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Chapter 8

A tiny little seed beats

We reached the Hokage tower and got a few stares from those coming and going throughout the building. Kakashi decided to wait downstairs as he spotted Genma.

I made my way up to Tsunade's office when I was walking down the corridor I spotted Shizune, who had already seen me coming.

"Sakura, your meeting isn't until tomorrow with Tsunade" Shizune asked looking slightly confused.

"I know Shizune, I wanted to speak with Tsunade-Sama today if she was free at all" I asked.

"She has a break from meetings right now, let me speak with her and see what she says" Shizune said smiling. "May I ask why you need to speak with Tsunade-Sama? She may want to know the reasons why as she is busy" Shizune quizzed me.

"It's private Shizune, I just wish to discuss it with her" I said softly, trying not to give anything away.

Shizune nodded and made her way through the double doors of the Hokage's office.

About 3-4 minutes later Shizune came back out.

"You may go in Sakura" Shizune softly said opening the door open for me and to my annoyance she followed me in.

Tsunade I noticed was as normal sitting behind her desk with a large amount of paper work in front of her, but thankfully for Kakashi's good, I didn't smell a strong smell of sake in the room, which I only hope meant that she hadn't had a drink yet today.

She looked up and noticed I had stood further away from her desk.

"Sakura, come closer and sit" Tsunade said "So what brings you here on your day off Sakura? I am not giving you another two to three year mission in Grass, I need you here" she trailed off.

"No Tsunade I don't want another mission to Grass" I began "I...erm..." I stuttered looking at Shizune, feeling uncomfortable talking about it in front of others.

"Spit it out child. I haven't got all day Sakura" Tsunade shouted.

"Just come out with it, the longer you think the more she's going to get angry...DO IT" My inner self raged at me.

"Erm Tsunade-Sama I erm..." I paused and just hoped for the best as soon as the words left my mouth. "I think I'm pregnant" I said softly looking directly at the Hokage, hoping to judge her reaction.

As soon as I said pregnant, her face looked rather...smug, SMUG that's not the look I thought would be written across her face.

"I guessed as much Sakura as soon as you walked through the door, you hormones are all over the place" Tsunade said smiling

"She's smiling...I think now is our chance to run...just goooooooooooo"I began to scream at myself.

"Sakura, by what I can see and sense yes you are pregnant. I will however take you down to the clinic. I will give you a scan and we can determine how many weeks you are" she said with her hand on top of the desk, still smiling.

"Some thing's not right, she still smiling, It's unnerving me now. This isn't Tsunade" I began telling myself until Tsunade cut me off from own thoughts.

"Sakura" Tsunade said sternly. "I am disappointed in you. You know what the bloody hell contraception is, so why may I ask did you not consider to use it?" she asked.

I looked down and could feel already feel my face began to shine a nice crimson colour as normal.

"Right okay if you wont answer that, then will you please answer me this?" she said constantly looking at me, never taking her eyes away from the direction I was sitting.

"Are you in a relationship with the father?" she asked continuing to stare.

"Damn it, I knew she was going to start asking about Kakashi! DAMN IT" I screamed in my head again!

"Yes Tsunade-Sama we are together" I said softly, now looking at the ground.

"Right then, does the father know?" Tsunade said leaning further across her table than before.

"Yes Tsunade-Sama, I told him today when I suspected I was" I finished.

"And I would hope the father has not run off and is man enough to take on the responsibility of a child?" She asked.

"No Tsunade-Sama, he had not ran off and yes I do believe he is ready for the responsibility" I quietly said continuing to look down and not wanting to meet Tsunade's brown eyes.

"Are you ready for the responsibility Sakura?" Tsunade asked again.

I was not expecting this question, I expected her to go on about the father until she got it out of me who it was.

"I believe so Tsunade-Sama. I understand it's going to be difficult, but I have got myself into this, I intend to see it through Tsunade-Sama even if it means sacrificing other things in my life" I finished.

"Was this child planned Sakura? I don't think it was but I have to ask" Tsunade said, her face now looking a lot more straight and no smiles in sight.

"No Tsunade-Sama, it wasn't" I finished, kind of feeling ashamed of myself, and Shizune staring at me wasn't really making me feel better.

"So will you and Kakashi be buying a new house or just living at your apartment Sakura?" Tsunade asked.

"We will..." I stopped realising what she has just said. I sat there confused.

"OMG does every one know about us? Is there much point hiding when everyone seems to bloody know already!!!!!" I shouted to myself.

"I am not blind Sakura and neither are few of my ANBU. I have seen you and Kakashi around Konoha, yes you might not be holding hands or kissing in public. But I can see the way you have been looking at each other. As I said I am not blind." she smiled to herself. "My ANBU happened to be on there way back from a mission late on the night and happened to have spotted you and Mr. Hatake in a part of the clearing in the forest." she finished smiling.

