By: PhoenixJustice

Disclaimer: Death Note is owned by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata; I only own this story and make no profit from this other than my L/Light loving pleasure.

Warning: M for sexual content, language, violence, slash, etc

Pairing: L/Light

Setting: After the end of the anime/manga, then after they were handcuffed together, sometime during the Yotsuba arc (AFTER the arc now as all the members are all dead and all)

Summary: Light has been given a second chance at life again, even if only accidentally. L, meanwhile, has discovered his love for the former Kira and is now determined to make Light see redemption; he will be his redeemer.

A/N: The title of this chapter comes from J.R.R Tolkien's book The Children of Hurin.


Part Fifteen-

Auta I lome, Aure entuluva (The Night is passing, day shall come again)


"A darkness lies behind us; and we have turned our backs on it, and we do not desire to return thither even in thought. Westwards out hearts have been turned, and we believe that there we shall find Light."--Beor the Old, The Children of Turin by J.R.R Tolkien

It was silent; stillness overtook the floor, the room they sat in and a foreboding feeling passed over the detective once more. There was silence from the other end as well, from the other detectives; the ones that still lived that was. And the young man beside him, the young man who he had come to realize that he loved and cared for, the young man who was Kira no longer, was also deathly silent. But then again Light had just lost his father and there was also the death of Ide who was a loyal and good man filled with a sense of justice that had been extinguished.

He rubs his arms, feeling cold; it seemed to show up so suddenly and it wasn't like him to get cold so easily. It felt like a bad omen, or of something to come which could become grim indeed. He wasn't one to dwell in morbid feelings as much as he was, but he couldn't shake the bad feeling that gripped him before he heard of Yagami-san and Ide-san's deaths and which had only become stronger.

Outside of the building, dark clouds gathered and rain fell down suddenly from the sky, with lightning illuminating the bleak sky, as if the sky itself was pouring down the bad tidings to come.

He had the feeling that much more had happened that he was unaware of, and that hurt almost as much as the deaths of those who he had come to think of comrades; he hated to be so unaware. He liked to see and do things with his own hand, but that wasn't to say that he didn't believe in the possibilities that some scoffed at, but he would rather have it right in front of him so he could figure out just how it worked (one of the reasons why he disliked Kira so much, because he could not figure out Kira's methods and that irked him something terrible.)

He turns to look at Light and opens his mouth to say something, though he was unsure just what he would say when in a split second, all the lights go out and the lightning flashes brightly outside. In the next instant, the lights kick back on and Light was now looking at him; they both stand quickly, looking at each other.


"You feel it too, Light-kun?"

Light nods and L felt worse off than better that Light felt it too; something was happening and he could not see where it was coming from. He and Light both jump slightly when his computer screen suddenly beeps; someone was contacting them. He pushes a button and Aizawa's voice comes across clearly, though the man sounded a bit strained.

"The ambulance and--and coroner are here; we're all about to go so they can take...Yagami-san and Ide away, I'm just waiting for Matsuda and Mogi, they're supposed to be here soo--here they are now. "

It was silent for a moment, then another beeping alerts Lawliet and Light to Mogi and Matsuda as well and Matsuda comes on the line.

"We just got here with Aizawa; we just left Misa-Misa at the K Hotel a couple of blocks down and we made sure everything was secu--"

He gets interupted by Aizawa.

"Come on," they heard Aizawa bark shortly. "We've got to go. We'll be back as soon as...everything's straightened out Ryuuzaki."

"That's fine," murmured L, a finger at his mouth. "Try and be careful; Kira may still be close to all of you or could come back."

There were a few murmurs of assent and L was about to turn off the feed when a sudden loud scream from the detectives end made him pause in mid-motion. It was loud and sounded feminine and was getting louder.

"What is it!?" Roared Aizawa.

"Ma'am you're pale, maybe you should sit down--" started Matsuda.

