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Pairing: future Light/L

Setting: After Light dies, then sometime during the time when L and Light get handcuffed together

Summary: This was not Heaven, nor was it Hell, but it was not the Void either. It was…

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Part One- Redeemer


He awoke to death. It didn't look as bad as he thought. In fact it looked like…He sits up with a gasp, looking around and clutching his chest, his shirt crumpled up from where he had been clutching it so tightly.

The last thing he remembered was the light fading from his eyes as he slipped into the nothingness. This was not Heaven, nor was it Hell, but it was not the Void either. It was…

L's hotel room.

He felt more than confused, not just at what his eyes were telling him he was seeing, but also the fact that his heart was still beating, or had started beating again and somehow, someway he was here and…and…He just wasn't sure.

He rubs his hands over his face and tries to adjust his mind to this new situation which was threatening to shut down his psyche completely. The place was eerily quiet as he starts to stand shakily on his feet. He was in the living room and it was utterly deserted.

Well, of course it was; L was dead...Something strange catches in his throat and he shakes his head at the added feeling on top of his confusion. Yes, L was dead. Five strangely empty years had passed, though his mind never let him onto this fact until he was dying and the light faded away.

So what was happening now? Was this some sort of post-death torment until he reached the Void? Or maybe this was the Void and all he would ever be in, and have, was the emptiness of Eru Lawliet's hotel room.

Even his clothes were the same kind as he would wear five years ago, his hair just starting to grow shaggy, when he had been around L, determined to prove his innocence to the man when all along he was Kira and had been setting a path of righteous justice onto those who deserved to die, no longer able to be redeemed.

A sudden squeak of a door opening causes him to whip his head around so fast that it could have seriously hurt, but his attention had been taken so utterly that he could have been bleeding and he would not have noticed.





The five year dead detective stood in the doorway, slouched as he always was, hands curled at his sides. From one hand held a familiar handcuff that was over six feet long and was shackled to the man's right wrist, with the end of it dangling on the ground next to him.

Light could feel his eyes widen in his head, his heartbeat start to accelerate and his breath catches in his throat, a breath he shouldn't even be able to be having in this moment.

L looks at him with his usual face of wide eyes and unreadable expression. He puts his hand up to his mouth, biting on his thumb.

"Perhaps Light-kun would like to explain how I woke up to find him out of bed and out of the handcuff?"

Light was unable to respond; he falls to his knees, his eyes staring unseeing at the carpeted floor, hearing but not hearing L's padded footsteps, his bare feet the first thing that Light saw. He manages to pull his head up, a strangled sound coming out of his throat.

He vaguely wondered what his expression looked like, for L to be looking at him that way, a unusual amount of feeling into his eyes, what looked to be…concern? If this was some kind of final joke after death before he had to face the overwhelming Void, being nothingness…then he would find a way to make it end, even from the grave.

"Light-kun?" L kneels down in his usual position; looking at Light with such an obvious look of concern in his eyes that it actually helps to bring Light out of the stupor he was in. "You don't look well."

Light shakes his head wordlessly. Trying to find what he wanted to say. What could he say? "I…"

L raises his shackled hand to touch Light's forehead, the man's hand surprisingly warm against his skin, which felt ice cold, causing Light to gasp softly.

"Perhaps Light-kun is getting sick?" murmured L, his gaze cast downward, looking thoughtful now. "You need to get up; there is a sixty-seven percent chance of you catching a cold on the floor if your immune system has weakened. Here—" He stands up and with a surprising amount of strength for his thin body, pulls Light to his feet and looks at him, his brows furrowed in concern at Light's continued silence, seemingly more bothered by that fact, than the possibility that it might be a Kira related thing (which it wasn't).


"Are you my redeemer?" blurted out Light.


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