I sat there with my mouth wide open, if a fly had been in the room it would have caught it no problem.

"Now I will ask you again Sakura, will you and Kakashi be buying a new house or will you continue to live at your apartment"

I was a bit confused why Tsunade was interested in our living arrangements.

"We haven't fully discussed it Tsunade. I only told him this morning, and I wanted to come straight here to make sure" I said quietly.

"Right well" Tsunade banged her fist against the table, I jumped and Shizune softly squealed next to the Hokage. "Mr. Hatake, will you care to come in as I am sure your ear is aching from trying to listen through the door" she laughed.

"Damn it, he couldn't have waited where I told him too, stupid idiot."

Kakashi walked in, his right arm behind his head. I could see his nervous laugh a mile away!

"Tsunade-Sama, Shizune" Kakashi said bowing.

"Hatake" Tsunade's voice was getting more raised the longer we staying in the room it seemed.

"I want to hear what you have to say about becoming a father?"

Kakashi looked shocked, I think he was confused at the question, but proceeded to answer it.

"Tsunade-Sama, I am very pleased about becoming a father. In all honesty, I am nervous as well."

"Why would you be nervous Kakashi? The fact that you have got your ex younger student pregnant? Or maybe the fact that you have been hiding your relationship for what 4 and half years now? Or maybe the fact that Kakashi, you really aren't ready for child?" Tsunade spat out.

"I was going to say I was nervous as I haven't been around babies before Tsunade-Sama" Kakashi gulped as he finished his sentence.

"Right well that's a good answer Hatake, but this still does not change the fact that you are 14 years older than Sakura and the fact that she was your student Hatake." Tsunade said staring completely at Kakashi. "I can only encourage shinobi's to have families and actually have relationships, we aren't here long, and you both know that" Tsunade said now looking back and forth from Kakashi and myself. "Kakashi, I am worried" she said now getting up and sitting on the end of her desk. "I'm worried for Sakura Kakashi, I don't want you running off when your child is born. I don't want to hear any bull shit about your father and loosing people you love." She said softly, looking at Kakashi. "I understand you have lost people you love Kakashi, we all have." Tsunade paused looking sad at her own comment. "But I can not have you leave Sakura. You have a chance to have a family Kakashi, and I will personally kill you myself Hatake if I ever hear you say you can't do it, you're not ready, you're only going to hurt Sakura.." Tsunade looked at me briefly and smiled. "Kakashi, if you're not ready for this that being a baby or even committing to Sakura. I want to hear it now, before this goes any further. I can not risk the safety of the village just because you two aren't really sure about your own lives. " Tsunade finished.

"Tsunade-Sama, I was not ready for this 4 years ago, me and Sakura were together 4 years ago, which you already seemed to know this, as everyone seems to know" He whispered the last part of the sentence. " I couldn't give Sakura everything she needed 4 years ago and that is why I left. I was an idiot Tsunade-Sama. I have learned from that mistake and only realised more over the years Sakura was away, that I don't want to be with anyone else, It would seem like the worst form of torture now if I wasn't with Sakura" Kakashi finished, I could see that just below his one visible eye that the top of his cheeks that Kakashi was blushing.

Tsunade was smiling as she sat on her desk. "I am pleased to hear this Hatake, and yes I did know you were together 4 years ago and was more than disappointed when I seen you both mopping around the village." Tsunade smiled as she looked deep in thought.

"I only ask one thing from you both, and I will accept your relationship, even though I don't really want to." Tsunade laughed. "I ask that you both be open, honest and appreciate each other. As I said earlier, we aren't here long, so make the most of who you have in your life, understood?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes Tsunade-Sama" Kakashi and I said in unison.

"Right, well I guess you want to see your baby then" Tsunade said smiling. "Kakashi, Shizune will take you down to the waiting room. I need to speak to Sakura for a second about what we are going to do about work and I need her drink as much water as possible and I don't want you making her laugh that she ends up going to the toilet" Tsunade laughed as I blushed.

"Okay, Ill see you in a second" Kakashi said looking at me. He closed the door behind him and left me and Tsunade in the room on our own.

Before I knew it the large breasted women had thrown herself on me and was forcing me into a death deifying hug.

I did actually think my eyes were going to pop out of there sockets. And I think after a few seconds Tsunade realised this.

"Oh sorry Sakura, I'm squashing you there a bit" she pulled away and brushed the front of her clothes down.

I smiled at Tsunade and she smiled back at me.

"I am so thankful you two have decided to get back together Sakura, I really can't tell you how happy I am for you both." She put her arm around my shoulder and continued,"Sakura, one thing I'll tell you about Hatake men, be truthful with them and they will never lie to you, apart from Kakashi lying about why he's late all the time" she laughed. "He is very much like his father Sakura, he's quiet and shy like Sakumo in public, in private they open up to you in time, but he's a good man. And like Sakumo, now he's opening up I think I can quite happily say that you will have changed the Hatake Kakashi we all know. As well as the fact that every women in Konoha will be jealous of you" Tsunade laughed.