"I just saw her! She's dead! I saw her collapse and my--my boyfriend's a doctor...he checked her pulse! She's dead! Misa-Misa's dead!" Sobs sounded now and the feed was cut off.

"Misa's--?" Light sounded stunned. "But they just left, how could she be dead?"

"It must be--"

The lights go off again, but this time they don't come back on. The emergency lights come on, illuminating the room only slightly, leaving many shadows in their place.


She looks at Aiber, frowning slightly, wondering if and when L would contact them again. He had sent them off quietly awhile back with no real word of what they needed to do or when to come back, but both were wary of leaving before getting an official word from the world's greatest detective.

The sky outside of their shared hotel room was bleak and it's sudden appearance with rain and lightning didn't forecast anything good, for there had been no word that a storm had been coming; not one single word on any newscast.

"Aiber, I--"

"You feel it too, Wedy? It feels bad; it feels suffocating and bleak."

She was surprised he felt it in just the way it felt to her, but he was right; it felt like Death was watching over them all; waiting.

"Perhaps we should just go back to L's headquarters ourselves. It's been awhile since L has said anything and something doesn't feel right," said Wedy. "I'd rather be chewed out a little by L then to possibly miss something that doesn't need to happen."

"I agree," said Aiber, but he eyes the guns she picks off the table with distaste. "But I'd rather not use one of those, if it's the same to you. Only if it comes to where I absolutely have to."

She shrugs and loads the guns up, picking up her glasses off the table and puts them on. "I hope it doesn't it come to where you have to either, Aiber."


So now they had one more body to take with them, along with the Chief and Ide. She lay there, still and silent and you could almost believe she was sleeping. She looked even smaller lying there like that then she did normally.

There were times when she had annoyed him, but she had been a good person and she had been nice to him and she didn't deserve a death like this; no one deserved this. Kira was becoming erratic and sloppy now; he just hoped that they could use that and finally take down the bastard.

He would see that Kira got what he deserved, even if he had to kill him with his own bare hands.

For Ukita, for Amane, for Ide, for the Chief and for all those who didn't deserve the deaths that they recieved from a madman.

Once Kira was dead and gone, he would let himself shed the tears that gripped his heart and soul.


The small lights that graced the hallway were like a revelation; lights showing him the path to those who had wronged him. To Kira and L both.

And he knew what they looked like (Rem had described them finally, though he was happy now that she too had died, God of Death or not, for she was on the side of Amane and Kira and he would not have anyone live who had denounced him or anyone who was on the side of the one, Kira, who did) and with the Eyes that Rem had provided him, he could see their names and stop them once and for all.

As he comes closer, he could hear soft murmurs and sees a glimpse of white. L or Kira, either one...

Once Kira's death and L's death were over with, then he could begin his ascent and become the God of the world that was so sorely needed.

Death would lead to the ultimate redemption.


A little girl walks by with her mother, clutching her little umbrella. She didn't like storms; she liked to play in the rain, but thunder was loud and it frightened her like the lightning did.

They pass by a building when she frowns in confusion at the sight in front of her on the sidewalk.

What would a pile of dust and dirt be doing here? It seemed strange.

She twirls her pink umbrella; her mother didn't seem to notice. She was just about to say something when she notices something in the middle of it...two notebooks. Maybe they were thrown out diaries or notebooks she could write in!

She was about to grab at them when the wind suddenly blows and she has to hold tight onto her umbrella. The dust and dirt fly away, seeming to disappear and the notebooks turn to dust and fly away with them. She almost thought she seen a glimpse of something skeleton like and she turns to her mother to show her.

"Mommy, look!"

Her mother turns, frowning as she sees how far her daughter had gotten from her.

"What is it?"

The little girl turns back to the sight and there was nothing there.


They were moving quickly, but he suspected that they would not be quick enough. He had taken the gun from Wedy, like he said he would, but he loathed guns and didn't want to have to use them. He much prefered the sophisticated ways of doing things; guns didn't breed sophistication, it blew them away.

