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Kakashi made sure his students could at least stare death in its face.

Naruto laughs at it. He grins and begins to follow the path he has made for himself. He allows himself to be in life and death situations by being a shinobi, but he won't stop. He wants to be Hokage, so he will forever have his own life on the line in following through with that dream. But he will still be grinning at it like a fool no matter what.

Sakura glares at it. She doesn't like death at all, and even became a medical ninja to help prevent it. She knows that it's impossible though. And she'll forever hate it, even if she works alongside it.

Sasuke runs towards it. He runs down his path of revenge and doesn't think to look back. In that, he runs towards death. He sees his brother as his reason to live; he believes that he is to live so that he can kill him. He's too foolish to see that he is heading towards and obstacle that may lead to his own demise, one that can and will cause much pain.

Kakashi dances with it. It plays with it, as it has done to him. It's taken most of his precious people from him, and he's beaten it time and time again at taking his own life. He's always been somewhat ridiculous. He's been a shinobi since he was five, has killed since he was six, and he's seen death his entire life. So he refuses to run.

He was never thought of as weak, neither were his students for that matter. He's been considered a genius in the past - is still considered one, too. He loves to fight.

It's one of the only things he loves besides his village. He feels free when his blade clashes with his enemy's in a solo battle. Him and his opponent, one battle, one winner; that's his favorite, it's when no one is there to get in the way.

He likes the feel of a fight; the way his heart pumps and his mind is already planning ahead of his enemy's. It's the way he believes a fight should take place. His students disagree. Even though Kakashi's always spoken highly of teamwork, he prefers to go alone. It means that he's the only one that could get hurt.

No one else would be taken from him, and he could disobey death once again.

His students see it the other way around.

They like teamwork, or so they were taught. They believe that their strengths compliment each others and leads to the better success of a mission. It may very well be true, but it seems more like it's for the show.

Naruto wants to protect.

Sakura wants to save.

Sasuke wants to avenge.

Kakashi wants to have nothing to protect, save, or avenge; it already being safe by sending him out.

Kakashi and his students are extremely different, but he made sure that someday they too will be able to play with death by not dying.

They would enjoy that dance.

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