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Epilogue: Three Years Later:

Josef bounced the baby girl on his knee and looked back on the past again. The baby girl giggled and Zoe walked into the room.

"I see you and Madison are getting along well, daddy."

Josef smiled. "It's a new experience being a grandfather; but I like it." Madison giggled again and Josef picked her up and flew her like an airplane.

Malcolm walked in and Madison, between giggles, called: "Daddy!"

Malcolm ran over to his adopted daughter and took her from Josef. "Hey, little girl, how are you doing today?"

She smiled. "Good!"

"Is grandpa flying you like a plane?" she nodded. "Is that fun?" Another nod.

Josef watched his daughter's family and smiled to himself. He thought of all the names he had been called over the years. Fitzgerald, Konstan, Konstantine, and a slew of others. Then he reflected that the best names in the world were father and grandfather. And now he was both.


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