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It's been a week since Kaname told Yuki that he loves her and she still didn't know what to say . She was also in love with him, but was too scared to tell him. Now that a week has pass. What if his feeling for her had changed? What if it was too late to tell him? As she thought of all this, her teacher was calling on her.

"Yuki Cross!!" he finally yelled

"Oh um, yes sir?" Yuki asked as she looked up.

" The Headmaster wants you and Zero in his office." He told her as Yuki nod and followed Zero out.

"This is weird the Headmaster don't usually call us to his office like this." Yuki said Zero just nodded looking bored

They enter the Headmaster office to see that there was a girl in his office and was now looking at Yuki and gave her a small smile.

"Yuki I want you to meet Aya. She is... your older sister." the Headmaster said slowly

"Sister?! what are you talking about Headmaster." Yuki asked vary confused

"Let me explain Yuki was it?" the girl said as Yuki nod

"Well am Aya Chochick and you are my sister, well stepsister anyways. You see 15 years ago my parents found you on the front door, and there was a piece of paper with the name Robin, which is your real name. Will they took you in and we became sister... we would get along great. Even thought we don't have the same blood. The first 5 years were great we were like a really family, but one night we were attack by 2 leaver E vampires and our parents won't strong enough to defeat them, you got lost and lost your memories of everything that happen and I was found and taken to our mother's sister home were I grow up. I always know you were still alive even when everyone told me you were died, I never stopped believing and I come looking for you and now I finally found you and that's how I come to be here." Aya stopped for a moment and wiped her tear from her eyes "I know this is hard to believe and you provably don't want me around, but please gave me a change to prove to you that we can be the best sisters ever." Aya said bowing to Yuki

Yuki smiled and hugged her. "Yes I want to get to know you sister." Yuki said "but I can't make you any promises." she added. Aya nodded she looked so happy her face seem to just lit up the room.

"Yes, I understand and I want you to know that I will be coming here to school, but I'll be in the night class." she said

"What?! But why? You're not a vampire are you?" Yuki asked her a surprise look on her face. Zero didn't seem like this one bit, he never trusted anyone that belonged in the night class to be near Yuki.

"No, but I am a witch."

"Witch? I don't know they were real." Yuki said

"Oh ya, I'm a witch and my element is earth." Aya said

"That's cool" Yuki said smiling at her Zero just sight

'Great a witch, just what we need' Zero thought

"Oh great another little Yuki falling everywhere she goes." he said looking at both Aya and Yuki who hit Zero on the back of his head.

"HEY THAT HURT!!" He yelled

"Serves' you right" Aya and Yuki said together

'Yap, their sister alright.' the Headmaster thought to himself as he smiled at them both

"Why don't you two go get some errands for me? So that way you two can get to know each other better." he said Both Yuki and Aya nodded.-About

2 hour later-

Both Aya and Yuki were in a cafe. Aya finish her hot coco and looked up at Yuki

"Yuki I'll be right back ok, I'm going to go buy something from that store next to this place." Yuki nod and Aya left. Yuki sat alone as she left. When Aya was gone a man that looked like he was in he middle 40's come in, and went over to Yuki.

"Your friends with that girl that just left?" he asked her as he sat down in font of Yuki

"Um Yes, she my sister." Yuki said

"Sister, is that what she told you?" he asked

"What are you talking about?" Yuki asked she was getting a little scared.

"I mean that, that girl is a witch and you my dare must be careful."

This got Yuki a little freaked out how did this man know about witches? And why was he looking at her weirdly "w...Why?" was all she machine to say

"Cause she can scents that you have great powers. Not yet awaken." He answered her.

"What are you talking about?" Yuki asked, but don't want to know so she stood up to leave to go to her sister, but the man got her rest.

"Just listen to what I have to say and I'm gone. Ok" Yuki had no other choice, but to listen; she sat back down

"My name is Zaizen. And am here to tell you to not trust that girl. She is only after the power that you hold. "

"How do you know?" Yuki asked

"Case that what almost all witch are looking for power and they don't care who that have to go over to get it. Here, If anything happens or if you have question call me and I'll come and get you." the man name Zaizen stood up and he gave Yuki a card

"Wait how do I know I can truth you?" Yuki asked him

"You truth that girl, so why not Me." and with that he left. Leaving sacra looking Yuki alone...