Hey here is a new story! I know I'm confusing in some things but I please ask to bear with me.

Summary: Harry has not talked since his real uncle died and that was when he was 9 years. His aunt remarried a year later and that's when his torture began. He entered Hogwarts and didn't talked to anyone. But all that changed when he learnt that he was…

This story has no four houses and each student gets a room of his or her own.

Warning: Mention of rape, slash, OOC,

Parings: SS/HP

Chapter 1 ~ First Year

He was 11 when he learned about his real identity. "You know what will happen if they find out right?" He looked at the man in front of him and nodded frighten.

"Dear is time for you to leave," his aunt's voice came from down stairs. He stood but was stopped by the man in front of him. He knew what was coming and tried to get away but it was in vain; it hadn't been the first time either.

"He'll come in a second dear," his 'uncle' said. His aunt didn't reply and he found himself naked in front of the man in just seconds. He wanted to call for help but his voice had stopped working after the death of his real uncle. He closed his eyes as the man began to touch him in places he did NOT want at all. He wanted to cry but knew that if he did his 'uncle' would only hurt him more. "Listen carefully because I'll only say it once, if you talk to anyone or if anyone touches you, I will hurt them. So you make your decision," his 'uncle' said as he raped him.

"Dear is getting late," his aunt called once again, he knew she was walking up the stairs. She had suspected and he had wished to tell her but the man had treated him with his family's lives. He got dresses fast and walked out of his room, the room he hated since his real uncle had died. He had made no noise and scared his aunt as always as he was in front of her without warning. "Oh! Come dear, you are leaving with Mr. Remus Lupin," his aunt said as they walked down the stairs.

"Hello Harry, it's a pleasure to meet you," Remus said as they reached the bottom stair. Remus was wearing a black coat that looked old but Harry said nothing. He looked behind him and hoped that the man wouldn't come out and do something to the nice guy in front of him.

"He is a little shy and hasn't talk for a long time now, I ask only to be patient with him please," his aunt said with a sad tone.

"Of course," Remus said smiling before he left with Harry at his side. The journey was silent; every now and then Remus would say something in hopes that Harry would say something back but the boy just didn't seemed to want to show interest in anything.

~Break line~

Remus was sitting across from Albus Dumbledore; beside him were Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. Sirius was currently in Azkaban and Severus had promise to find a way to get him out. Everyone was silent Remus had requested the meeting and therefore he had to break the silence, or so Albus said. "Harry doesn't show life at all! This is not what I expected!" Remus finally said with anger in his voice. "There is something wrong with him, I smelt something wrong in that house!"

"Like what Remus?" Albus asked and Severus and Minerva looked at him but said nothing otherwise.

"Well I smelled something before Harry went out of his room… I don't know exactly what but I almost ran out of the house," Remus said. Everything stayed silent for a moment no one talked, no one move. "It has been almost three months and the students break is coming up and Harry has made no sound at all. He won't talk or even make an attempt as if he was afraid of something."

"Is that true Minerva, Severus?" Albus asked looking at the other two.

"Well… he does his work without complains and turns it in before the students stop whining that I gave them to much work. That's when everyone shuts up and began to do their work. When it comes to group work, he would do his part but won't talk if I ask his group to present. He seems to distance himself from people rather than trying to communicate with them," Minerva said in a low voice but high enough for the others to hear.

"I hate to say this but I agree with her. He doesn't talk at all, I thought he would be as energetic as James," Severus said in a sad tone that Sirius, Minerva, Albus, and Remus only heard. The four stayed late talking about Harry.

~Break Line~

Christmas approached and Harry received three letters. One from his aunt, another from his cousin, and the last from his 'uncle', he also received presents from other people that he didn't know, but he knew they were safe. He sat down by the fire place of his rooms and opened his aunt's letter. It said:

'Dear Harry,

I hope you are learning new things. You'll be staying at your school as your headmaster thinks it would be safer. He thinks that the wizard that killed your parents will try to come after you if you come here for the holidays. I don't think Vincent was too happy about it… he looked disappointed. Dear is something wrong? Please tell me if there is something wrong, I know it might be hard but I'm here to protect you and that is something no one can change.

I hope you have a great Christmas and take care! I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sincerely and with love,

Your, Aunt Petunia'

Harry smiled at the letter; it felt nice to smile once again without the fear that someone would hit him for doing it. He looked at his cousin's letter and opened it, he began to read. It said:

'Hey GE,

I hope you are making friends. I miss you; even if you didn't talk you would be here. It's okay though because I know that you are in a place where you'll learn to control your magic more. I know you are hiding something, and that you are scare to say something. I want you to tell me, I might not be dad but I know that you trusted him with your life. Please tell me if something is wrong, it doesn't matter how bad it is I will not stop loving you my little cousin.

I hope you have a great Christmas and take care! I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sincerely and with love,

Your, Cousin Dudley'

Yup there were son and mother, no doubt in that. His smiled wide even more, but it disappeared as his 'uncle's' letter came into view in his hands. He didn't even open it; he simply threw it into the fire. He opened the presents from whoever they were and putted them in a room that he knew no one would enter.

~Break Line~

The school term came to an end and Harry with a sigh left his room and the safety of the castle. Once on the train he ended up in a compartment with a girl of bushy brown hair and a boy of red hair. He ignored them and sat in silence, they began talking and he was thankful that they were considerate enough to leave him alone.

~End of Year 1~