They race down the rainy highway on motorcycles, ones which were highly priced and he imagined that the couple that owned them would be very pissed off once they learned that they were gone.

He wondered, as the lightning flashed suddenly in the sky and the thunder roars, if they were racing towards Death itself.


He stayed back, knowing that Mikami had just entered the building, but he was unable to tell Light and L even if he wanted to; it was forbidden for Shinigami to give out the locations of holders of the Death Note, human ones anyway.

He knew Misa was dead; he had felt it as he sat watching Light and L, wondering if anything else was going to happen; the deaths of Light's father and Ide just seemed to be the tip of the iceberg and he almost writhed in anticipation of what might happen next.

The final confrontation was nearing, moments away and he knew a secret that all of them didn't; one which would tilt the favor in one of the three men's--Light, Mikami and L's--hands.


They come to a sudden halt when they notice the detectives about to head into a waiting ambulance, carrying the bodies of Ide, Chief Yagami and Misa Amane inside! She gets off her motorcycle, with Aiber right behind her doing the same thing.

"What happened?" She cried against the sound of the ever pouring rain.

She had never seen so many people look so bleak before; their expressions made her want to cry.

"Kira happened."


They were there! But he couldn't see their faces yet, the shadows covered them deeply still. If they would just turn around--! But, no...better yet, he would reveal himself and gain their attention. After all, he had a weapon which they did not; the Death Note. And even if they did, he knew that Kira did not possess the Eyes.

"I've been waiting for this moment--"


They both turn around almost simultaniously and there stood the man whom had been causing so many deaths as of late, the man who Kira had publically denounced, the man who had killed Takada, Misa, Ide and Light's father and so many others; Teru Mikami.

He smiled a chilling smile.

"--for the moment when I could show myself to Kira, ready to serve at his side and do what he wanted. But then he denounced me and ruined everything." He looks at L and he could see his name clearly; L Lawliet, such a strange name fitting a strange man who would die soon, soon, but at the right moment only. "You must know that he is Kira, L!"

L's eyes widen and Mikami's smile furthers even more. He turns to look at Kira, his once God and Savior, a mere boy named Light Yagami, the one who had the power to change the world and gives it up for this man, this nothing L Lawliet. Fool of a man named Light Yagami!

"Have you not told your lover how you have killed? For I have heard many tales of your deeds,, I have heard many from Rem. I can see this name rings a bell, I don't know whether or not you would be happy to hear that she is dead, but she is. Fitting how I can even make a God of Death fall at my feet."

"A Shinigami?" Said L, stunned. Light stood immobilized as well and the look that he could not hide from L confirms everything he already knew, but now had confirmation of; Light was Kira.


He focuses his attention on Mikami who held a notebook and pen in his hands.

"You killed Chief Yagami and Ide-san." Stated L, tonelessly.

Mikami grins wider. "Quite. They were trying to capture me, what else would I have done? They stumbled on me as I used my killing tool, one that Light used as well." His expression hardens. "You dared to call me False Kira when I have done things that you have never dreamed!"

"You're crazy," cried Light. "And a monster. Kira never did the atrocious acts you did, never! I should never have picked up the Death Note, but I never killed anyone like you did!" He couldn't take back his words, but that wasn't what was important now.

"I forgot to mention, Qullish Wammy," said Mikami, gleefully. "Lying dead and broken just outside of the building. He was useful in getting me in here and I can thank him for that, and I did...with his death."

L lets out a harsh cry at this and as a flash of lightning flashes past the window, the immobilization that had held L and Light part seems to lift and L runs after Mikami. Mikami runs off the way he came and Light runs after them.

"L! L-kun! Come back!" He couldn't let them get away! Nothing but getting to L before Mikami could harm him crosses his mind and the sounds of stomping feet was the only sound other than their harsh breathing and the sounds of the storm outside.

