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Chapter 1

My Return

March 26th (3.25pm)

I was sitting on the branch of tree one day's walk away from my beautiful home in Konaho, I had brought a little pink and black diary from a small gift shop in Kusa in Grass Country a few days previously. I decided to take a brake from walking and then I felt compelled to write.

I opened the page and began to write...

'I hate diaries. I have no idea why I have even started writing one really. But I feel I need to write some thoughts down of the past 4 years away from Konaho.

Tsuande sent me on a 3 year mission to Grass Country to help establish a new medical unit which will be helping Fire Country when we need it. The project as normal ended up lasting an extra year. I have enjoyed my time there don't get me wrong, but I have missed Konaho (and every one) more than I thought possible.

For the past 4 years I feel like I have been to hell and back, being separated from those who I love and the place where I feel at home. But what brought me the most hell was falling in love.

While I was in Grass country I met a Medic Ninja by the name of Takato Kinjo. We worked together closely for 3 and a half years working together on the new medical centre. Not long after arriving in Grass country and sending more time Takato I feel in love with him. He was very handsome with short brown spiky hair and dark grey eyes, he was 21 when I first met him and we shared most of our time together. After 7 months of being in Grass country I moved in with Takato, I loved him so much and marriage had been on the cards just after a year of being together.

Takato seemed to make me a different person, he made me see things in a different light and I never wanted that to end with him. But it did. Three years and 3 months after being together Takato was sent on a mission to Lightning Country to help heal some of Grass Countries ninjas hurt while fighting.

He never came back. He got attacked by the lightning countries ninjas just before reaching those who needed his help. I still miss him and wish his life had not have come to end so soon, but we spoke about the nature of our lives and we always knew something like this might happen. Takato made me promise not to cry when he left and not to cry if something happened to him.

I broke my promise to him the day he fell in battle, I don't think I stopped crying for a good 3 months afterwards. I have tried to pull myself together; I really never thought it would be this hard. Especially coming home, I was supposed to be coming home with Takato.

Well I suppose my love life was never going to so simple, actually I never thought my life would be so simple. But I have finished the job I was sent to do in Grass country and now I'm looking forward going back to Konaho and seeing my friends...'

I closed the diary and decided to carry on walking as the longer I sit I am getting no closer to Konaho by tomorrow. I walked until around 10pm on the evening and I could see I was getting closer to Konaho. But I decided to camp out for the night and get back early tomorrow, at least I won't be so tired then.

I awoke at around 5am the next morning and it was still dark. I looked in my back pack to find I had had ran out of food apart from a cereal bar.

"Oh bloody great" I shouted. I opened that and ate it watching the lights in distant of Konaho. By 6am I was packed up and began walking, which ended up as me running as fast as possible to get Konaho and get some food.

I found myself running even faster when I saw the gates of Konaho approaching; I could see the familiar Hokage Mountain in front bearing down over the Village.

I reached the red and green gates, I slowed down to take in what I had missed for 4 years and finally I felt at home again. I stopped at the gates to take in the sight of the village's people getting on with every day life and more children running around than before I left.

"I must have missed a baby boom" I laughed to myself.

"SAKURA" a loud voice not too far in the distance was calling my name, I knew in an instance that it could be. I saw him running towards me with 3 others in tow.

"Naruto" I said as he came bounding towards like a lost puppy and he gave a rather tight hug, I thought I was going to suffocate.

"Wow Sakura you've changed, did you just get back now? What do you want to do? We all have so much to tell you" Naruto shouted without taking a breath.

I laughed as I noticed Hinata, Shikamaru and Temari walking towards me. What I didn't notice on first glance was the baby in Shikamaru's arms.

"S-sakura, we are all so glad you are home" Hinata stuttered smiling.

"I am so glad to be home as well" I said hugging Hinata, I looked around to notice Temari and Shikamaru "Temari, Shikamaru so glad to see you and who's this" I said looking down to the bundle in Shikamaru arms.

"This is Asuka" Temari replied glowing at he daughter

"She is lovely; I missed a bit whilst I was away then?" I laughed.

"How about we get something to eat and we will tell you everything" Shikamaru replied.

"That sounds great, I'm so hungry, but I can't stay too long I have to speak with Tsuande" I said looking at my 4 friends, I was glad to be home.

March 27th (6.12pm)

I was sitting in my apartment, after unpacking and being very thankful to be home. I decided to write down today's events as I have been waiting for today for 3 years.

'Right well it has been a day I won't forget. I feel in the past 5 hours after speaking with Naruto, Hinata, Temari and Shikamaru I feel I have taken in more information than I had to for my Jounin exam.

I have been given a bit more information than I think I needed on who is dating whom in the Village. With surprisingly only myself and Rock Lee not dating someone from one of the village's previous teams. (I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about this information) Anyway, the run down is Neji is dating Tenten (soon to be married) Ino dated Kiba for a while, until she met someone else, Now Kiba is dating Ayame Shiomi (The daughter of an ANBU member according to Naruto) Chouji was now engaged to Nanami Fujimaki (The daughter of Eiya Fujimaki, an owner of a noodle restaurant in Konaho) Shino had been dating someone from Sand country but they didn't know who and Rock Lee were currently single. With Shikamaru and Temari married last year with their new born daughter, Asuka. But what I was most pleased to hear about was that Naruto and Hinata are engaged. All I can say on the Naruto and Hinata subject is, finally.

Naruto, Hinata and Ino have kindly arranged for all of us to met for my 22nd birthday tomorrow, which I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone again over one or two drinks (maybe 10 drinks we will see) I am not sure who has been invited just yet, so at least I get a surprise.

Then to top of my day of an overload of information I went to see Tsuande and gave her details over my mission in Grass Country. This only took about 30 minutes for me to explain everything, and another 1 and half with Tsuande asking me questions about Takato and then another 30 minutes with Tsunade giving me updates on what had been happening in Konaho. Then to top off the past few hours she gave me an off duty for my shifts working in the hospital.

All though I would have rather spent 2 and a half hours doing something else, I enjoyed seeing Tsunade again, until she mentioned the name I had not heard in 4 years and was quite happy about it...Hatake Kakashi.

It had taken me a good few years to try and forget about his name and after 4 years of hard work in the matter of 2 seconds he was back in my thoughts...stupid bloody man. But, I can thankfully say after a stupid mistake with him 2 weeks before I left for Grass Country I moved on, slowly. But I am sure I am not drinking so much after that night ever again. Clearly myself and too much drink does not work.

Thankfully, Kakashi was on a mission and would not be returning for at least another week; at least I can have a peaceful first week back in Konaho and enjoy my birthday. That's one good thing.'

I closed the dairy and in hopes of not thinking about Kakashi for my first evening back, I was going to have a relaxing bath and read my new book and then sleep.

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