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An Unusual Couple

A resounding "Smack!" was heard in the hospital of the Village Hidden in the Leaves: Konoha.

Moments afterward, Naruto was still staring blankly at the door Sakura had just disappeared behind, the red hand print growing on his cheek. He had just gotten back from the failed mission to recover Sasuke before he could join Orochimaru. Naruto figured his female team member would be upset, but not to this extreme... He had gotten it "beaten" into him earlier that he did all he could to keep his other team mate from joining Orochimaru, courtesy of Tsunade herself.

His anger building, Naruto quietly slipped out of the hospital window as soon as he was alone. He still blamed himself for what had happened, he still broke a promise, but Sakura's reaction seemed to cause his already conflicting emotions to boil over, resulting in the need for some time to think.

He took off at a steady pace towards the forest surrounding Konoha,his mind wandering. Sasuke was most likely with Orochimaru at that moment, training just to beat his brother. Naruto couldn't help but feel like sadness and anger were fighting for control of him at that moment. He failed, no way around that, but he still tried his best. He shouldn't be blamed...

The blond haired shinobi looked up, seeing that his feet had unconsciously taken him to where Chouji had stayed behind to fight the first of the sound five. Sighing, he started to retrace the path that he had taken the day before...

A woman in her early twenties reclined back in her favorite chair, putting an object she loved dearly on a table nearby before going over that moment in Konoha's forests, when her life was drastically changed forever.

Naruto had told her why he had ventured into the forest that day, although she didn't like the reasons, the result couldn't have pleased her more.

She closed her eyes and sighed, remembering that day like it was yesterday, as she waited for Naruto to return home.

Naruto had followed the path he had just been on himself the day before, having seen the destruction of the first three fights that the group had broken off to. As he neared an area of trees that were cleanly cut, an area he recognized as where he left Shikamaru, he heard a soft moan from somewhere on the ground.

He stopped moving as he landed on the stump of what used to be a tree, and took amongst the wreckage for any sign of life. He soon spotted where the sound had come from though, a red-headed girl who was partially buried under a tree. The blond recognized her as Shikamaru's opponent moments later.

Nonetheless, Naruto quickly ran over to her, stopping on the tree she was currently lying on. Getting her out wasn't going to be easy, the part of the tree that had fallen on her legs wasn't small, to put it lightly. He quickly created a few shadow clones, and began move the tree out of the way.

The girl though, snapped her eyes open at the sound of his jutsu. Took a moment to wait for her vision to adjust, and snapped "What the fuck are you doing leaf scum!". Despite her voice sounding weak and tired, she still managed to get her anger across to the blond...who promptly ignored her and focused on moving the tree.

The red-head did her best to snarl at him from her position and health, before trying again, in a slightly louder voice. "Hey, shit head, what the fuck do you think your doing!"

She waited a few moments, watching him for a reaction as he almost had the tree completely removed from her body. After getting none, she narrowed her eyes and let out a low growl. "Damnit you bastard, answer me! If your gonna fucking kill me just get it over with!", and as an after thought, she decided to add in an "Ass hole!", for good measure.

Naruto sighed and dismissed his clones, having moved the tree successfully, before turning to the foul mouthed red-head. "Yanno, your making it really hard for me to save you...", he trailed off, hoping she would fill in the blanks.

"Nice to see you finally decided to answer me you bastard, but now what're gonna do dumb fuck? Congratu-fucking-lations, you moved the damn tree, when you coulda just killed me outright in the beginning...stupid shit." She answered, completely ignoring his previous attempt to learn her name.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, not really wanting to deal with this at the moment. A smirk appeared on his face though, as he got an idea. "I said I'm not going to kill you." The blond stated, as he turned to walk away.

The red-head grunted in surprise, seeing him walk away from her. "What the Fuck! Your just gonna leave me here now? Brilliant! I'm completely able to walk you shit head!" she yelled after him, as best she could yell at the moment, anyway. She sighed, and started muttering things that sounded strangely like "dumb fuck blonds".

The red-headed girl lay in silence, having no idea what to do now. Her cursed seal gave her extra healing powers, but they were no where near being done healing her legs...after all, the damned seal was really the only thing keeping her alive at the moment. She let out a low growl and let her head fall back against the tree she was lying on, and closed her eyes.

The girl's peace was soon disturbed though, as a loud voice next to her ear called out "Did ya miss me?"

The red head jumped into a sitting position and gasped somewhat loudly, her eyes wide. Cursing under her breath, she turned with a glare, towards the blond shinobi from earlier. Suddenly, her arms shot out towards the blond's neck, who must have anticipated some sort of retaliation from her, as she soon found out it was only a clone. The girl soon heard him laughing again, standing just out of her reach, as she became even more infuriated with this annoyance.

