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Maddy sat at the table pretty much pouting, the kids had been gone two days and Scott had gone out of his way to either avoid her or stay gone, he went to a couple of local ballgames, he had started going to the gym to workout, he had got the clear from his doctor to even do a little light ring work, and he was training young wrestlers at a local gym.

She hadn't seen him more than five minutes, he left before she got up in the morning and she was asleep before he came back.

Maddy sniffed tears coming to her eyes, he couldn't be any clearer than that, he didn't want to be around her, he was here for his kids only.

Maddy hated crying over his dumb ass, she had done enough of that, but she couldn't help it, she had been trying to do what Mark and Sara suggested and talk to him, but he was MIA.

Maddy wiped her eyes and picked up her phone and dialed his number. "Hello."

"Hey Scott."

Scott got off the treadmill and wiped his face, she sounded funny, he wondered if she was okay. "Hey Maddy, you okay?"

"Umm yeah, I was just wondering when you're coming home, I haven't seen you."

Scott sighed, he figured it would be safer to just stay away while the kids were away, his will power when it came to Maddy wasn't too good. He decided trying to start a relationship with her, would most likely end up with her being hurt, and besides, he really didn't think Maddy had those kinds of feeling for him. "We'll I'm going to do some training down here at the gym, then I'm having dinner with a friend, so late most likely."

Dinner with a friend, Maddy was furious, she had bent over backwards to help him, to help his kids, she gave birth to his kid and he had ignored her for four years, now that he was better, this fucker was dating? "Are you going on a date?"

"Yeah a girl I met at the gym." He said.

Maddy was done, she couldn't take anymore. "You son of a bitch, you know what Scott, get your shit and get the fuck out of my house, you can come visit Joey whenever you want, but you're the most cruel hateful bastard in the world and I hate you!" She flipped her phone shut and burst into tears. When would she learn what a jerk he was, she just never learned.

Scott's temper flared, what the fuck was her problem, he was staying sober and off drugs, trying to be a good dad to his kids, trying to get something going career wise again, he figured training up and coming wrestlers would let him do that, but not have to travel, and she went off on him?

He pulled his shirt on and grabbed his gym bag and headed out, he was going home to see what the fuck her problem was.

Scott got home and stormed in the house ready for a fight, but he couldn't find her. He checked the garage and her car was gone, he went in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and sat down.

He wondered if she was pissed cause he had been staying away, he was doing that for her own good, what did she want from him. Hell if he could ever figure out women.

Maddy droved aimlessly for a while and then stopped at the park a couple of miles away and decided to walk off her anger on the bike trail.

The man was impossible, she wanted to just kick his head in, how could he be such a prick. Her phone rang and she flipped it open. "Hello."

"Hey sweetness, I'm at the airport, came to check on you and Scott, can you pick me up, I'm just on a layover, I have to be back on a flight at six."

"Sure Kev." She said heading back to her car. "You been crying, whats wrong?" He asked.

Maddy sighed. "I'll talk to you when I get there."

Kevin shook his head wondering what his dumb friend had done this time."Okay sweetness."

Maddy got in her car, still crying, she was just so sick of trying to make Scott see her as a woman, instead of a little girl, he probably didn't even know what he had done wrong.

Kevin knew immediately there was something wrong "Sweetness, c'mere." He said pulling her in his arms.

Maddy tearfully told him how Scott had been avoiding her and then told her he had a date.

Kevin frowned, he was going to kill that big bastard. "C'mon, I want you to drop me off at the house, and I want you to go shopping for something pretty." He said leading her outside the airport.

Maddy sighed. "I don't feel like shopping."

"Do it anyway, go have lunch, just get out for a while." Kevin said taking her car keys.

"Why you ain't going to beat him up are you?" She asked suspiciously.

"No, of course not, just do like I say, be a good girl." He said laughing.

Maddy laughed and shook her head as they got in the car."Fine."

When they got to the house, Kevin got his bag and got out. "Go on now, I'll talk to you later, I'll get Scott to take me to the airport." He said.

Maddy hugged him and got back in the car, she didn't feel like seeing Scott anyway.

Kevin walked up to the front door and used the key Maddy had gave him, he went in and dropped his bag by the front door. "SCOTT!"

Scott came down the stairs looking like he just showered. "Hey Kev, whats up bro?"

Kevin looked at his friend, he looked ten times better than the last time he had seen him, thanks to Maddy who had taken care of his ungrateful ass. Kevin waited till he got in front of him then punched him, making Scott fall back in the floor. "What the fuck Kev?" Scott asked pulling himself up.

