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James was running down the corridor, heading toward the common room. He almost plowed right into Professor McGonagall.

"Potter, you must come to the realization that you are not in a derby," she told him sternly.

"Yes, ma'am, understood, I'm just kind of in a hurry here-Sirius and Re-"

"I see neither Mr. Black nor Mr. Lupin."

"Ugh!" James groaned. "Clearly they're not here, I'm going to see them!"

McGonagall looked taken aback with this outburst.

"Detention, tonight in my office. Seven sharp."

"But I-" he started to argue. He stopped.

"You got it," he shouted, for he was already halfway down the corridor.

McGonagall started off in the opposite direction, shaking her head.

James turned a corner, and, seeing the portrait of the Fat Lady, he called out the password. It flung open, and he rushed through the hole.

He met one person's eyes; Remus'. Sirius and Peter apparently had extremely short attention spans, and had instead decided to play Wizard's Chess. Odd, because neither really knew the movements of the pieces.

James started to say just that, but instead sat down beside Remus. Sirius and Peter hadn't even noticed him entering.

"So?" Remus asked, staring at the wall opposite, apparently not wanting to look at James.

"Someone much smarter than me gave me a smack in the face. Well, not literally, though she has done that before... Anyway, I - I'm prepared to believe whatever it is you tell me."

"So you're going to listen?"

James closed his mouth tightly, pretended to lock it, then tossed the invisible key over the back of the couch.

"Sirius." Remus got the other two Marauders' attention, and they moved closer, Peter to an armchair and Sirius to the couch beside Remus.

None of them seemed to know what to say, where to start. After a moment, Sirius decided to say exactly what he had had thoughts of saying for ages.

"I love Moony," he said.

James looked at him. He continued.

"What I was doing in his bed last night had everything to do with a bad dream, though, I do assure you. There's not much school left, and I had no other way to let him know. I kept thinking, What ifs.

'What if he loves you too? What if he doesn't?' So I had to know," he finished simply.

James looked uncomfortable. Sirius sighed. "What now?"

"Erm, well, it's none of my business, but surely you didn't... I mean, first night and all?"

"No!" Remus said suddenly. He laughed nervously. "What kind of werewolf do you take me for?" he asked quietly.

Peter snorted. Well, actually, he laughed, but the snort was very distinct. They all burst out laughing.

When they stopped, Remus asked James if he was alright with it.

"Yeah, yes. I just- I dunno, flipped out. I suppose I knew it had to happen eventually, but I figured it would get all weird around the two of you once you were dating."

"Well, it's not like we're gonna do it on the breakfast table," Sirius said.

"I know that! I mean the holding-hands-under-the-tree thing, the kissing-when-the-teacher-turns-his-back thing. Stuff like that."

"Not gonna get jealous, are you?" Sirius teased. "Maybe you should go gay, Prongs. Maybe then Evans will like you."

"For your information, Lily does like me, she's just in denial! Hmm," he said, mock thoughtfully, "that sounds oddly familiar."

"No, it doesn't. When I asked Remus to kiss me, he did. So ha."

Lily had just stumbled through the portrait hole.

"It's official, then?" she asked Remus, seeing his and Sirius' hands linked.

"I guess, if you could call it that."

" 'Course it's official!" Sirius assured half of the common room. He wrapped an arm around Remus' shoulders.

"And so the whispering begins," Remus laughed. He tugged on a lock of golden brown hair.

"Lily, can I talk to you for a moment? Over there?" James asked, indicating an unoccupied corner.

"Oh, um, sure."

They left, and for a moment there was silence.

"What say you, Pete?" Sirius asked.

"Eh, saw it coming." His eyes widened as he looked around. "But I didn't see that coming!"

Across the room, Lily Evans and James Potter were in a tight embrace.

Not only that.

They were kissing.

"Whoa," Sirius said. "Wonder what he said?"

"Who knows?"

Sirius looked at Remus and laughed. He leaned down and kissed Remus, who moaned quietly.

Peter, with nothing left to do, went out the portrait hole and out of sight.

A few weeks later, and everything was still fine. Yes, Remus and Sirius were doing the whole holding-hands-under-the-tree thing, but so were James and Lily.

They got a few funny looks. Of course, that was expected.

I mean, James and Lily. And they were together. And James wasn't being slapped.

So, what of the two pups this story is about? Well, everyone seemed to know it would happen eventually.

They seemed to have all of the time in the world. It was a nice thought, a happy thought. But we know how the story ends.

So much for happy thoughts.

Author's Note: Well, there you have it. Sorry, no smutty chapter. The ending just came to me. I was sitting here, and it popped into my head, and I loved it. Sorry if it wasn't the ending you were expecting. Many thanks to all of my reviewers! So, how do you like my first fanfic? Good? Bad? Tell me! Voledmort still has a taste for puppies, you know... >:-)