If anything happened to Lawliet then he would never be able to forgive himself, or live with it.

Lawliet was everything.


L spots Mikami running into one of the spare rooms and hurries on to catch him, ignoring Light's cries, feeling blood pounding in his ears and his body screamed for vengeance.

He reaches the room in time, with Light right behind him, to see Mikami looking down at something in the notebook, a Death Note?, and who looks up at him in triumph, even as L pushes him to the floor and knocks the notebook out of his hands.

"Light Yagami is finished L! I am the true Kira and the False one will die right in front of your eyes! Savour these last few seconds!"

He whips his head around to see Light by him, eyes wide and completely pale.

"He wrote in the Death Note," whispered Light, almost mouthing the words. "I'm going to die."

L's eyes widen and he hurries to grab the Note, the insane laughter of Mikami echoing strangely in his ears. The Note was still open and he could see the name Light Yagami staring down at him; a Notebook of Death? This small little thing could not kill Light!

"I'm going to die," Light repeated. L stares bleakly at the Note while Mikami continues to laugh from his position on the floor, wiping at a trickle of blood at his mouth from where he fell, and Lawliet misses the soft, "Again," that Light whispers.

He found his hands grabbing the page and ripping it out of the Notebook and into little pieces.

"It won't do any good, L!" Exclaimed Mikami, starting to stand up. "He is going to--" He stops and L looks up to see Mikami staring at Light in horror.

"Y-You're supposed to die right now! Now!" Said Mikami, turning pale and staring at Light with wide eyes. "You're dead! Die! Die damn you!"

He lunges at Light who had started to move towards L and L reacts, kicking out at Mikami and Light punches him hard at the same time causing Mikami to fall into a cabinet and fall, with the cabinet falling onto him, locking him into place.

L stands and lets out a harsh breath, looking at Light.

"Are you all right, Light-kun?"

Light lets out a shaky breath. "I--I think so, but...I--I shouldn't be alive, L-kun, he's right; the human whose name is written in this Note shall die." It sounded well memorized.

"What are you?" Gritted out Mikami, struggling against the cabinet ineffectually. "You must not be human! You monster, worse than Shinigami. Why didn't you die?!"

L starts to pick up the Death Note but Light suddenly speaks.

"No, don't."

L turns to look at Light and Light pulls out the Death Note hidden on his person, looking at it. Light stares down at it for a moment before looking at Lawliet, L stares directly at him, his expression unreadable.

"You said you trusted me, Lawliet." said Light softly.

L's eyes widen as Light speaks his true name, one which he had never spoken to him.

"And you said that you loved me. Do you remember what I told you after, Lawliet?" L nods at him, while Mikami looks confused and afraid.

--'I love you too. And I want you to know that I truly mean that wholeheartedly. No matter what you might think otherwise, I've never told anyone I've been with before that I loved them. Not even to get what I wanted; I thought that was much too false and although I could tell them other things to get what I wanted, I could never say that I loved them. But I love you. And I trust you. I won't let the trust you given me go to waste.'--

Light looks at L, removing a pen from his pocket, opening up the Death Note. "And I won't." He looks at Mikami. "Kira is no more. The justice you are doing will not help anything in the end. Killing on a large scale as you have been I had been doing...will not help anybody in the end. The world would be in fear, not happiness. You can't do something like that and not expect consequences. Everyone would start to be afraid, wondering when they would be killed. The Death Note seduces you after you use it. You can use it once or twice and get away without it getting its grip on you, but after warps your true desires, your will, your mind. I...I only wanted to help people; it took my desire to serve Justice and warped it into a desire to have all, to judge all and only save those who I thought fit.But you massacred and you desecrated people..."