"You hurt Maddy once again, really Scott, a date, after all that girl has went through with you, you're going to date someone else, she has been sitting around waiting for you to come to your senses since she was seventeen years old. Do the math Scott, she has put her life on hold fifteen years, waiting around for you to love her, fall in love with her, make a life with her, you're a prick." Kevin said turning away from Scott before he hit him again.

Scott just stared at Kevin for a minute. "How the hell am I supposed to know how she feels, she never told me nothing, I mean I thought she had no interest in me,"

"Scott you're stupid, everyone else can see it, are you blind?" Kevin asked.

"Kev, I want Maddy, but I'm old and broke down, she's still young, she can do way better than me."

Kevin sighed. "Scott I want to to listen to me carefully, and you're going to do everything I say and then everything will be fine, Okay?" He asked leading his friend into the kitchen.

Scott nodded and listened carefully to Kevin, things couldn't get worse, so he might as take Kevin's advice.

Scott looked at the time, he had dropped Kevin back off at the airport and made the few stops he had too. Her car wasn't in the driveway, hopefully she would be back soon. He got out and walked up the driveway to the back door and went in the kitchen making some coffee.

He just hoped Kevin was right, if he wasn't he was going to look like a fool.

He heard the front door slam and he closed his eyes, he just hoped Maddy was in a forgiving mood, he was a idiot, but he hadn't meant to hurt her. She walked in the kitchen, she didn't look mad, but she looked like she spent the best part of her day crying. "Maddy I'm sorry."

Maddy just stared at him. "You have a right to date whoever you want Scott, sorry I went off the deep end."

She walked over and poured herself some coffee , taking a sip and then sitting it down. "Maddy really, I am sorry, I was a jerk." he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. "Look, I was thinking, why don't we fly to Tampa, I booked us a flight already, and we can take the boat out for a couple of days, spend some time together, just like old times huh?" he asked as he ran one finger over her soft cheek.

Maddy wanted to kick him, but he did look sorry and the two of them spending some time together sounded good. Maybe she could work up the nerve to tell him how she felt about him. "Okay, sounds good." She said softly.

Scott smiled and bent kissing her lightly. "Go get packed then."

Maddy nodded and left the room and Scott sighed. Now he got past that, he just hoped the rest went as well.

Scott and Maddy got in in the early morning hours, Scott got a rental and they drove out to the dock, he parked the car and woke her. "C'mon Sugar, you can go back to sleep once we get on the boat."

Maddy woke long enough to let him lead her down to the one bed in the cabin. Maddy fell right back to sleep and Scott went back and got there stuff and then climbed in the bed beside her, he pulled her in his arms and she snuggled closer in her sleep.

He smiled, he had to go get supply's after while, then they would cast off. He just prayed Kevin wasn't wrong.

Maddy lifted her head and squinted at the the sunlight pouring through the cabin window. She got up and went in the small bathroom taking a shower and thinking about what she was doing, this was her chance to talk to Scott, tell him that she was in love with him, wanted a life with him, but what if he didn't feel the same, what then? Maddy sighed and got out drying off and pulling on some denim cutoffs and a tank top, she dried her curly hair and left the bathroom. She walked up the stairs to the deck to find Scott driving the boat.

"Coffees in the thermos." he called down to her.

It was beautiful day and Maddy walked over and poured herself a cup and went up the stairs to curl up on the seat behind him and watch him. He looked good and healthy and he had been working out, he was hot as fuck, she thought smiling.

Scott guided the boat through the gentle waves and Maddy just sat there enjoying looking at him. Finally he killed the engine and sat down beside her putting his arm around her, his heart lurched at the site of her, beautiful as always, the salt water making her hair curl even more. "You're beautiful."

Maddy smiled and blushed. Scott just grinned and kissed her hot cheek. "You hungry, or you want to go for a swim first?"

"Swim first." She said.

Scott nodded, he already had trunks on and he pulled off the muscle shirt and threw it on the chair.

Maddy stood and shed her clothes and Scott's heart stopped, she had on a two piece light blue suit that left little to the imagination, she had a few stretch marks from her pregnancies, but Scott hardly noticed, she was gorgeous. "Scott."

Scott snapped out of it and took her hand she had out. "You okay?"

"Hmm yeah." He said and followed her over to the ladder. Maddy just couldn't resist as soon as he was on the edge she shoved him in the water.

Scott came up sputtering. "Little girl, I'm gonna bust your ass."

Maddy threw back her head and laughed. "Just like old times." She said and jumped in as soon as she hit the water Scott grabbed her and dunked her. Maddy came up laughing and she grabbed on to his shoulders, she was right it was like old times and his body responded just like it had all those years ago, but he couldn't get distracted from his purpose, this was not the time to take her, hopefully that would come later.

