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"If he doesn't agree the first time, break his headlights or something. Yes, I mean it!" Josef Kostan slammed the phone angrily down.

He started to push the button to call his secretary, but stopped. He picked up one of the pictures on his desk and stared at it for a moment.

The picture had been taken on December 8th, 1985. Among other things December 8th, 1985, was the five year anniversary of John Lennon's death, freezing cold, and what would have been Josef's grandmother's five hundred and forty-fifth birthday; if she had lived. But most importantly that cold December day was the day that Josef's life had changed forever.

Josef's eyes roved over the details of the picture. He was standing in front of his apartment in New York smiling (an act almost never observed there). In his arms there was a small bundle of cloth with a little pink face attached. Josef smiled, December 8th was now his favorite day of the year. Better than Christmas, Easter, and the Fourth of July all wrapped up into one.

December 8th, 1985, was his daughter's birthday.


December 8th, 1985: New York City

"Martha," Josef yelled to his caretaker, "what are you doing?"

"Just checking on Sarah, Mr. Fitzgerald; I'll be with you in a moment."

Josef, then Charles Fitzgerald, grumbled something about women being unreliable. A few moments later Martha bustled into the room, the scent of cinnamon following her.

"Miss Sarah is settled into place; what did you need?" the homey woman asked, smiling kindly at her employer. "That's right! You'll need your hat, coat, and scarf!" Martha bustled around, picking up all of Josef's cold weather clothing. "Here you are! Now stay warm," she smiled and waved him off.

Once outside how cold it really was hit Josef. Vampires normally weren't bothered by the cold, but even Josef could feel the cruel bite in the air.

It was when he was walking past a stack of garbage bags that he heard the noise. It sounded like a kitten mewing for its mother. He paid no attention to it at first, walking on. But then he heard another noise. A tiny heartbeat reached his ears; the sound softened his hard heart.

Josef turned on his heel and started to dig through the pile of garbage, in the process getting quite strange looks from passersby. After a few moments of this digging he found a small bundle wrapped in a white blanket. He picked it up and unwrapped it. Josef was greeted with screams of a newborn child that had been wrapped in the blanket.

He gasped, pausing for only a moment, before running at top speed back to his apartment.

"MARTHA!" He yelled when he got indoors. "Martha, where the- " He stopped himself. "Where are you?"

Martha ran in, panting for breath. "I was just up- LORD HAVE MERCY! It's a child, where did you find it?"

Josef took his scarf off and wrapped it around the still screaming infant, glaring at Martha. "I found her in the garbage. And if I ever find whatever b-," Martha glared at him; he sighed deeply. "Evil people who left her there I will, so help me, rip them apart with my bare hands."

Martha looked rather shocked. "I've never seen you this mad, sir."

A low growl rumbled in Josef's chest. "I haven't felt this mad since…. Since Sarah went into a coma. And I don't want her to die." A tear slid down his cheek. "Martha, can you go to the store and get some formula for her. I'll stay here with her."

Martha nodded, knowing her employer needed some time to himself.

He heard Martha walked out the door through the baby's screams. He held her close but she still didn't stop screaming. Then it hit him: music!

Still holding the baby, Josef walked over to his record player and started it up. All You Need Is Love started to play.

The baby stopped crying after the few bars of the song. Josef sat down with her and rocked her softly to sleep.

Martha came back to the New York apartment an hour or so later to find Josef sitting quietly on the couch rocking the baby to the beat of All You Need Is Love. Her kindly features crinkled into a smile, Josef looked up and smiled for the first time in a long time.

"Mr. Charles, I got her some formula." He remained silent and gestured that she should make some up for the baby. Martha came back into the room after a few moments with nice warm formula for the baby and gave it to Josef. He gently sat the baby up and proffered the formula. She drank greedily, gulping it down.

After what seemed to be a very satisfying meal she fell asleep with a small smile on her face. Josef was smiling too, he was happy for the first time in a long time.

"Mr. Charles, what are you going to name her?"

Josef looked up. "I don't know," he thought for a moment. "Wait, I do know. Her name is Zoe. My Zoe."


Josef pulled himself out of the memory. The picture was taken after Zoe had woken up again, and stopped crying.

He shook his head, smiled, and buzzed the secretary. "Tell my ten o'clock that I'm ready."


Well… What do you think? Was it too corny? I have a hard time telling. The reason that he named her Zoe is because the authoress (aka ME) found out that Zoe means secret. If it was confusing with me calling Josef, Josef and Martha calling Josef, Charles, just tell me. As I said above: all constructive criticism is welcome!