Takato: The Trouble with Bread


- - -

The room was a mess. Flour, milk and eggs each callously wasted on the kitchen table. When his parents walked through the door, he knew he was going to be grounded. Heck, at this point, that was all Takato hoped he'd receive. It was as if a typhoon ripped through. Guilmon was happy enough. Renamon even seemed content to sample some of the mixture at the tip of her claw herself.

The girl with the violet eyes was glaring at him.

Takato let his hands drag along his face, trying to wipe away the dough, and the annoyance that was a person who couldn't bake.

She looked cute in the apron though. He noticed her hair was pulled back into a soft ponytail. Bread mix dripping from her cheek. Her blouse just tight enough to show off her well defined curves. Violet eyes threatening to murder him if his mind continued on the dark path it was walking.

Takato sighed. This was the last time he was ever teaching Rika Nonaka how to bake bread.

Author: Boredom, and an unfinished project severely cut from a feature length fic into a one-shot, equals this thing...

Bah, no apologies.