Maddy was mesmerized by the droplets of water clinging to his hair and lashes, she wanted to kiss him so bad, but she knew they should talk first, maybe after they ate.

Scott broke the spell when he dunked her again and the chase was on, they played in the water for close to a hour before Maddy declared she was starving and they climbed back on the boat. "Go get dried off, and I'll get some lunch ready, you want to eat in the cabin or out here?"

"I think out here, we can set up the umbrella over the table there, so we don't burn to a crisp.

Scott nodded and Maddy grabbed a towel and went down to the cabin to dry off.

Scott Grabbed the cooler full of food and set up the table and put the big umbrella up over the table. Maddy came back up and he about swallowed his tongue, she still had the bathing suit on. Scott had pulled two chairs close together. He held the chair out for her and Maddy smiled sitting down, Scott sat down beside her, the only thing he had a mind to eat was her. Maddy smiled at Scott. "This is quite a lunch."

Scott shrugged. "I wanted you to have a nice lunch." Maddy looked at the spread, There were shrimp and scallops, eggplant Parmesan , all kinds of fruits with dipping sauces and chesses and chocolate mouse that looked wonderful.

Maddy was delighted and leaned over planting a kiss on his lips. "You're so sweet Scott."

He smiled and reached out to touch her still damp curls. "You deserve the best Maddy." Scott was finally realizing, he should have been treating this woman like a queen.

Maddy and Scott dug in and they laughed and talked about the kids, about the old days everything under the sun. Maddy finally reached for the chocolate mouse and she was delighted when Scott took it and fed her sinful spoonfuls, she blushed when he ran his thumb over the corner of her mouth catching a bit of chocolate and licking it off his thumb. Maddy's breath caught in her throat and Scott just smiled and poured them both cups of French roasted coffee. Maddy sighed and leaned back on the chair. "Scott that was wonderful, thank you."

He smiled. "You're welcome."

They sipped their coffee and then Scott reached down and handed her a small bouquet of daises."

"You remembered." She said grinning from ear to ear, pressing the flowers to her face and inhaling their scent.

Scott laughed. "Your childhood obsession with daises of course."

Maddy leaned over kissing him again. "Thank you Scott, this was such a good idea, I'm having a wonderful time."

Scott pulled her out of her chair and she looked at him strangely , he was acting weird.Scott took the flowers and laid them on the table and then he lead her over to one of the chaise lounges and sat her on the end. "Close your eyes."

"Scott what are you up to?" She asked looking at him.

"Just do what you're told woman." he said teasing her.

"Fine." Maddy said grinning and closing her eyes.

Scott looked down at her and smiled, he loved her so much and had for a long time, just too big a coward to admit it. Maddy sat there with her eyes closed and felt Scott take her hand. "Open your eyes Sugar."

Maddy found Scott on his knee in front of her. "Scott..." But he put a finger over her lips. "Hush."

Maddy looked in his brown eyes and was lost, she loved him so much. "Maddy, I love you and I mean I'm in love with you, have been for years, I just been to damn dumb to admit it, if you'll still have me, if you still want me, I'm asking you to marry me." He held out his other hand where a beautiful gold ring inset with a big diamond sat.

Maddy was so stunned she was speechless, she had dreamed of this her whole life and now she couldn't even speak.

Scott was starting to worry, maybe Kevin had been wrong, maybe she wasn't in love with him. "Maddy I understand, if you don't feel the same way, after what I've put you through, I don't blame you, you could do so much better than some broken down old man."

Maddy finally heard what he was saying and shook her head. "I love you Scott, I always have. I would be proud to be your wife." She said a big smile lighting her face.

Scott looked up at her. "You would?" Stunned that she really wanted him.

Maddy nodded. "uhh huh, I would."

Scott grinned and slid the ring on her finger and then picked her up in his arms, Maddy didn't have to ask what he was doing, she leaned up kissing him, shivering when his tongue pushed in her mouth.

Scott carried her down to the cabin and dropped her on the bed and stripped his clothes as she watched with fascination. "Wow its even bigger than I remember." she said laughing.

Scott reached down and made short work of her bathing suit. "Yeah, well he's so big cause he missed you so much."

Maddy pulled him down on top of her and kissed him like a starving person. His lips moved from her lips, down the skin of her neck to her nipples drawing her deep in his mouth, he tasted the salt water still clinging to her breasts, his mouth moving down her soft skin , his tongue swirling over her navel. Maddy caught his hair in her hands her hips rising under him. "Scott I need you." She pleaded.

