SETTING: The Western Air Temple

-Toph is seen walking through the temple and plops down on the ground next to a bored looking Sokka-

SOKKA: hey Toph. Where've ya been?

TOPH: talking to Katara. That girl's got some messed up problems!

SOKKA: tell me about it! Aang's going on and on about this girl he loves but he doesn't know if she likes him back the same way! He won't tell me who it is though!

TOPH: -giggles- I knew it.

SOKKA: what, he likes you???

TOPH: -frustrated- hey! You don't have to make that sound like it's a bad thing that someone could ever like me!

SOKKA: what? NO! -Toph glares at him- I just meant, I mean, well, I don't know! -blushes- all I meant to say was, uh, has he ever mentioned, anything, about liking you?

TOPH: -laughs hysterically- are you serious? Aang wouldn't even glance at me over her if a romance-beetle sprayed him with love gas! He doesn't like me! -continues laughing-


TOPH: -rolls eyes- no, it's Azula! OF COURSE IT'S KATARA! -laughs even harder than before-


TOPH: -slams hands across Sokka's mouth and face- well, ya don't have to go announcing it the WHOLE WORLD!

-Sokka mumbles something behind her hand-

TOPH: what?

SOKKA: -very muffled- gert yer hann offa me!

TOPH: oh, yeah, sorry. -moves hand and Sokka inhales deeply-

SOKKA: -still catching his breath-

TOPH: about what?

SOKKA: about -looks around and whispers to her- Aang liking my sister!

TOPH: uh, you sister has a name, you know that righ---


TOPH: OKAY! Fine Mr. Plan man! Why do you care that Aang likes Katara so much anyway?

SOKKA: well, he's, I mean, he needs, uh, Katara's just, well, they're---

TOPH: you have no idea why, do you?


-Toph raises an eyebrow at him-

SOKKA: okay! Okay! I don't know why! It's just weird!

TOPH: I think I get it. It's just a brother's instinct to watch out for his sister I guess.

SOKKA: -surprised- uh, I guess? How'd you come up with that?

TOPH: well, I've seen the way you act around her! I know you told me she's been like a mother to you, but you're the older one and that usually comes with some authority and protection, doesn't it?'ve been watching the way I act around Katara???

TOPH: -blushes- well, yeah! I mean, you're really cool to her and stuff and I think it's neat that you wanna take care of her so much. I guess.

SOKKA: okay? I guess you're right. Plus I've known Aang for a long time and it's just weird if one of my best friend's hooks up with my sister!

TOPH: wouldn't that be a cool thing though? I mean, you love Katara and you said Aang's like your best friend so wouldn't that be a cute couple?

SOKKA: ………………yes.

TOPH: See? It's not too bad!

SOKKA: you're right! I was over-reacting to this! That'd be really cool if they hooked up. You're an awesome counselor Toph! Thanks! -punches her arm a bit-

TOPH: eh, no problem! But you know, there's still the matter of whether or not Katara likes Aang or not!

SOKKA:...oh yeah! I guess that's kind of important.

TOPH: -raises eyebrow- ya think?

SOKKA: well, what did Katara talk to you about?

TOPH: oh no, no, no. you need to tell me what Aang said to you first!

SOKKA: what? Why?!

TOPH: um, I don't know. I just felt like arguing for some reason.

SOKKA: -raises eyebrow at her this time-

TOPH: Look, let's just sit somewhere and I'll tell you what Katara said and then you tell me what Aang said! Okay?

SOKKA: Sounds good. There's some cozy looking ruins on the edge of the temple over here.

TOPH: Cool. Let's go.

(Part 2 to be posted)