Sasuke and Naruto's Giant List of Kinks

A/N: This is a little one shot that I have been working on but never really started very much. Bleh.


1- Bondage.

(Naruto: This is totally no my kink. Sasuke is the resident sadist.

Sasuke: You weren't complaining last night, dobe.

Naruto: Well, your mouth is very talented…

Sasuke: Hn.)

2- Knifeplay.

(Sasuke: I may be the resident sadist, but Naruto is the resident masochist.

Naruto: Am not! I don't even know why the author put this on this list. sniff)

3- Cross-dressing

(Sasuke: Again, Naruto's kink.

Naruto: I'm not the own who has the collection of leather mini skirts, now am I?)

4- Spanking.

(Naruto: No comment.

Sasuke: smirks)

5- Food.

(Naruto: Okay, I'll admit to this one! turns to Sasuke Can we use ramen next?

Sasuke: Tch, no. Baka.)

6- Dirty Talk.

(Naruto: points at Sasuke

Sasuke: averts gaze

Naruto: whispers His mind is always in the gutter. It's always 'suck it harder bitch' or 'gonna fuck you over every flat surface in this damned apartment'.

Sasuke: What was that?

Naruto: Nothing, dear.)

7- Masturbation.

(Sasuke: Naruto likes to watch taunts

Naruto: blushes Che, like you didn't get me that dildo for the same reason.

Sasuke: Shut up.)

8- Toys.

(Naruto: I the hand cuffs. Sometimes. glares

Sasuke: You love them all the time. I prefer whips and anal beads. is smug)

9- Exhibitionism.

(Naruto: No comment.

Sasuke: Don't ask Kiba or Neji about this. Or I will murder you. Violently. Using toothpicks. )

10- Porn.

(Sasuke: Yeah, that blonde idiot over there? He likes to watch porn when we screw.

Naruto: Sasuke, I'll take away sex!)

11- Fisting.

(Naruto: I can't believe the author just wrote that word.

Sasuke: You'd be surprised what I can fit in Naruto's ass. It's a turn-on really.

Naruto: You're kidding.

Sasuke: Hn.)

12- BDSM.

(Naruto: I told you guys, I like handcuffs.

Sasuke: And I like it when you beg to be pounded through the mattress.

Naruto: That's it! No more sex. For a month.

Sasuke: mumbles Yeah, sure.

Naruto: I mean it.)

13- Threesome.

(Sasuke: There was that one time with Gaara.

Naruto: It was more than once. And what about Sai and Neji?

Sasuke: Okay, so it's more like threesomes.


A/N: I can't believe I just wrote that. Well, actually I can. Hm. Hope y'all like it.