"I need you too Maddy." His lips whispered against her skin. His hands ran down her thighs parting them as he went, his thumbs tickling the sensitive skin, his mouth teasing as he licked the sensitive skin. "Scottt." She pleaded.

He dipped his tongue finally to taste her and she moaned at the pleasure. He ran his tongue over her pulsing heat and Maddy tightened her grip on his hair, pushing her hips toward him. He ran his tongue over her again and again building her to a fervor pitch until she was crazy with need, begging and pleading to come.

He lifted his head to look up at her. "Sugar, you'll come when I'm in you and not before." He growled and slid back up her body, the friction making her cry with need. He crushed his mouth to hers and drew his hips back and lurched forward impaling her on his hard length.

Maddy would have screamed but his mouth over hers swallowed her cries and his hips started a timeless rhythm, moving deep in her inner wet passage, he lifted one leg over his arm, so he could move deeper in her and the move made her groan even louder, "Whose girl are you Maddy?" he demanded as he pounded in her harder and harder. "Yours Scott, always." She managed to gasp out.

Scott captured her nipple between his lips and suckled as his shaft penetrated her again and gain. Maddy was nearly out of her mind. Maddy's hands traveled restlessly over the hard muscles of his back, she loved the way he felt, the way his skin felt, the way he rocked against her, the sensations were overwhelming her and she cried out as she came trembling and whimpering his name.

Scott continued to pump his erection into her tight heat, groaning himself as her hands slid between them to caress him. "God Maddy." he moaned

The feel of her slick heat and her hand and her muscles squeezing him, did him in. he grunted and shoved his shaft all the way home and his seed spilled deep in her womb, he continued. for a few more long stokes and fell down cover her, his body still connected to hers.

Maddy kept her hands on him, rubbing his back, when he went to move, she clung to him. "you're still hard." She informed him.

"Yeah I noticed." he joked but drew in a sharp breath when she tightened her muscles around his still swollen manhood. "God Maddy."

"More." She said and kissed him. Scott raised himself up and started to penetrate her sensitive flesh once more smiling when she whimpered beneath his assault.

He moved with hard long strokes which brought her quickly to the brink again. Scott smiled and bent to kiss her, he lowered himself his hands sliding under her butt to grip her and slid deeper in her tight passage. "Yessssss." She yelled as she once again climaxed. "Thats it sugar come for me." He demanded licking her lips teasing her tongue with his.

Scott followed her and groaned as he emptied his seed in her for a second time. They lay tangled together, both breathing hard and Scott rolled to his side and wrapped one big arm around her. Maddy wrapped her arm around his pulling him closer. "Scott Hall if I wake up in the morning and you're gone, I will track you down and kill you."

Scott knew she was only half joking, he had hurt her deeply before. He kissed her lips gently and pulled back. "I'm not going anywhere without you Maddy."

"Promise?" She whispered and he could here the fear in her voice. "I promise Sugar, I'll never leave you again. I love you Sugar"

Maddy cuddled closer. "I love you too Scott."

Maddy sighed deeply and was asleep in a matter of minutes. Scott wasn't sleepy, he lay there looking at her memories of the last twenty -seven years running through his mind, he had loved this beautiful woman in one form or another for most of his life, and he had spent way to much time, running from what he felt. He grinned as he thought of Maddy attacking his date for the evening.

"Get off him, he's mine."

Scott chuckled."I don't want you to be my daddy...I'm gonna marry you someday Scott."

Scott remembered she was always adamant about that. He bent to kiss her and pulled her closer in his arms. "It took me so long Maddy, to realize we were meant to be, but now that I have you I'll never let you go." he whispered.

Scott closed his eyes, thinking about the long journey it took him to get here, and the fact that Maddy never gave up on him., he guessed some things were just meant to be.

June 2008


"Maddy, I told you, I was gonna light your ass up." Mark said grabbing her and landing a loud slap on her bottom

Sara laughed until Mark grabbed her and gave her the same treatment. "Oww ya big bully." She complained.

Mark was manning the grill and they had once again messed with his food. "You two don't shit about grilling, go cook some vegetables or some shit." He growled.

Maddy laughed and stuck her tongue out at him and went in search of her husband, they had built a house directly behind Mark's when they had got married and they were still here, one big happy family.

Cassidy came over carrying carrying the newest edition to their family. Jessie Marie Hall, she was two and she actually looked like both her parents. Cassidy was a tall leggy eleven year old, that held the promise of breaking lots of hearts. "She wants Mama." Cassidy said handing her over. "Thanks Cass."

"No problem, Joey is playing with Chasey and Gracie on the swing set, but he keeps showing them bugs." She said laughing.