"Thank you Tsunade-Sama, I really appreciate this." I said smiling.

"No need to thank me Sakura, I am just happy that you both of you have come to your senses." she laughed moving towards the door. "Shall we go and get this scan done then?" She asked.

"Yes of course, Erm Tsunade-Sama you mention about discussing work?" I asked.

"We will talk about it on the way and we need to get a good litre of water in you first, so we have time to discuss it" Tsunade laughed closing the door behind her as we made our way towards the maternity clinic Tsunade told me that I would start work next week in the Maternity clinic and I will be running my own Anti Natal Classes on an afternoon. I think I am getting more than I bargained for when it comes to babies. I suppose at least I wont have to attend my own anti natal classes.

I drank what seemed like twenty buckets of water and Kakashi had come through to one of the check up rooms.

I hoped upon to the bed and felt like I wanted to wet myself, it was horrid.

"Sakura, lift your top up for me then" Tsunade said turning on the scanner and getting the gel ready in her hands.

I pulled up my top to expose my stomach, Kakashi held my hand. I looked up at him and his eyes were glued to the scanner.

"Kakashi, you do know its not going to look at you and it's not going to wave at you, you know" I laughed. He looked at me and he looked a bit disappointed at my statement. And then began to laugh, and then I carried on laughing.

We both soon stopped laughing when we heard a very faint but visible "Bur dum Bur dum" noise over and over again. Kakashi looked in shock and was squinting his eyes at the machine.

"Well congratulations you are defiantly pregnant..."Tsunade stopped half way through and looked at the monitor very closely.

"Tsunade-Sama what's wrong?" I asked getting very worried.

She didn't answer me and instead turned the volume up on the scanner so the baby's heart beat could be heard a lot more clearly.

I sat listening and then it hit me. "Oh my god, can you hear that?" I said directing my statement more at Tsunade.

"What?" Kakashi said looking extremely confused. "What's going on?" I held his hand tighter and smiled at him.

"I think, now don't hold on me this until I've done some blood tests and another scan in around a month" Tsunade said still staring at the monitor and moving probe more to my lower abdomen. Tsunade continued "I think you're going to be the proud parents of twins."

Kakashi stood there looking at the monitor and I waited for him to say something.

"Twins?" He asked in shock. "As in two babies at once" He carried on.

I had to laugh I didn't know if he was now going to run away or if he was that excited he didn't know what to do with himself.

"Kakashi, yes twins. Two babies in the same pregnancy, which means two cots and we need a bigger house" I laughed.

I think he ignored me as he carried on looking at the screen. Tsunade decided to point out the little blob on the screen was one of our babies and if she moved the probe a little, you could kind of see another tiny blob to the side, but I couldn't say I was definitely having twins as it was so hard to tell.

Tsunade done my blood tests and Kakashi still continued to stare at the screen where Tsunade had left the picture of our baby or babies up.

"Erm Kakashi, would you like me to print a picture off for you to take home?" Tsunade asked looking at me and smiling.

"Erm, please" was all that came out of Kakashi's mouth.

It had to be the most adorable sight I had ever seen in my entire life, him just standing there transfixed on the image of our child.

I finally got Kakashi to follow me home and actually managed to get him to hold my hand, but he was still in some form of a daze. We got half way back to my apartment and he still had the picture Tsunade gave him in his hand and was transfixed by it. I actually began to worry as Kakashi made no sign of talking or actually doing anything.

He didn't even notice the gasps from people walking through the town seeing us together holding hands.

I'd had enough when were about 10 minutes walk from my apartment. I stopped walking and it took Kakashi a few seconds to process that his hand was still holding mine and I had stopped.

He turned back and walked the few steps to be back by my side.

"Kakashi, what's going on? You haven't said anything and your walking around like a two year old clinging on to his favourite teddy bear" I said gesturing towards the picture he was holding.

He looked at me and I could tell he was smiling underneath his mask.

"I'm sorry" He said softly still clutching the photo. "I just can't seem to process that this teeny tiny little thing is ours" he said smiling. "Well teeny tiny little things" putting more emphasis on the S. "It's such a strange feeling that this tiny thing is a part of both of us, it's so strange"

I looked at him in shock to be honest, this was definitely a changed man. He wasn't the arse hole I knew 4 years ago.

I walked towards him and gave him a hug, he put his arm around me and it was like time stood still. Everything seemed so perfect, I hate that word perfect because things are never always perfect in my life, but he was, everything tiny little detail about Kakashi from his looks to his new found emotion was just perfection.

Everyone walking past was staring at us and we could faintly hear some people saying things, but for the first time in my life, I didn't care what people thought. I was happy and that was all I needed.

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