Derek sat in the church pew contemplating his faith. It had been almost a daily occurrence for the last month. He didn't always slip away and find a church, but he always thought about it. He had also started rereading the Bible more often than he did. He wanted to have that steadfast feeling again when there were no doubts that God existed. Derek knew that sometimes to build your faith stronger it had to be tested, but when Derek's faith was shaky, he felt all his beliefs were shaky. He would lose trust in himself, which made him wonder if he was worthy enough to be loved by God.

The church was quiet as Saturday drifted silently into Sunday. Derek knew he would have to go back to the hotel and try to get some sleep, they were going to have a long day of work tomorrow.

Derek heard the door behind open, and someone carefully making their way up the aisle. Derek didn't turn his head figuring it was someone else who needed to seek solace and guidance.

He was curious, but he only allowed himself to look when he felt the person sit in the pew behind him. All of the pews were empty except for the first where two old ladies prayed, so it seemed strange that the figure would sit behind him.

"Reid?" Derek whispered surprised, he had been thinking it might be Hotchner or Rossi coming to check on him. Some part of him told him he shouldn't have been surprised it was Spencer. Even if Spencer were here to check on him, he probably only had the best intentions in mind.

Spencer pushed a strand of hair behind his ear. "Hi, "he whispered not wanting to disturb the sanctity of the church by talking louder than that. Reid had not followed Derek here; he hadn't even known Derek would come here. When, Spencer had seen him when he entered though, he felt more comfort sitting near Derek.

"Are you here to talk to me?" Derek asked, unsure of why the boy genius would be at the church.

"No," Spencer paused so he didn't stumble over the words that he had never spoken. "Since February, every Saturday night as it turns to Sunday, I try to find a church to pray for my mom, you, the rest of the team, anyone I can think of." Spencer hadn't actually told anyone, fearing that they would make fun of him. He grew up believing, not only in all knowledge, but also of God and the resurrection but never knew how to bring it up. Spencer had been especially hesitant to talk to Derek about them, since he had snapped at him over the comment Spencer had made about not being able to believe in good and not evil.

"Oh," For some reason, Spencer's comment made Derek feel a little less alone, since it was apparent that he wasn't the only one who lost his spiritual way sometimes. Also, He felt a little more blessed in life that someone was thinking of him in his prayers, even if Derek hadn't known until that moment. He got up out of the pew, and slide in next to Spencer. "Can we pray together?" Derek asked more quietly than he had intended.

Spencer took Derek's hand, "Okay. Do you want to lead?"

Derek nodded, and they both bowed their head, and Derek started to whisper. "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for all your blessings. Please continue to grant us the blessings that you have in times past. Please be with us as our faith is tested, as we are weak, and we can only find strength through you…"