Maddy smiled. "Tell bug boy to lay off the bugs around the girls." Her seven year old had a obsession with bugs and loved to share with his sisters.

Cassidy nodded and took off and Maddy looked at the three on the swing set, Joey was more like his Papa as he called him ,everyday, and the two girls looked perfect combinations of Sara and Mark.

Maddy sighed, they were growing up so fast.

She looked around trying to spot Bella, but she was no where to be seen, probably following Cody, which might not go over so well, since he brought some girlfriend of his here today. Some little blond cheerleader, but Maddy hadn't been to crazy about her, neither was Bella.

"There you are Sugar."

Maddy smiled and leaned into his embrace, even after all this time, he made her heart skip a beat. Scott kissed her and bent to kiss his daughter."Hey baby girl."

"Papa." She said reaching up for him. Scott grinned, Joey's name had stuck through the years, Mark was still daddy, he was papa, it didn't bother him, never had, the kids were loved and happy, Mark's own kids called him Papa." He kissed the baby and settled her in his arms. "You seen Bella?"

Scott shook his head. "No, not for a while."

Maddy glanced around when she heard screaming, her and Scott knew it was coming from the back of their house, they rushed around toward the back and Maddy just stopped. Bella was kicking Cody's girlfriend and Cody was trying to get a hold on her to stop her. "Deja Vu." Scott muttered.

"Isabella Heaven Callaway , stop that!" Maddy raised her voice.

Bella pulled away and looked at her mother and Scott. "Cody was kissing that heifer."

"Bella!" Maddy warned.

"What? he was." She said glaring at the girl.

"You're sister is nuts." The girl tossed at Cody.

Bella turned on the girl. "I"M NOT HIS SISTER!" she screamed.

"Okay thats enough." Scott declared and handed the baby to Maddy. "You talk to Cody, Bella get over here." Scott said.

Bella shuffled over to Scott and he lifted the girl in his arms and walked off.

"Cody what happened." Maddy asked. She could not get over the fact that at fifteen , he was as tall as Scott, Cody looked at the girl. "Go get something to drink."

When she took off Cody looked at Maddy. "Bella seen me kissing Jenna and she lost it, I don't know whats wrong with that girl."

Maddy smiled and put her arm around Cody. "She loves you, just try to be patient."

"I know, shes just a little kid, I shouldn't have yelled at her. You don't think dad is going to spank her do ya?' he asked suddenly looking worried.

Maddy snorted. "This is Scott not Mark, he has a blind spot where Bella is concerned, don't worry, okay?"

Cody grinned. "yeah you're right."

Scott settled under one of the big trees and sat Bella beside him. "I want to sit in your lap." She said.

Scott smiled and opened his arms and gathered the girl close. "Sure you're not to big?" He teased.

Bella frowned at him, and straightened her skirt, wiping a bit of dirt off. "Of course not."

"Now tell me why you attacked Jenna." He said.

Bella shook her head. "You'll laugh at me."

Scott studied the beautiful girl, the older she got the more beautiful she became, she was so like Maddy in so many ways, but she had her own personality, and she was all girl, unlike Maddy who always ran along the tomboy line. "I wont laugh at you I promise." Scott said.

Bella leaned against Scott. "I love Cody, I'm going to marry him someday."

Scott didn't laugh because he knew the child was dead serious. "Bella, if I give you some advice will you promise to take it?"

Bella looked up at Scott and seen he wasn't making fun of her. "Yes sir."

"Bella right now you're a little girl, and you're going to be one for some time to come, I believe you love Cody, but you have to grow up first, when you grow up, Cody is going to look at you different, right now he See's you as a little girl, fighting and beating up every girl he brings home, is not going to do you a bit of good. "

Bella sighed. 'Okay, I'll try not to beat up no more of his heifers."

Scott had to bit his lip not to laugh. "Bella, thats not nice."

"Sorry." She said but she didn't sound in the least bit sorry.

Bella suddenly hugged him. "I love you Scott, thank you for not laughing at me."

Scott wrapped his arms around the girl. "I love you too Sugar."

"I better go tell Cody sorry."

Scott patted her hand and let her up and she skipped off across the lawn looking for Cody.

"Well Handsome, how did it go." Maddy asked sitting the sleeping baby on his lap and sitting down beside him.

Scott wrapped his free arm around her. "She'll be fine, in twenty years or so."

Maddy just shook her head laughing. "I guess you guys were right all along, she's too much like me."

Scott kissed her. "I think thats a real good thing Sugar."

Maddy smiled and returned the kiss, the journey had been well worth it, she wouldn't change a thing.