancing with her was pushed to the side.

"You know, you are my beeeest friend in the world" Kirsten said in the same slurrish voice that Ella had used- it was a miracle that the two of them weren't relatives.

Ally just laughed at her before Sandy interrupted "Don't get your hopes up, Al, you aren't the only person she's told that during the last hour".

That caused Ally to laugh even harder as she kissed Kirsten's cheek feeling slightly sorry for Kirsten, when she thought about the huge headache that she would have to suffer in the morning.

The guy next to the girls felt useless so he offered to get fresh drinks for everyone.

At that Kirsten's lips curled into a huge smile before she threw her arms around his neck as well, hugging both Ally and him at the same time.

"Oooh my god, YOU are my beeest friend in the whole wide world as well!"

Sandy just next to them, watching the spectacle with amusement as he raised his eyebrows at Ally whose face was almost completely covered in Kirsten's blonde hair.

She however just shrugged and swayed with her "best friend" from side to side, laughing with her.

"Umm thanks" the "guy" said after Kirsten let go off him.

"Do you even know his name, babe" Sandy asked from behind her and she noticed for the first time in a while that he was with her.

"Oh my god. YOuuuu…" Kirsten began and Sandy looked surprised for a second.

"Don't tell me I am your best friend too" he said jokingly but Kirsten grinned so all her teeth were visible.

"Nooo. No no no dafty! YOU are MY boyfriend and you are SOOO good in Be…" she tried to say but Sandy had already covered her mouth with a hand pulling her away from Ally.

"Um, Ally, someone here should REALLY go to bed, sorry" Sandy smiled, blushing slightly at Kirsten's previous comment and because of the fact that Ally had doubled over in laughter, holding her stomach.

It wasn't like Sandy hadn't been pleased with her confession but that part of their relationship was better kept private.

"I don't wanna go home" Kirsten cried as she lamely tried to fight the arm he had draped over her stomach.

"I know you don't feel like going home right now but tomorrow you'll thank me for making you leave" he told her but Kirsten pouted like a 5 year old, turning around in Sandy's arms.

They had now arrived right at the exit so she knew she had only one card left to play her game.

Grinning as what she thought was really seductive while it was instead rather adorable and funny, she fluttered her eyelashes at him (pretty much in the same way) before she teasingly kissed his lips and stroked his back with the both hands she had slowly put around his middle.

"Yoou…haveee…two options, Mis-ter, Cohen" she said and tried to keep her voice as steady and normal as possible.

Sandy simply raised his eyebrows, smirking at his girlfriend's antics.

"One: We could go home, like very boring people that are so NOT my friend's . or Two: We could staaay here with the AWE-----------SOME people and we could daaance and find the nice barkeeper from earlier and after that we could do other things…" she said trying to convince him to stay.

Sandy new fine well what she was talking about but he could also see how drunk she already was and he couldn't use her drinking even more than that and hugging and kissing random people.

He knew she would be absolutely embarrassed about her behaviour in the morning- and if he told her that he had let her stay, she'd kill him. But if it was the other way around and he could tell her proudly that he had rescued her before everything got out of control he sure as hell would get a nice reward, wouldn't he?

Seeing that Sandy was thinking about her offer, Kirsten quickly took action and kissed him again, this time more passionately as she slipped her tongue past his lips to massage his own erotically.

He was breathless for a moment as he let her kiss him with all the passion in the world. Sandy knew immediately she was just trying to win their little game by turning him on, but that didn't mean he could just shrug her off. He always wanted her, was never able to reject her in any way. Today would be a hard one.

"Pleease?" Kirsten breathed slowly after she pulled away from his moist lips, her puppy dog eyes pleading with him to let her have her will.

Sandy thought about it again.

"Just for one or two hours…" Kirsten trailed off hoping that would finally persuade him.

"One" Sandy said immediately since he knew that if he'd actually let her stay, he would get that kind of reward he loved from her so he didn't want to risk her falling asleep during it just because it was getting late. He might be Sandford Cohen but he was also a guy.

"One hour" Kirsten grinned like the Cheshire Cat, kissing him again a couple of times before she tried to pull him back towards the crowd. Sandy however had other plans. Feeling a little hot and adventurous, he pulled his girlfriend outside the door and into the cold air of the night to pin her against one of the huge containers next to the back entrance to kiss her passionately, his hands wondering immediately over her body.

Kirsten giggled delighted, letting him play his game as she kissed him back with the same need and passion and slipped her cold hands under the hem of his shirt to stroke his toned stomach and chest, making his skin tingle.


After a few moments, the party, the cold and everyone else in the world was forgotten as the couple had only thought in mind: Pass on to the next step of the ritual and get home as soon as possible.

Sandy's hands had long found their comfortable position under her classy skirt and Kirsten's were raking desperately through his hair, trying to stop herself from moaning out loud.

Things were just about to really heat up when a drunken Ella stumbled trough the back door, almost falling over a few empty beer bottles on her way.

Giggling away loudly she hadn't even noticed the couple a few metres away from her until she heard Sandy's embarrassed "ah crap" and looked at them quickly trying to sort their clothes and hair.

"HAHA! LOOK AT THIS! THOSE TWO REALLY HAVE THEIR HANDS ALL OVER EACH OTHER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL THE TIME. LUCKY YOU" Ella practically screamed through her giggling before she stopped abruptly, her eyes widening, to throw up on the street.

Well Sandy and Kirsten had heard more than once that their adorable displays of affection were almost sickening but they hadn't thought someone could mean that literally.


After Ella had calmed herself, Kirsten had another few "AWESOME" drinks thanks to the "AWESOME" barkeeper who had "AWESOME" Extra-Prices for his "AWESOME BEST FRIENDS" and Sandy was still trying to call himself down after the little foreplayish making-out session he had with Kirsten behind the bar.