"What the fuck do you want you ass hole!" She yelled, as loud as she could, which wasn't very loud at all...

The blond smirked before replying, "I just want to help you out."

She narrowed her eyes and snarled before snapping back "Then why the fuck did you just suddenly leave, dumb ass."

"I just thought you'd be hungry, never thought you'd get so annoyed." He replied innocently, with a grin on his face.

The girl like bashing her head against sometime, before growling out. "I'm gonna fucking kill you." All while keeping her glare as strong as ever.

The blond ignored it though, and tossed her the loaf of bread he'd brought with him, receiving a reply of "I'm not fucking hungry you shit head!", followed by the stomach of said girl growling quite loudly.

The blond chuckled, causing the red head to grit her teeth, he then looked up to see her eying the bread suspiciously. He sighed, and said "It's not poisoned yanno, here, look." As he took a piece of the bread and ate it to prove that it was not poisoned.

She let out what sounded like a low growl and a sigh before grudgingly beginning to eat the bread, while muttering an "I hate you, ass hole" to the blond.

The blond snorted, before sitting down on the log behind her, his back resting against her's, before muttering "Now then, I guess I should take you to a medic, don't ya think there red head?"

Said red head was busy hiding her surprised blush, before attempting to grab the blond's neck again, only to find out it was another clone. She then punched the tree she was on while her face turned even more red, this time from anger.

She looked up to find the focus of her anger laughing quietly in front of her, again. She quickly finished what was left of the bread, before growling out. "Your gonna fucking die a slow and painful death blondie."

Said blond then abruptly stuck out his hand, saying "Uzumaki Naruto."

She grabbed his hand, muttering a quick "Tayuya", before pulling him closer to her, her free hand attempting to grab his neck.

Once again, she found that it was a clone...which prompted her to yell "You fucking son of a bitch, I swear I'll kill you in the most painful way possible!"

The blond, who she now knew as Naruto, was once again sitting on the log. This time, about three feet in front of her. She cursed her legs as the blond spoke again, waving off her threat with his hand. "I've heard it all before, anyways, I think I should take you back to the village now, unless you wanna die out here."

Tayuya smirked, and laughed before replying. "Hah, I won't die out here dumb shit, my cursed seal will heal me eventually."

Naruto snorted, before saying. "Well thats great and all, but what happens when the ANBU teams find you later today...I mean, I know you won't be healed before then, because if you were, you would have at least been able to use your legs to try and kill me, no matter how slow. Since you still can't move em though, I'd say your pretty much screwed."

Tayuya glared at Naruto again, snarling at him upon realizing he was right. "Fuck you, ass hole, I won't accept help from you!"

Naruto shrugged, before replying "Eh, suit yourself then" and heading off back towards Konoha.

The red head sighed, weighing her options. Get killed by Orochimaru when he finds you, get tortured and interrogated, then get killed by ANBU, or go with the annoying ass blond and possibly live...

"Mother fucker" she muttered, as she made up her mind before calling out to the blond. "Hey, shi-Naruto! Get your ass back here...I'll go with you damn it!"

She saw the damn blond grin before turning around again, making her snort. She muttered "I fucking hate you Uzumaki." as he approached her.

Naruto seemed to ignore her though, as he spoke up. "Right, well, personally I don't trust you enough to carry you on my back, so..."

With that, he promptly picked her up bridal style, allowing her head to rest over his heart, as he started off towards Konoha again.

Tayuya seemed to get over her blushing stupor soon enough though, as she started her indignant cries at his actions. One of which being, "Hey dumb fuck, we need to go find the pieces of my fucking flute, I need a damn flute!". Naruto ignored them though, and did so until they reached Konoha's walls, it was then that he spoke. "Shut up! Unless you wanna get caught or something, eh?"

Needless to say, Tayuya grudgingly kept her mouth shut the rest of the way to his apartment, not even one whispered word left her lips, so when Naruto was nearing his destination, he looked down to check on her. Only to find that she had fallen asleep in his arms.

Naruto couldn't help but smile, it was getting kinda late, after all. So, when he entered his apartment, he placed Tayuya on his bed and went against his better judgment to stroke her hair a few times. When he saw a smile appear on her face though, he then knew what the most beautiful thing he had ever seen before was, and half-heartedly scolded himself for thinking so.

With a sigh, the blond lay down on the couch in the room, making a note to surprise her with a new flute sometime, and fell asleep staring at the figure in his bed...

The girl smiled slightly, briefly wondering how the blond had changed her so much. She didn't mind the change much though, and as she idly adjusted the leaf headband around her neck, she thought back to the morning after.

She woke slowly, partially wondering why her bed felt so much more appealing to her. That is, before she remembered what had happened yesterday, snapping her eyes open as she did.

