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The Lost Eon: Part One: The Experiment
Nothing was better than listening to the machines humming all around in the cool darkness. Hours could be spent just relaxing and enjoying those sounds. Right now, though, such relaxation was not possible for the middle aged man who had these thoughts. He was too busy taking readings off of a display screen.

This display screen, attached to a rather large cylindrical device, showed the image of a small creature with brown fur and displayed what appeared to be life signs. The animal was unconscious, its bushy, tan tipped tail and long ears laying with no real care.

Taking down the last of the readings, the man put away his notebook and checked to make sure that his biohazard suit was sealed. That was the other reason he couldn't relax, even if he wanted to. The biohazard suits were so bulky and uncomfortable, he felt like just tearing it off sometimes. He knew better, though. Too many dangerous chemicals and things were used in these machines, and he wouldn't want to risk exposure. Finding that his suit was still as air tight as when he entered the area, he proceeded onto his next task.

As he entered the code that would unseal the doors, he started to wish that he could have had his team here with him. Not only would the help have been appreciated, but he would have liked to share this success. After all, it was so rare that this actually worked so seemingly perfectly. Unfortunately, he had orders from his superior that no one else could know about this. This didn't sit well with him, as he couldn't show off his accomplishment, but what the boss says goes.

With a small whoosh, the doors to the device slid open. Looking inside, the man quickly spotted the same creature that was displayed on the monitor. With the doors open, the chill of the lab swiftly acted on its small body, not hindered by the animal's fur coat. Instinctively, the animal curled up with its tail around it as much as possible, but it still remained unconscious. Making a quick mental note of this behavior, the man entered the chamber and swept up the creature, which quickly took a liking to what heat was emanating through the protective suit.

Worried that it might wake up at an inopportune time, the man took the creature to a nearby table. Setting it down, he took a small mask and put it over the animal's muzzle. Turning the knob on a bottle that was connected to the mask by a tube, he heard the sound of the gas flowing. Which each breath the animal took, its slight twitches and movements ceased as its body became limp. Satisfied that it would be out for a while, the man removed the mask and carried the animal towards the exit.

Instead of going out the door with it, though, he placed it inside a clear drawer that extended from the wall. Closing the drawer, he typed in his pass code, opened the door and stepped through. Once inside, he closed the door, which sealed with a whoosh and the mechanical sound of the locking mechanism. Pressing a red button on the side of the room, he was basked in a blue glow and felt a slight tingling sensation. While he was going through this, the creature was undergoing a similar decontamination procedure.

When this was complete, he stepped through a door on the opposite end of the room. Outside, the man got out of the suit as fast as he could and hung it up on the nearby rack. Relieved to be out of the uncomfortable suit, the man ran his hand through his graying black hair and adjusted his glasses. He then continued with his work.

Pulling on the other end of the drawer, he slid it open and removed the creature that was inside. Placing a collar that had a small black box attached to it just above the beige little mane around the animal's neck, he put it into a small carrier.

Walking silently, he carried it to a small room with a row of five cages on the ground. Each cage had a small camera pointed at it. One cage in particular also had a dish of food and a dish of water. Removing the animal from the carrier, he placed it in this cage and closed the cage door. He took a few moments to set up the camera before leaving the room.

He walked over to his own office and took out his notes. He scribbled a few more things on there before sitting back. He needed a moment to think before he started his report. This result had been so unexpected. In fact, this test had only been done in the hope that it would fail. It hadn't, though, and now he had to convince his superior…

Starting up his computer and opening his email, he began to type up his report.

Status report for test subject 133-18-F

14th of May, 2006

Prof. Simon Longue, head of Experimental Analysis

Despite all odds against it, the test subject has survived the experiment. Miss Sarah Kaplan has been completely transformed into the pokémon eevee. She appears to be around the age of 1 year and 4 months, and all indications are that she is healthy.

Regarding your intentions for her, I wish to ask for a period of time in which I can conduct more tests. I realize that you were intending for her not to survive, but I would like to point out several reasons as to why she should be kept alive at this stage. Although no conscious behavior has been observed, the subject did seek the warmth from my body while in an unconscious state. This may show that she can be taught for obedience if trained the right way. Also, if the matter is security, then you should not worry. Even if she could talk, we have her monitored 24/7. Finally, with successes at the low rate that they are, this is the perfect opportunity to try and gather more data about the end result.

I hope that these reasons convince you to let me conduct more tests. I would hate to see a perfectly good test subject go to waste. While I wait for your response, I will keep the subject in her cage. Please, though, take my suggestion into consideration. Thank you.


Meanwhile, down the hall, a small eevee was starting to arouse. She didn't know it yet, but there was more ahead for her than what she had expected.