His gaze turns down now. "But I gave Kira up once I came back here. I thought I had been given a second chance and nothing bad would happen anymore," He laughs mirthlessly. "But I've done something now and I do want to help people...the right way this time. What I feel is right. were right all along, weren't you, Lawliet? I was Kira, but I've cast that name off of myself. The time of Kira is over Teru Mikami; I've done what I can to redeem myself. The only thing I can think of now is to stop you; Kira will end here."

He moves his hand to start to write, Mikami's eyes widening, but L jumps up. "No, Light-kun!"

He grabs the Death Note and pen that Mikami had dropped in the struggle. "I told you that you could be redeemed, and you can. You have no need to redeem yourself; I am your redeemer." He ignores the faint 'Lawliet' from Light and writes in Mikami's name in the Death Note, ignoring Mikami's sudden scream of horror.

All it takes is a ordinary looking notebook, a pen, and 40 seconds to kill a crazed mass-murderer.


L looks down at the Death Note. "Such a tool, something that should not be in this world. Given by Gods of Death..."He looks up a little startled as Light comes to stand in front of him.

Light grabs onto L and kisses him, the Death Notes and pens fall from both Light and Lawliet's hands. He pulls away, his forehead against L's. "I love you." he whispers. "You were right about me all along, even if I am not that person any can do whatever you want with me now, you know the truth."

L shakes his head. "I am your redeemer and you have been redeemed. What you said before is correct; the time of Kira is over. And..." he smiles a little. "I love you too."


It was only after they moved the cabinet off of the now dead Mikami, with Light gathering the Death Note and pens, and the main lights coming on just as they come back in the building after leaving to retrieve Watari's body and cover his and Mikami's bodies with sheets, that Light notices Ryuk standing in the corner of the workroom.

He was grinning from ear to ear and stared at Light. L was over on the phone, talking to the detectives and then Aiber and Wedy and telling them to come back as soon as they could for it was of the utmost importance.

"Why the long face, Light?" Hyuked Ryuk. L suddenly drops the phone loudly back into place and turns to stare at Light Ryuk? ...Apparently L touched part of the Death Note Light was now technically owner of when he had moved over to him.

"A Shinigami..." L walks over closer. "So they are real."

Ryuk lets out a chuckle. "Nice to see you too, L Lawliet."

Light looks at L whose eyes were wider than usual at that, but who was still standing with a finger at his mouth and staring at Ryuk in facination.

"Shinigami can see people's names and lifespan's over their heads," said Light quietly. L glances at him. "People who gain ownership of a Death Note can as well if they ask for the Eyes, at the price of half of your remaining lifespan; Mikami must have done it and...Misa did before. You were right about her too."

L looks at him thoughtfully for a moment before turning back to Ryuk.

"What do I call you, Shinigami? Why are you here?" Asked L.

"Ryuk. I have to watch over the person who holds my extra Death Note." said Ryuk.

You mean the one that is actually Sidoh's thought Light.

"And why would I want to miss out on all the fun?" He grins.

"Do you know why Light-kun didn't also die when Mikami wrote his name down?"

Light looks at Ryuk; he hadn't thought of that.

Ryuk scratches his ear. "Maybe. Maybe I was going to tell Light something much earlier when a knock interrupted me, who knows?" He stops looking so serious for the brief moment he does and grins again. "I was going to tell you earlier, Light, that you couldn't die from a Death Note anymore because of..." He shrugs.

L looks between the Shinigami and Light interestedly, but Ryuk doesn't elaborate (which surprises the hell out of Light) and Light doesn't either.

"He could have written your name a hundred different times, in whatever he could find, pen, blood, whatever, but it would never have worked." Continued Ryuk. "Which I got to say, I'm actually glad for--you and Lawliet provide me with endless sorts of amusement. The Shinigami Realm is so damned boring--"

Light looks on in surreal amazement when L strikes up a conversation with Ryuk and they talk about the Shinigami realm and which apples tasted better than others.


To say that the detectives and Aiber and Wedy were shocked, was to say the least. Poor Matsuda fainted at the sight of Ryuk who was busy chomping on an apple. Once Matsuda comes to, L turns to them all.

