Geki Warrior: Uzumaki Naruko

At six Naruko was sent to another world for protection. Now she's back but her dreams have changed a little. Watch as she finds friends and perhaps even love. Dedicated to DM14, Warning: Sasuke bashing, Yuri and Original Characters ahead.

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Authors note: Thank you to everyone who reviewed or put me on alerts! -Bows deeply- Oh and if you have never read any of DM14's stuff. This is Yuri, as in girlxgirl granted that wont come in for a REALLY REALLY long time. I mean the ninja's in Naruto started at twelve for goodness sake! Do you even HAVE a sexuality at twelve?

The Sandaime Hokage gazed out of the window in his office, at the busy streets of Konoha.

'5 years have passed since she left.' He mused to himself before sighing. 'The villagers were pleased that she disappeared… yet they still wanted a scapegoat.'

That scapegoat arrived a week after Naruko jumped dimensions, in the form of Chuuseki Akai, a refugee from Iwa. The child was 10 when she arrived; her family had been persecuted then killed during a civil war, found by a squad of Jounin returning from a mission and taken to the village. Sarutobi welcomed her with opened arms yet a portion of the village didn't do the same.

They had found their new pariah in Akai.

She originated from Iwa, the village in the stones, Konoha's opposition in the Shinobi War… then there was the other reason:

The dark orange hair and bright red eyes… the colours shared by the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

She faced the cold glares of the villagers and put up with being the 'Iwa brat' for two years, until she became Genin and put on a team… then she was passed on to another team… then another. Akai lost so many people she cared about in one year. She then requested that she was taken of the active shinobi register, remaining a Genin. A month later she disappeared leaving a note asking for some time to think.

That was a year ago.

Sarutobi still hadn't sent a search team after her, hoping that she was happy where ever she was, not having the heart to bring her back.

'Akai, be safe' the elderly man's eyes were attracted to the Kitsune Gao mask the carrot top had made one day:

"Ano… Hokage-sama?"
Sarutobi looked at the girl in the door, gland for the distraction from his cursed enemy, paperwork; yet curious as to why she decided to visit "Akai?"
The child was holding something wrapped in paper, "Hokage-sama? Ano… do you remember when you told me how Na- ano Uzumaki-san had whiskers? And how they meant she was different from everyone else?" Ruby eyes were staring avidly in fascination at the floor.

"Hai, I do."

"Well, ano… I thought… since when she comes back… ano if she doesn't want anyone to notice her she could use this." Akai thrust the package out in front of her. The Hokage took it, her arms immediately crossing in front of herself once relieved of the bundle, and opened it. Inside was a paper mask. Akai then started hurriedly started to explain herself. "I once saw a lady wear a mask like this. I remember it being called Kitsune Gao… ano… I thought it would be good," the girl's voice rapidly became quieter, her gloved hands twisting the helm of her shirt awkwardly.

"Akai," red eyes hesitantly looked up, "I'm sure Naruko will appreciate this very much, although why you're giving it to me…"

"It's because she knows you… and trusts you. I know if a stranger gave something to me I wouldn't take it as easily as I would if someone I know did," she explained, turning slightly red at interrupting. Sarutobi couldn't find fault in that.

The Sandaime closed his eyes with a small prayer.

'Naruko… be well, come home soon.'

-----In another dimension-----

A blonde haired girl sneezed.

"Blerrg, I hope I'm not coming down with a cold," Naruko said, wiping her nose on her sleeve, much to the disgust of the other girl in the room.

"Naru-chan! Don't use your sleeve! It's disgusting!"

"Sorry Ran-chan." The whiskered girl said blandly, which suggested this was a common occurrence. Fortunately for said whiskered girl, Ran's didn't get a chance to reply.

"Naruko-Chan, it's time for your next lesson!" A cheerful voice rang out as in the doorway stood… an anthropometric cat.

"Hai, Neko-Ji!" The blonde replied exuberantly, much to Ran's horror and dismay.

"Naru-Chan! You can't keep calling Master Shafu an …" Ran paused as she watched in disbelief as Naruko turned into a smoky outline which promptly disintegrated, revealing that the blonde had already ran off, "…'Old Cat'." The older girl finished with an anime style sweat drop.

-----And back again-----

Sarutobi was broken out of his thoughts by a strange noise by the vicinity of his window:

"Kaaa-wooo! Kaaa-wooo!"

