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Amon's pov

Its been a week now and Yuki seems to be rubbing her eye again. She been doing some more training and its still up 100% but I know she can do better. Today my plan well take into action …. Yuki went to her room after the training and took a shower Bella was with me I left her with her little vampire friends and went upstairs to Yuki's room and waited for her to come out I know she was going to take a little while but once she was out I close the door behind her, she had a tower around her as she turn to see who close the door. I'm glad I could think of a plan with out with out using that pureblood.

"Amon what are you doing here?" she asked as I moved closer to her.

"I came to have fun" I said as I took her in my arms.

"What the hell Amon?" she asked looking up at me. I smiled at her then saw that she was having trouble hiding her red face, as hunter we learn to hid our feeling but it seem like she could never hid them from her emotions from me, even when she was the best in class after me of course. I then put my head on her shoulder.

"what do you want?" she asked trying not to morn

"I know there something going on with your eyes." she didn't seem surprised she just laid her body against me.

"you don't seem surprised why is that?" I asked her

"case you always seem to know think about me even if I do try to hid it. Not even the other nosiest." she said smiling a little.

"Robin we need to see what it is. What if your losing you eye sight?" I said holding her tighter. She just fit like she belong there.

"its nothing really I mean come on I don't need everyone to worry about me if I'm losing my sight then so be it," I should have know she has thought about his even more then I have. But cause of her hatred for action and her pried will not let her to tell anyone until someone notches

"well I'm going to give you two chooses one I well stay here and have a little fun for both of us, or 2 you get change and come downstairs and I well take you to the apparent that I set up with an eye doctor," I said I know she would hate me for this she like to be indented she like to do think on her own and hated to admit she need help.

"I hate you" she said as she pulled always from me. "and I really hate the first chose so am going for the 2nd choose now get out while I change." she said and I smirk I know was the only one who could bet her in her own games. It was just a matter of time that we end up together case she can bet me too. And that what well make it all more fun.