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"Don't you get it?" Sasuke's stripped voice echoed in the empty apartment, even with the rasping sounds undermining his yelling his passion did not cease. The only other sound that dared interrupt his yelling was the rain as it beat the roof.

"I don't want you anywhere near me!" His strong arms pushed Naruto back towards the open door which was allowing not only the invading drops of ice cold rain onto the wooden floor, but the cold rush of the fresh winter air.

"That's a lie." Naruto looked everywhere but at his eyes. He was afraid he'd find a truth that he'd been denying himself of for a very long time. Sasuke didn't love him. This was all pretend, but in the end at least he could prove that monsters do dream.

"Pathetic." Sasuke pushed the struggling body once more. Naruto's shorter legs failed him and not for the first time in his life he fell on his back. His bright eyes dimmed as pearl grey clouds gathered over the sky as if to watch this heart break and released their own tears.

"Why? Answer me that!" Naruto pushed his body from the spot on the muddy ground where he had landed. "You owe me that much!" Naruto's knee slipped again as he failed to sit up.

"I owe you nothing." Sasuke wasn't crying. Sasuke wasn't yelling. Sasuke wasn't even looking at him anymore.

"Tell me!" Naruto in his trembling state fell once more. His lack of graceful movements only made his image more pathetic as a crowd began to gather. Some were watching already as the proud Uchiha turned a lowly ninja out into the storming day, obviously this must have been well deserved.

He knew the word. He knew how to seal his fate and yet he couldn't do it. Sasuke wouldn't do it.

"You love me. I love you. You can't lie, bastard!" Naruto finally gained his footing and began to approach the man he had come to trust.

Love, that word alone made Sasuke say it. He couldn't deny Naruto. He could only hope he would hurt him enough to make him flee from his sight.

Sasuke quickly sidestepped Naruto's outstretched hand. "Don't touch me," He struggled as he whispered the last thing he would ever say to him that day. "monster."

A single gasp silenced the rain's incessant pelting. Naruto closed his gaping mouth and silenced the words that were about to leave his lips. The tears that fell freely before and mingled with the fresh water from the sky stopped. With one last sour smile Naruto turned and walked away.

The street emptied itself of gawking onlookers after Naruto's silent retreat. Only Sasuke stood in that area in the safety of their home. It was still their home. It would always be theirs. Sasuke's thoughts were soon interrupted.

"Did that hurt, Sasuke-kun?" The voice carried over the thundering skies and into the lone room where Sasuke now stood his cheeks tear stained. "Did it hurt to call him what he really is?"

"He's not a monster." Sasuke whispered as he closed his eyes. "He's gone. Is he safe now? Will you let him be?" Sasuke moved back as the pale man jumped from the roof onto the mud in front of him.

"I never said I'd let him live."

"You told me you'd kill him if I didn't let him go!"

"Yes, but I didn't say I wouldn't if you did." The long fingers caressed Sasuke's cheek. A cold shiver travelled down Sasuke's back.

"What do I have to do? Leave him out of this. My mistake is long over."

"No. You left. I simply came to retrieve you for Orochimaru-sama." Akuji (1) stepped closer to Sasuke. "He did mention that I should punish you as I see fit. What better way than to have you push away your own lover? Then again if I did that and then killed him it would only make it more fun for-"

Sasuke's fists where on the shorter man's face before he finished his thoughts. In an instant Sasuke was on his back with a kunai at his neck and Akuji on his feet.

"Sasuke-kun you have a lot to learn. Now let's go before I change my mind about your little pet." Akuji turned and walked through the leaf village towards the gates, not once glancing back to ensure that he was being followed. Sasuke knew him well enough and knew he did not make empty threats.

(1)Akuji- evil deed