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Who's Blade?

"NO! PATSUKUN UN!" Kama yelled as he watched the little scorpion get taken away by a shadow. "What just happened un?" asked Deidara. Kama let out a frustrated yell and shot lightning into the air from his hands. Kari and Deidara stared at the small blonde in awe. "Are you ok Kama?" Asked Kari."NO! BLADE JUST TOOK MY PATSUKUN TO WHOKNOWS WHERE TO DO WHO KNOWS WHAT TO HIM UN!" He fell to the ground and pulled his knees to his chest. The two Akatsuki members heard the boy sob.

Deidara got the sudden urge to comfort the boy and sat next to him. He rubbed the boys back, "Shh, don't worry un. We'll get him back un." Kama looked up at him with tearful eyes, "Promise un?" Deidara smiled at him, "Promise. Now stop crying and tell us just who this Blade guy is un." Kama nodded and turned to flame, "Is that ok un?" he asked the redhead. Flame nodded, "It's the only way to get Scorpling back so we have no choice. Got it memorized?" Axel, who had just stayed silent and watched as the two talked to the children, looked at Flame in shock.

"What? I always say that." Stated the boy. Axel blinked in confusion a bit. "They're from the future Axel." Says Kari. Axel turns to her and shrugs. "Weirder things have happened." Kari laughed. Only Axel. Flame whistled, so loud that Kari, Deidara, and Axel saw stars. "What the fuck do you want!?!" Came Jash and Light. Kama wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "Blade just kidnapped Patsukun un." "Serves the little fucker right." Said the young male Jashinist. Kama scowled at him. "Hey Jashy un?" he growled. Jash turned to him, "Yeah blondie?" "KATSU!"

Deidara laughed as the explosion blew Jash sky high. "OH FUCK YOU KAMA!" yelled Jash, his head landing with a loud thump, "OWW!" Light smirked at her twin brother, "Serves you right for talking bad bout Kenji. Dumbass." Kari sighed. These were definitely Hidan's kids. Who in their right minds would marry Hidan? Kama and Flame turned back to the three adults, "Blade is The son of a member of XIII." Explained Flame, "I think his dad's name is…Xigbar? He has a friend who's the son of Zexion. His name's Scipio. They're only two of the dumb XIII kids that are always picking on us Akatsuki kids. Got it memorized?"

Deidara and Kari felt themselves stress out. XIII kids? Great. As if the originals weren't enough. Wait a sec. "But we KILLED most of the members of XIII un." Stated the bomb artist Akatsuki. Kama shook his head, "Those cowards always run away before you kill them un. And their kids are just as bad un. GRR, if they hurt a hair on Patsukun's head, I swear I'll beat the shit out of them un!" Jash, who got put back together by his sister, gave Kama a noogie, "HELL MOTHER FUCKING YEA! I'M GAME FOR THAT!!" Kama flipped Jash onto the floor, "BAKA UN!"

Kari looked at Deidara, "Let's tell Sasori-danna. He'll help." Deidara nodded and turned to Axel, "What are you gonna do un?" Axel shrugged, "Since Flame is apparently my son, I'll help, and Kyubi too!" He smiled and the small fox jumped on his head and wagged its tail like a happy puppy. Kari and Deidara nodded, "Here we go un."

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