The Pirates of Dark Water

The Next Generation

The Lost Treasure

Chapter 2

"Ren? Noy shi-tat. This is the son of Primus?" Conan looked at the old man, surprised that this old man was the son of Primus. Alcia looked at Conan. "What did he give you Conan?" He held up the necklace. "He said something about gathering the remaining treasures of Rule."

"The remaining? Then this must be Compass. The only thing that can find the treasures of Rule."

"Well, this is interesting." Milok looked at Conan. "What do we do Conan?" Conan thought for a moment and placed the Compass around his neck. "Lets head to Chunda Town. That way we can resupply and sort all this out." Alcia was happy to go to that particular port. "Finally, if we hurry, we can make it just in time to to put Draci in the contest." Milok was less than thrilled to go there. "Conan, why must it be Chunda Town? Can't we make port some where else, we are close to Hakoru."

"But we're closer to Chunda Town Milok." Alcia mocked Milok. "Whats wrong, are you scared of Chunda Town?"

"Of course I'm not scared of Chunda Town woman." Conan steered the ship towards their new destination as Milok finished his statement. "I'm just scared of the certain people there."

In half a day, they arrived at Chunda Town. Conan and Alcia tied down the Ragnarök, and started heading into town. Conan turned around to see Milok still on board. "Milok, aren't you coming?" Milok looked at Conan. "Umm, I think I'll, uhh, mind the boat. You'll never know, there are still thieves in Chunda Town."

"Relax Milok, The Ragnarök will be fine. We have an excellent bodyguard on board, right Dracin?" The small leviathan stuck its head out of the cargo hold and let out a agreement roar, and then disappeared back into the cargo hold. "See? Now come on off the ship, we need to resupply."

"Fine." Milok jumped off the ship and walked next to Conan into the town. As they walked around, Alcia waved to both of them and ran of, saying she was going to find the place for the contest. Conan then found a familiar spot. "Here we go, 'Zoolies'. We'll go in here to gather our thoughts."

"Chunggo Lunggo. No way. I'm not going in there." A old voice then broke Milok's protest. "Whats wrong? You scared?" Milok turned around to see someone he hoped not to see. Ioz, his father. "My son couldn't be scared of a little game house is he?"

"I'm not scared you old Nochotten goat." He walked in, but was grabbed by his father. "You know mine and Zoolie's rules. No weapons in game house." He grabbed Milok's sword and tossed it into a pile of random weapons. Conan handed over his sword to Ioz and walked over to the bar. He got his drink and began to think of his next move. Milok was next to order his drink. He got a orangish drink. "I wanted ale." The barkeeper turned around to revile it was Tula. "Sorry, but only Menga juice for you."

"Noy shi-tat. Me mother."

"You love Menga juice."

"When I was younger, but I want ale."

"Sorry, none for you."

"Chunggo Lunggo." He picked up his drink and walked over to Conan. "Now you see why I didn't want to come here." Conan looked at Milok. "Well, at least we can think. Find the remaining ones. He said the first eight were safe, so that means there are still five left."

"So what are we going to do?" Their discussion was interrupted by an old monkey bird. "Excuse me, are you gonna finish that Menga juice?" Milok looked at the monkey bird. "Get lost monkey bird." It was then when it noticed the Compass. It let out a screech and flew to Tula. "Tula! Tula! That boy has it. He has Ren's Compass." Tula looked at Conan and called forth roots to hold him down. She held her blade against his throat. "What have you done with Ren?" Ioz's blade soon followed Tula's. "I would like to know that too."