Title: Learning about Crystal Malfoy

Author: enchanted nightingale

Timeline: Sixth year of Hogwarts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer end of season two

Summary: "Family stays together, you taught me this much. I will not forsake my blood," Draco declared with passion. "I will find my sister and we'll be a family again."

Pairs: Lucius/Narcissa, Draco/Harry(but not until much later), Ron/Hermione, Willow/Oz(just mentioning the pair in chapter two, don't know for later), as for Buffy, I'm not sure just yet.

Disclaimer: The characters from Harry Potter books and Buffy the Vampire Slayer do not belong to me. I merely use them in my plot for fun.



1. Sirius is alive

2. Lucius did not go to jail.

3. It will be slash eventually between Draco and Harry, so don't read if you don't like the pair.


BETA: light-hearted69


At the summer following his fourth year, Draco was spending it in his family home, Malfoy Manor, staring out of the window. He was feeling rather bored as most of his friends were on holiday, even out of the country, visiting the foreign wizarding communities. He cursed at his bad luck. It was nearing the end of July and his parents were adamant about leaving the house. It was like an anniversary of some short, every year at the dawn of the twenty fifth of July they would lock themselves for an hour or so in the family mausoleum that was under the manor. He remembered this since he was little. He also knew that they weren't mourning. None of their family had died. Also, after that his mother was rather happier than before. He had asked, but the question was never answered.

So now he was loitering around the 'Lineage Room' where the family tree was painted on a rather tall wall. The names of the Malfoy lineage, generations of wizards and witches, charmed to show the names every century or so. Their line had diminished; he was the only youth left. The rest were over forty, most childless. A number was lost during Voldemort's first reign of power. The rest were unable to reproduce as they were barren.

'I guess incest would do that eventually,' Draco thought wryly.

It was one of Draco's hobbies, learning about his family history and now the only one that alleviated his boredom for at least half an hour. To his disappointment he had reached the end of the modern line where Lucius Dracien Abraxas Malfoy and Narcissa Wilhelmina Black were joined. For years the spot under them was ignored as Draco knew he was the only heir. So he was understandably shocked when before his name, written delicate characters, there was another one.

The words Crystal Drusilla Iren Malfoy was written in thin silver, the female only fifteen months older than him.


Lucius sat in the patio with his wife, each involved with the leather bound tome they held. Neither Malfoy was expecting their son to enter at this time of the day and certainly not have him making so much commotion. But he did. He burst through the twin French doors, his magic pulsing around him, indicating the disorder his emotions were in.

"Who the hell is Crystal Malfoy?"

Narcissa Black, turned Malfoy by marriage, prided for her composure and even frosty appearance but the moment she heard the question, she fainted.


It was much later, after Narcissa had regained her senses and the two parents had overcome their shock, they told Draco the entire story.

It turned out that Crystal Drusilla Iren Malfoy was his sister. She was eleven months an two weeks older than him.

"She was a cute little baby, tiny and delicate, with pale skin and hair and a pair of the most wondrous emerald eyes I had ever seen," Narcissa whispered.

She had been early and thus had to stay at Saint Mungo's for a while, Narcissa as well. It was during their stay there, and the time Lord Voldemort was at his peak, that the Death Eaters attacked. The whole ward caught fire and the Healers barely got the mothers and half the babies out. Crystal was one of the less fortunate and was trapped.

At that moment in a desperate attempt of one of the Healers, Lilly Potter, the red haired witch cast a spell that would transport the babies to safety. Most of the infants were found during the following two years, but Crystal was never among them. She was not dead either, the family tree was testament enough, and that was the only thing that consoled Narcissa through the years. They had tried to find her numerous times but for some reason they never could. So they stopped when Draco turned thirteen and decided to focus more on the blond boy, hoping that their daughter was well and happy.

"I want to start searching for her again," Draco announced to his parents.

The adults shared a tired look.

"Draco, we tried," Lucius explained yet again. "We tried blood magic, family magic, locator spells. Nothing worked."

The teen started feeling angry, both at his parents for giving up and at the Dark Lord for taking his sister away from him. He also made a mental note to be nicer to Potter since his late mother had done something to save his only sister.

"Family stays together, you taught me this much. I will not forsake my blood," Draco declared with passion. "I will find my sister and we'll be a family again, despite all your doubts and denials. You'll see. I'll make it."

"I honestly wish you all the luck in the world son," Lucius told him. "Anything you want for help, just ask."

Draco nodded.


Exactly two years later as the sixth year was about to start, Draco burst in his father's study he ignored the fact that the man had warned him he did not like to be disturbed. He never paid attention to his godfather, Severus Snape, who was also in the room. He did not even care that the two men wore Death Eater robes. He only cared for shouting the news he carried.

"I found her!"

"Draco son, I told you not to come in," Lucius scolded.

"Father!" Draco yelled as he jumped to hug the man. "I found Crystal."

Lucius collapsed on the chair behind him.

"She is on a different continent and alive. She was adopted immediately from London and carried to the States," the ten plowed on.

"Where?" Lucius got out.

"Sunnydale, California," Draco said with a grin. "She now goes by Buffy Summers."


End of chapter one