"Yes, this is a Shinigami; his name is Ryuk...he was attached to Mikami for a time." Light tried not to look too surprised at this, Ryuk just looked on amused as always. "He has told me that he has no intension to do any of us any harm and I believe him. As to Teru Mikami...with his death, the Kira case has become closed. In his twisted mindset he suffered from obvious multiple personality syndrome and was a sociopath, he thought of himself as the First Kira and another part of his personality was unaware of this and became the Second Kira. He was...unfortunate enough to have stumbled across Ide-san and Yagami-san, overhearing things which led him to kill them. And he came across Watari which allowed him access into this building. But he did not succeed and the Death Notes that he brought will no longer be used by him or anyone else to kill another human being."

Lawliet was setting everything on Mikami's shoulders; he was making Mikami the one and only Kira who had done all of these things!


He looks at the Shinigami who had once killed him, but who had also felt regret about it and inadvertently brought him back and in doing so, gave him a chance for a life he never knew that he could have, and a person who he could not love anymore if he tried.

L burns the notebook that Mikami uses while they watched and Light hands the notebook that Ryuk originally brought to the human world which started everything, back to him.

"You better get this back to Sidoh where it belongs." Whispered Light.

Ryuk laughs. "Damn, but I'm going to get bored again."

"You could always take some apples back to your realm, if the ones you Shinigami have are truly so terrible you could perhaps trade them to your King for another Note." Said L suddenly, looking up from the ashes of the other Note.

"But of course you would not kill anyone around us," said L, sternly. He quickly loses the expression though. "Then again, perhaps I could gain a better knowledge of how Shinigami work--"

Ryuk flies off, laughter in the air as he disappears.

L turns to Light.

"About what I talked to you before Light-kun..."

"After we had sex you mean?"


An hour before

He lies there shivering, trying not to moan too loud as Lawliet's mouth moves all over his body, setting it aflame. He cannot hold back a groan as L's mouth moves over a nipple and laps at it like it was the sweetest treat.

"Lawliet-kun," he gasps.

Hearing the name on Light's lips just made Lawliet work on his body harder, rubbing up against Light, their erections rubbing briefly against one another.

He had taken his time with undressing Light, but he was starting to feel impatience creep within him and he moves from Light's nipple and kisses Light hungrily, wrapping one hand around Light's weeping erection.

Light lets out a cry and arches into his touch. He strokes him a few times, before moving from Light's mouth and sitting back slightly. Light shivers when he grabs the lotion on the nightstand and coats his fingers liberally with it.

"Try and relax, Light-kun."

He pushes Light's legs apart and looks up at Light. Trust and nervousness darted within the younger one's eyes and he nods. He works a finger inside of him; it felt a bit strange. He waits (mostly) patiently for Light to adjust enough to it, moving it in and out of him before adding a second finger as well.

Light gasps slightly and rocks against him when he adds a third finger, telling Lawliet that Light was ready. He removes his fingers carefully, careful not to cause any discomfort to him and positions his cock at Light's entrance, looking at him once more.

"I love you, Light-kun." He murmured.

"I love you too, Lawliet-kun."

He enters with a hard thrust and has to bite his lip from groaning aloud as Light's heat engulfs him. Was this what it had felt like for Light? It was incredible! He waits as long as he could to let Light adjust to the intrusion before grabbing onto Light's hips and thrusting again; from Light's groan, he seemed to like it just fine.

A rhythm was quickly set up, for neither felt as though they could last too long. The pressure was building and building and ready to let go. He grasps Light's cock and strokes it as well as he could with his mind going faint with the building pleasure.

His orgasm catches him off-guard and he lets out a hoarse shout and comes deep inside Light's body, his seed shooting deep inside as Light lets out a cry of his own and his come shoots out onto L's hand and their stomachs.

