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A/N- Okay... This is really (Really) short, but hopefully it will make you smile. I'm not all that happy with it in some parts, I don't think I stayed true to Mary's character and I wish this could be longer but I kind of ran out of steam. Also, I've made it so that Mary and John knew that Dean would be a boy. I don't know if it was possible to tell the gender of a baby in the late 70's, so forgive me if I'm a bit ahead of the time. Anyway, please tell me what you think.

Thoughts of a Mother To-Be

It was 2:11am. She should really be sleeping next to her husband, but instead she was hovering in the doorway of the recently decorated nursery, her hands resting on her belly. Worries were circling around her head, like birds of prey waiting to swoop down and attack the moment she let her guard down. Mary Winchester wasn't normally one to worry. She believed that everything happens for a reason and that angels were watching over you. Being just over eight months pregnant had started her thinking, made her feel apprehensive about the future. Would she be a good mother? Would her first-born be happy and safe?

Mary had all kinds of hopes and dreams for her baby. She had already chosen the name, as the baby was a boy, now all she had to do was convince John, which was proving to be a mammoth task but slowly she was pulling him around to the name she was so set upon- Dean.

Not for the first time, Mary wished hard that her baby would have a happy childhood, that he'd have all the opportunities she never did. More than that, she wished for him to be safe. On the very first day she found out she was pregnant, the twenty five year old swore she would die for her child if she had to. Mary knew that John felt the same, maybe even more so.

As she looked around the pale blue nursery, Mary felt a rush of love for her little baby. Soon, he would be lying in that gorgeous cot, legs kicking, and gurgling with glee up at the mobile John had rigged up. The thought brought a smile to her face as she softly closed the door, taking a moment to whisper a small prayer.

"Watch over him. Protect him for me if I can't." With those words, Mary went back to bed, John stirring as she lay back down.

"Mary, are you ok?" John's voice was gruff with sleep, and Mary smiled tenderly.

"Yeah honey. Go back to sleep." She kissed her husband's shoulder, feeling suddenly peaceful.