Summary: Harry has not talked since his real uncle died and that was when he was 9 years old. His aunt remarried a year later and that's when his torture began. He entered Hogwarts (which has no houses in my story) and didn't talk to anyone. But all that changed when he learnt that he was…

This story has no four houses and each student gets a room of his or her own.

Parings: SS/HP

Chapter ~ 19 - Epilogue

Harry looked at his bonded, at his husband from the couch he was sitting on it was night already and Severus hadn't stopped working. His friends had asked them to be godfathers on the double weddings in a year. Both had agreed with a smile and saying that they would be there. Harry stood from the couch and went up to Severus. The older man looked up at him. "What's the matter Harry?"

"I'm wondering when you are going to make love to me" Harry said turning Severus chair towards him. Severus put his arms around Harry's waist as the young man kissed him.

"What do you say right now" Severus said. It wasn't a question. Harry nodded and Severus stood and carried Harry bridal style.

"You know I can walk, right?" Harry said putting his arms around Severus' neck.

"Yes, but today is a special one" Severus said and kissed Harry as he walked up the stairs and to their room. Harry smiled as Severus put him down on his feet and kissed him again. Harry walked backwards as the door opened and Severus led them to the bed at a slow pace. "Are you sure about this love?" Severus asked when Harry's knees hit the bed and he fell on his back.

"I'm more than sure Sev, I know you won't hurt me intentionally" Harry said as Severus' cloths disappeared along with his. Severus smiled and kissed his young bonded once again. Both lie on the bed, Severus moved to Harry's neck and suck a spot until it was red. When he was satisfied with his mark he began to move lower as Harry moan under him.

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Severus slide out of Harry gently and lie on his side pulling Harry close to him, both falling asleep as the air sang a beautiful symphony outside their window.

~Six Years Later~

"Daddy, daddy!" a small girl screamed. Harry turned around to see Severus chasing their little girl.

"What's the matter little Lily" Harry said as his little girl hide behind him. Severus was with them moments later.

"Daddy wants to tickle me" Lily said smiling. She had straight raven hair down to her waist, Severus' nose, Harry's cheekbones and eyes. The color of her skin was in between but Harry loved it, their daughter was made out of their love. She was smart like them, she understood adult conversations and knew when to interfered and when not to say a word at all.

"Isn't that good?" Harry asked softly. Before Lily could answer another scream was heard.

"Lily!" a small black hair boy ran up to her. He was skinny and good looking, his eyes black like the night and his skin wasn't pale nor tan.

"Jimmy!" Lily screamed and ran up to the small boy meeting half way.

"I love her" Harry said turning to look at Severus a smile on his face.

"Yes I love her too" Severus said and kissed Harry on the lips. At their little girl's giggle both separated and Harry blushed slightly.

"Can we go to Uncle Dray's house now?" Lily asked innocently.

"Let's go" Harry said as Jimmy smiled.

"Dad said to say hello to both of you. They will be late since they have to go see when the baby is going to be born" Jimmy said.

"That's good" Harry said smiling. A moment later they floo to Malfoy Manor. Once there Harry was greeted by two little girls and a boy. "I see everyone here misses me."

"Uncle Harry! Play with us!" the three little kids said as one.

"Leave Harry alone, go play at the garden" Ginny's voice came. All the small kids smiled and ran out of the house towards the gardens. "Hello Harry, Severus" the red hair greeted.

"Hey Ginny, Where's Dray?" Harry said as Severus put his arms around Harry's waist.

"He's in the room finishing getting ready" Ginny said.

"So he hasn't change on that aspect" Harry said smiling.

"Hey it's not my fault that I want to look good" Draco's voice came from the door. He walked up to the couple.

"Sure, sure" Harry said as Severus let him go so his friend could embrace him. "Good to see you my friend."

"Yeah good to see you too…" Draco said and paused for a moment. "…sorry about the baby."

"Yeah" Harry said with a sad smile. He had lost his second baby in a miscarriage and no one had known why. Everyone was sure Harry knew the answered but no one was sure since the wizard didn't talked about it.

"Don't worry it won't happen again" Draco said.

"I hope you are right Dray" Harry said looking at his friend as the other two stayed silent. "Lily was really sad but she pretends she is fine. I think she really was looking forward to a little brother or sister."

"Yes she was excited, but I'm sure she is okay. She plays with the others, and she knows that one day she will have a little sister or brother, maybe even two" Draco said. Harry smiled at that.

"Thanks for telling me this Dray" Harry said and went back to Severus. The four of them left the study and walked to the garden.

The sight was beautiful, white and red roses where by the window. A small field where the kids could play, and there were several tables for their friends and their kids' little friends. Harry forgot about his sadness for a moment enjoying the party along with his bonded, his little girl, and his friends.

The life he had was a good one when he had all the people he loved around him, and he knew that they loved him back.

"Are you okay love?" Severus asked making Harry get out of his thoughts.

"Yes, I was just thinking" Harry said with a smile.

"What were you thinking?" Severus asked softly as the kids begin to play a game.

"That I was mute until you came into my life" Harry said and kissed his bonded. Severus smiled into the kiss until they heard giggles around them. They separate to find everyone staring at them with a smile on their face. Yes, everyone was happy that Harry James Potter-Snape was happy and with the best person anyone could imagine. The only one that they knew that could make him happy, Severus Snape, a great Potions Master, a great Potions Professor, and a fantastic husband, father and friend.


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