How well do you know...

Jacob Black

1. What are Jacobs sisters names?

2.What color is Jacob as a wolf?

3.What color is Jacobs hair? (human)

4.What color is Jacobs motorcycle?

5.Who is Jacobs great-grandfather?

6.How tall is Jacob?

7.What color are Jacobs eyes?

8.What year was Jacob born?

9. How old is Jacob (physically)

10.What color is Jacobs car?

11.What was Jaocbs mothers name?

12.What did Jacob call Bella when she came to confront him of "killing people"
13.What are the werewolves called?

14.What did Jacob call the clutch on the motorcycle?

15. How did Jacob get Bella grounded?

16.What was Jacob thinking about at Forks high school, when Edward looked like he was in pain?

17. What is Bellas term for Jacobs position as a werewolf?

18.Who is Jacob talking to in the Eclipse epilogue?

19.Who are Jacobs "wingmen"?

20. Will Jacob turn into a werewolf on a full moon?


1.Rachel and Rebecca

2.a rusty brown color

5.Ephraim Black






12.a hypocrite


14.a grenade showing Charlie Bellas motorcycle Bella looked after Edward left her


18.Leah Clearwater

19.Embry Call and Quil Ateara

Heres your key :)

1-9 I payed attention

10-16 I have read this book a little too much...

17-19 I am like a stalker!

20 or more JACOB OMG! Or you need some mental help for your stalkerish obsessive wasy 0o (more is not possible (but I bet Edward could get more :D ) so if you can get

more, then you deserve an award, or a very big needle)