Pirates of Dark Water

Next Generation

The Lost Treasure

Chapter 1

Conan held the helm through the heavy waves, he tried to keep his ship, the Ragnarök, from rolling over. But the waves, washed over the edges of the ship, the waters drenched his black clothes with blue highlights. His blue hair covered one of his green eyes. He looked over his shoulder, behind him was Alcia. Her red garments covered most of her body. She looked at him with eyes as blue as the sea itself. "Chunggo Lunggo. If these Chitotten waves keep up, we'll never make it to Hakoru in one piece." "Don't worry, the Ragnarök can take it. We'll make it to Haroku." Another man approached Conan and Alcia. He was tall, and slightly more muscular than Conan, and he wore blue pants with black boots, sporting a large sword on his back. "By Dardin's Beard, this is the last time I trust you to take us through a storm like this."

"Calm down Milok, we'll be fine." A small leviathan stuck its head out of the cargo hold and let out a small, but noticeable growl. Conan looked at it. "Now don't you start too, Dracin." The leviathan let out a low aggravated roar and returned back to the cargo hold. Conan was looking around, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small raft out in the middle of the waves. He then saw a man on it. "Theres someone out there. Milok, take the helm." He then let go of the wheel and jumped overboard. He swam for what seemed like forever against the wicked waves, until he finally made it to the man. He was old, and from what he saw, on his last breath. Conan started to swim with the man back to the Ragnarök, but the current and power of the waves made it difficult for him. He then felt something pull his leg. He looked down to see Dracin, his crew's pet leviathan, was dragging him and the old man back to his ship. "Dracin, I never seen you saving my life." The leviathan let out a sarcastic sounding growl, as if saying she'll let them go if Conan keeps up the insults. Conan answered her little 'remark'. "You better not. Just get us back to the ship." In almost no time, they were back to the Ragnarök. He pulled the old man onto the deck and grabbed Dracin and handed her to Milok. "Here, place her back in the cargo hold." Milok looked at the little serpent, almost disgusted at it. Dracin licked Milok on the face, and in turn, he tossed her over to Alcia. "Here, take your little sea snake woman." Alcia caught Dracin and held her close. "You should be nicer to Dracii, she could save your life one day Milok." She rubbed her head next the leviathan's, and it let out a soft, gentle growl. As Alcia placed Dracin back in the cargo hold, she tossed it a large Menga Melon. "Be good now." It let out a short roar of compliance and disappeared into the depths of the cargo hold. Conan knelt down next to the old man, trying to comfort him. "Old man. Are you alright?" The old man looked up to Conan. "Is...is this...Octopon?" Conan looked at the old man. "No. This isn't Octopon. You are on my ship, the Ragnarök." The old man looked down in shame. "Then, I have failed. It is time to hand the quest to another." The old man ripped off his necklace and gave it to Conan. "Take this, and find the remaining five treasure's of Rule. I have hidden the first eight, in the Abby, of Galdebard. Please find the remaining treasure's. For Octopan." With that, the old man breathed his last and fell into the darkness of eternal slumber. Conan held the jeweled necklace in his hand, wondering what his next move would be. Milok stepped up to Conan, and looked at the old man. "Noyshi-tat. Conan, do you know who that is? That's Ren, son of Primus."