The old monkey smiled when he recognised it. It was Shun'u, a bird that was found many years ago injured by a certain frustrated teenage Konoha Representative and trained to be a messenger bird. It was known by two things: 1 by the strange sound he makes and 2 by whom he was the messenger bird for…

Sarutobi smiled and took the letter off the friendly fowl, which then perched on his shoulder as though also curious about what the letter contained, and opened it.

His eyebrow rose.

"Well, Shun'u… it seems your mistress will be quite busy, I forgot things worked differently over there… and just like her she's made sure she gets the ones she wants. Nori does seem to be a bleeding heart judging by who she picked though: an amnesiac with an attitude problem, a sufferer of family trouble and…" the Hokage blinked," someone who was kept in an asylum?! Kami-sama… and knowing her she'll base her training methods off Maito Gai and Morino Ibiki… good luck kids, your life just got even more interesting…"

Several villages away Nori swiftly quenched the urge to sneeze. Being born in a clan with dreadfully poor immune systems made it vital for her to learn these things. I mean what if she had a sneezing or coughing fit when she was in the midst of spying on someone? Or creeping up on them to glomp them? That would never do…

Right now she was doing the former, well actually to be honest she was just observing a class of soon-to-graduate academy students… so what if she was in a tree, cloaking her chakra? They still have eyes and still she hasn't been spot—oh just wait a second! What do you know…?

'Huh, I guess these brats DO have some hope after all or at least some of them….'

One of the students gazed at her straight in the eyes and slowly raised an eyebrow (what are you doing?)

Nori just grinned at him lopsidedly (Wouldn't you like to know.)

The raised brow twitched slightly before lowering and facing his test again.

That's another thing, Kami are the Ninja Academies here different or what?

For one thing the kids enter at eight and don't leave until fourteen normally. That's a rather big change from Konoha's two year period.

Here they seem to rely on the quality rather than quantity approach… and they didn't bother with the flower class. Then again she picked the different ones… she saw potential in them and she already knows they get along and have had a past meeting… a tragic and unfortunate event that meeting may have been yet it was still a meeting. Not to mention she already knows how to word it to Shibuki-Sama to get him to put the team together.

Nori's single blue eye glinted and Shushined to a small shrine outside of the village, also belonging to one of her future students… not that she stalked them to find out where they lived. No, no, no she'd never do that… it was simply coincidence… honest!

The Jounin laid back on the roof, gazed at the clouds and allowed herself to think.

'Naruko, Imouto-Chan… this Team of mine will make fine allies of yours one day. As your honorary big sister it's my job to look out for your future and that's what I'm doing. Don't get me wrong I'll care for each of these children but my intuition tells me that they'll go even further, than I can take them, with your help… they need it in their own way…' The medic was startled to find her natural eye stinging with tears but let them fall. 'I hope I'll see you soon, it's been so fucking damn long… and what's worse I won't be able to see you even when you do come back. Damn council and their fucking decree… Kami-sama, one act of justice and I have a restraining order to not personally set foot within Konoha as' Nori's cheeks puckered 'an obeying Jounin you must heed this as a Ninja of the Hidden Leaf, oh go fuck yourselves you old farts. Hehehehe but I couldn't sieve ramen with that many possible holes. Thank you Saru-Chan for wording like that! The first set of my plan has already been set in motion… the next part is up to our Shinja-Hime…' It was a good thing the surrounding area was empty because the medic-kenjutsu specialist started cackling manically. Anyone who would have heard her would have thought she was insane!

I mean honestly! Nori? Having a few grapes short of a fruit basket? Who would think such a thing…?

We prefer the term kooky eccentric.

An-n-d here come the OCs! Granted you won't see them in their true roles just yet but hey, least your expecting them. Now I don't want people to think I'm just bunging made up people in there to get out of developing existing characters 'coz I'm not! Akai is Konoha's new scapegoat after Naruko left, from the nation with the highest rivalry with Konoha AND with the colouring she has it would be surprising if they didn't target her and as she's taken Naruko's place as Pariah certain things may be different because Naruko and Akai are totally different people. Now this chapter is admittedly sort of filler yet I have subtly put in some details that will pop up later in the story. Plus a little contest: whoever can guess which person Nori is related to then you can pick either a pairing to star in this story –unless it contradicts another one already planned- or simply say who you'd like to see in a relationship or you can select ONE of the Rookie Nine to be on Naruko's Ninja team You have until chapter 5 to compete. JA!

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