Another hour and a half later Sandy had really enough of that party. His girlfriend was by now drunk beyond words, Ella was a little bit more sober because she had emptied her stomach in a big vase that stood on top of the bar much to the barkeeper's shock and Sandy- Sandy was simply bored. The few minutes with Kirsten alone were an amazing distraction but just now he was only busy with running after his girlfriend to prevent her from doing something she would certainly regret in the morning.

As a loud "BANG" interrupted his thought he murmured "crap" to himself, realising that he had left Kirsten out of sight- that could only mean one thing: Trouble.


"We really don't NEED to leave SAN-DY" she said whiningly as they stood once again in the parking-lot behind the bar where Sandy tried to drag her towards his car.

"Oh yes Kirsten this time we DO actually have to go, because we are banned from that bar for the next two months thanks to you" he said almost amused. Her eyes widened momentarily in pure shock before she moved her hand in his direction, hitting him lightly as she tried to show him that she "soo did not care!".

As Sandy continued dragging Kirsten away from the loud building, a plan came to mind- well actually her old plan!

Seeing that her boyfriend's car was parked right in the corner of the parking lot and nobody was around she let him pull her right towards him thought stopping after he unlocked the doors.

"Kirsten, please, just get in the car, babe. You've partied enough for one night" Sandy said a little desperate, hoping she wouldn't make it any more difficult for him to take her back to her dorm.

"You know" she started slowly, banging the passenger's door shut and putting her arms on top of the vehicle's roof to look at him seductively.

"we don't have to go back inside…we could…"

"go home?" Sandy asked, his eyes full of hope and totally missing the point of her behaviour.

Kirsten shook her head before she pulled away from the car at a snail's pace to look as sexy as she could. She then made her way around the front of the car to walk towards her lover.

"stay here" she said when she stood right in front of him, shutting Sandy's side of the car as well.

"Here?" Sandy almost shrieked, realising what her intentions were.

"Here" she confirmed and pulled him hard into her so his body collided with hers. She didn't let him time to think about her offer as she kissed him hard, forcing her tongue into his mouth, dancing with his.

Sandy, taken aback, found himself pushed against the side of his car, not believing what his girlfriend was suggesting- she couldn't be THAT drunk!

"Kirsten, we can't do that here" he whispered, thinking that anyone who left the bar by the back door could see them if they looked in their direction. If he slept with her right there and she'd find out in the morning, she would kill him and that's meant literally.

"So you are going to say no to me?" Kirsten asked and Sandy had just found his voice back to tell her NO thinking he really couldn't do what she was suggesting when he watched his hands slowly slipping under the hem of her skirt. Seconds later he saw her silk song fall down her legs and to the floor. He gasped.

His brain clouding over with all kind of thoughts that only concerned the beautiful blonde standing in front of him, he grabbed her quickly and slammed her back into his car, attacking her lips frequently with his.

She smiled triumphantly to herself, knowing that she had him now. She couldn't help but moan however when his moist, soft lips moved to the flesh on her neck and over her chest while he tried to open his belt and trousers, becoming impatient.

Kirsten couldn't help but laugh lightly at his desperation, well drunk to even think about what the hell they were about to do.

As Sandy finally succeeded in pushing down his jeans and boxers far enough to free his manhood, he didn't waste time in wrapping one of Kirsten's legs around his middle while his other hand found their inbetween them, preparing her for what was about to come.

Kirsten sighed loudly as she felt her boyfriend's pleasuring her in the way he knew best. He was amazing.

As usual, it didn't take long for Sandy to get her ready for him. After glancing one last time nervously to the door of the bar, he then grabbed her ass with both his hands and covered his mouths with hers, connecting them.


"Oh my god that was awesome," Kirsten breathed heavily after her boyfriend had put her back to the floor.

Sandy couldn't help but laugh lightly at the words she had chosen to describe that special, sexual…experience.

They stood against each other for a few minutes, breathing into the other's shoulders, sharing sweet kisses whilst trying to regain some steadiness.

Sandy had quickly made sure that Kirsten had her skirt pulled back down and his trousers were covering him once again after they were finished though he didn't want to move right away, being too comfortable and well too exhausted to drive them home right now.

Before they even had the chance though, the door of the bar opened once again and both heads whipped quickly in that direction, sorting their hair to look normal and pulling slightly away from their lover.

It was Ella again.

"Kirsten there you are. I was worried that you'd already left" Elle said relieved, though still not quite sober yet.

"What's up?" she replied, smiling at Sandy before walking towards her friend.

"Guuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeess who's here tonight" she asked Kirsten rhetorically, smiling once again like she just found 1 million $ on the street.

"Santa Clause?" Sandy asked from behind his girlfriend, having followed her and how wrapping his arms around her so his hands could rub her stomach softly through her top.

Both girls were drunk enough to call that "the best joke ever" before busting into laughter. Sandy just shook his head making a mental note for himself: Never make a joke when you are the only one who's sober.

"No M-Y C-O-U-S-I-N. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Ella screamed happily expecting her friend would join in the "AHHH"ing though nothing came.

All of a sudden, Kirsten seemed to have sobered up within second as a shocked "what" escaped her throat.

"your cousin, the …the cousin, you know THAT cousin?" Kirsten asked in disbelief.

Sandy who didn't have a clue who they were talking about or why his girlfriend was starting to get nervous in his arms.

Ella simply nodded a little confused at Kirsten wondering why she wasn't happy about the surprise visitor.

"Which cousin" Sandy asked now, being curious about what they were talking about.

Kirsten, feeling like she was about to pass out, turned towards her confusing and admittedly also worried boyfriend who stared at her with questioning eyes.

Biting her bottom lip, she looked back at her boyfriend

"Sandy, I think I have to tell you something".