They lay there for a long moment, after L remembers to move out of Light and lays heavily on top of him. When they finally regain their senses back and could breath normally again, L sits up a little and looks at Light seriously.

"About what comes now Light." He said seriously. "The Kira case is over and you have your whole life ahead of you, so--"

Suddenly a voice interrupts him from the other side of their door.

"Can I come back in yet?" Ryuk complained.

They look at each other and laugh.

End flashback


He sat in his usual spot and Light in his. It was a day after the Mikami incident and Watari and Mikami's bodies had been since carried off by Aiber and Wedy who were to take Watari to the coroner and go out somewhere in the middle of nowhere and burn Mikami's body.

L gets off the phone with the funeral director who he was planning the funeral's of Yagami-san, Amane, Ide, and Watari. He missed them all, but especially Yagami-san who always had a kind word for him even if he didn't always agree with his methods, and Watari who was the closest thing Lawliet could call a father.

Light was holding up remarkably well.

They learned a couple of hours earlier that Aizawa had been promoted to Chief of the NPA and Matsuda and Mogi were staying in the NPA as well. They had also informed Light's mother and sister of Yagami-san's death. The funeral would be in a week's time.

He turns slightly as he hears the detectives coming back into the building. Although the Kira case was over, he didn't see any reason not to work with them on something else, should something interesting come up(though he doubted a case as interesting as the Kira one would ever come up again) and he didn't mind them using the headquarters for their own cases as long as it was just them three. He had sent Aiber and Wedy back to wherever they were going to go, since the case was over with.

"Are you sure that you do not want to join the NPA, Light-kun? You're father would be proud and you could do lots of things--" He didn't want Light to do that at all, but he felt that maybe a little selflessness would sound good on his part...especially because he was going to be around no matter the case.

"I want to stay with you and solve things this way; I would never get the same kind of cases that you do otherwise and you and I work really well together, and you know how I feel." Light grins. "Are you trying to get rid of me already? I'm hurt, L-kun."

L blinks at him and Aizawa and Mogi both cough and look away, blushes on their faces while Matsuda stares at L and Light with an incredulous look on his face, mouth open and eyes wide, blurting out, "But I thought you liked girls, Light!" Aizawa and Mogi both put a hand over their faces simultaneously.

"Maybe Light-kun never really liked girls because he likes to be the girl in the relationship." muses L, a finger on his lower lip.

Light's face suffuses with crimson. "L!" he yelps.


He grins at them, waving around a notebook in his hands before tossing it to Light who catches it and looks down at it for a moment before shaking his head in amusement.

"I see the apples idea worked," L pointed out.

Ryuk grins. "Yeah. Well, the old man liked them and he said he felt content enough from watching you two sometimes; you all know how to give us Shinigami endless amounts of amusement."


"Are you sure about this?"

He nods. "Yes. You said we'll be back in time for the funeral. I trust you."

"Good." They walk further inside, with a silent (for once) Shinigami gliding behind them, taking in all the sights; he was like a small child getting introduced into everything.

"Kind of redundant to ask when we already travelled by plane to England and about to meet the Wammy's House children."

"Hmm...perhaps you are right. Oh well." He shrugs.

Light snorts eloquently, shaking his head. They come to stand in front of the door which L opens; a group of children stared at them. In the very back of the room, three of them stood out; one was lying on the floor playing with some toys, wearing white pajamas and had pale hair to match. Another was a redhead with goggles, a striped shirt and white vest with a handheld game in his hand. The other wore black leather and had the weirdest haircut for a boy.

Light turns to L. "Why do I let you talk me into this kind of stuff?"

L puts a thumb to his mouth, looking up before turning back to Light.

"Because you love me? I love you."

The expression and tone of L's voice makes Light laugh.

"That I do, that I do." Said Light amusedly.

And as they walk inside, Light felt for the first time, free and happy, completely in charge of his own destiny and his own life.

A new chapter was beginning...

The End


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