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Remus lay awake and listened to his fellow roommates steady breathing. They were all asleep, or so he thought. Truthfully, Sirius Black lay awake in his bed, too, and listened to the same steady breathing. They both instantly thought of their secret loves at that exact moment. Ha. Like that will ever happen, they both thought bitterly.

Remus thought of the dark, wavy locks, of the soft gray eyes, of the toned stomach, that walk, the way he wore his towel around the dorm after a hot, steamy shower...

Stop right there! he screamed inside his head. Sirius is ONLY a friend. Get over it. It upset him to think these thoughts, but it was either this or be extremely hurt when he found out (what he thought to be) the truth.

But Sirius was so understanding when you told him you were a werewolf, murmured another voice. I know that, said the first voice, but... I don't know. It would be a little shocking, don't you think?

Oh, yes, very shocking, the second voice said sarcastically, especially with the way you never look at him like you're going to just rip his towel off and jump his bones right there.

Okay, Remus had to admit it was pretty damn obvious.

"Damn," he whispered.

"Moony?" Sirius whispered into the darkness.

Great, thought Remus. He suddenly made a loud snoring noise.

"Umm... Moony, I hate to tell you this, but... You don't snore. That's Pete."

Remus had to laugh at his own stupid idea.

"What d'you want, Sirius, I'm trying to sleep," Remus said, and made himself yawn.

Sirius was quiet for a moment, but then said "Oh, okay, I was just surprised you're still awake is all. Good night, Moony."

"Night, Padfoot."

Damn it, Sirius, why the hell won't you tell him? You're in Gryffindor, aren't you? The worst he can do is say no.

Actually, he could do much worse than that, Sirius argued. He could reject me, tell everyone I'm a queer, and then rip me apart underneath the moonlight.

But he couldn't help but to think of the other possibility. He and Remus passing silly notes in class, spending hours under a tree out on the grounds, pigging out on Honeyduke's finest chocolate while Remus read aloud from some old book that Sirius only listened to to hear Remus' soft voice.

He would love it.

It just wasn't meant to be.

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