How well do you REALLY know Edward Cullen?

Answers at bottom of page. No cheating, check when youve answered all the questions

How old is Edward?(how old does he look) (you cannot call yourself a fan if you get this wrong)

Which did Edward like best : fifties music, sixties, or seventies music?

What color were Edwards eyes BEFORE he was a vampire?

What color are Edwards eyes now? (Black does not count)

What special power does Edward have now? (again, if you don't know this one…..)

What is Edwards favorite thing to hunt?

Who did Carlisle originally want Edward to be with?

What kind of car does Edward drive? (really….)

What year was Edward born?

What year was Edward turned into a vampire?

What was he dying of in that year?

What is Edwards REAL last name (when he was human)

What was Edwards moms name?

In Twilight when he and Bella were in the meadow, Edward said Bella was his brand of…..?

Who was Edward jealous of in Twilight?

In New Moon, where did Edward hide Bellas birthday presents when he left?

What is Edward compared to in Twilight based on how he hunts? (Emmet is a bear….)

Can Edward eat food?

How did Edward make it through Biology class on Bellas first day?

What was Edwards dads name?

Okay….Here are your answers. You can find all the answers somewhere in the books)

1.seventeen2.fifties 3.green4.ocher, butterscotch, topaz….etc.

5.He can read minds (except Bellas)6. Mountain Lions7.Rosalie8.A silver Volvo

9. 190110. 191811.Spanish influenza12. Masen13. Elizabeth

14. heroin15. Mike Newton16. Under her floorboards17.a lion

18. yes (he ate a bite of pizza in Twilight)19. He thought of a hundred ways to kill her


Here Is your KEY

1-6 correct: Whos Edward?

7-13 correct: You know Edward like a best friend

14-19 correct: Wow, obsessive much?

20 or more: …I think youve read the book a little too many times…..especially if you got MORE than 20….