Slightly to her surprise, she found herself on a comfortable bed, with the blond who had helped her yesterday sleeping silently on the couch across the room. After taking a glance around the rest of the bedroom, she soon found that it belonged to the boy across from her.

Tayuya sighed softly, and prepared herself to attempt use of her legs. She pulled herself into a sitting position, and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Slowly, she placed her weight on the healing appendages. The red head winced noticeably as pain shot through her. She threw out an arm to keep herself from falling, and slowly steadied herself.

The girl then slowly made her way over to the annoying pain in the ass that was somewhat of a temporary caretaker for her. After what seemed like forever to her, she was standing over the blond on the couch.

She smirked briefly, before placing her mouth above his ear, and shouting out. "Hey, shit head, get up!".

Somewhat pleased with herself for most likely scaring the shit out of the blond, she allowed herself a brief smile. It quickly vanished though, as the blond merely rolled over while an unintelligible phrase came from between his lips.

Tayuya glared at his sleeping form, clenching her teeth. Why she got stuck with the dumb ass that slept like a rock, she didn't know...she actually couldn't figure out how he was still alive, with the way he slept. The red head growled under her breath, as she thought up of something else to wake him up.

The edge of the girl's lip curled upward as a thought came to her, while she raised her hand. Tayuya brought her hand down roughly on his cheek, a loud slap echoing in the room. She couldn't help herself as she snickered, but that soon vanished like her smile had before. The annoying blond had merely tried to wave her hand away, and slept on.

The red head suppressed the urge to kill him in his sleep...but she realized she needed him, at least for another day or two, before she recovered enough to move somewhat freely. So, instead, she worked her mind furiously to come up with a way to get her "caretaker" off the damn couch.

Closing her eyes and sighing loudly in frustration, she knelt down before the couch, to take some pressure off her aching legs. When the red head next opened her eyes, she found herself much closer to the blond's face than she wanted to be, mere inches separated them, after all.

She snarled, but didn't pull away. Tayuya didn't know why, but she took this as a chance to better study the blond. The messy mop he called hair was now completely untamed, due to the loss of his forehead protector, and now sticking out in any direction it pleased, even more messy from his slight movement on the couch. She also discovered his idiotic whisker marks were actually a birth mark, a strange one at that. His face actually looked peaceful...attractive.

The red head's eyes widened as she scolded herself for such a stupid thought, and furiously shook her head...unwittingly ending with her face as close to his as she could get, without touching it, anyway.

Her eyes narrowed and darted down to his slightly parted lips, maybe something subtle could get the blond up, since it was obvious noise and pain didn't effect his sleep in the slightest. She knew she'd consider herself crazy later...but nonetheless, she slowly forced herself to lower her lips to his.

As her lips touched his, the grimace she had been fighting back disappeared completely. A spark of something that felt like electricity shot through her immediately, it shocked and comforted her at the same time...she couldn't think of a way to describe the insane feelings it gave her. Tayuya's eyes slowly, and somewhat unwillingly, slid shut a few seconds after she made contact, forgetting the world around her.

After a while though, the red head seemed to snap to her senses. Her eyes shot open, but this time, they meant something else.

A pair to clear blue eyes stared back up at her, looking at her with a sense of curiosity, a hint of anger, and even...affection?

That was too much for her, she jumped back on her feet, wincing slightly as she did, before snapping at him. "You wouldn't fucking wake up, you sleep like a damned rock blondie. What else was I supposed to do to get you up...fucking dumb ass."

With that, the red head slowly stumbled out of the room, muttering profanity under her breath for her stupidity, leaving a somewhat dumbfounded, but happy blond in the room behind her.

Neither of them knew it, but a slight blush adorned both their faces.

Tayuya sighed, before thinking of her favorite memory of the blond to date. One of her favorites, at least...but she wasn't about to tell anyone what happened in their bedroom.

Her hand unconsciously reached out for the object she had set on table early, running over it a few times, before lovingly replacing it on the table. The red head allowed herself to drift into her thoughts once again.

The red head opened her eyes to find a pair of blue ones starting back down at her, her lips tingling as she felt the contact break between them. The pair silently made their way to the door, as they did every morning.

It had been nearly a month since that day in the forest, and since then, the two had found themselves growing closer as time passed on. The red head and the blond even had somewhat of a morning ritual, whoever woke up first, woke the other up silently, with a kiss. After awhile, they had both accepted it as something they mutually enjoyed...neither admitted it though, obviously.

As the pair sat down to eat breakfast, they went over the tremendous changes their lives had experienced in the last month. Tsunade had, somewhat grudgingly, admitted Tayuya to the leaf nin ranks. The red head had required some persuading as well, to say the least. Naruto had convinced both of them, it had become a personal mission for him until they both relented.

After becoming a leaf nin, Tsunade had promptly checked over Tayuya's injures, and healed them to a better degree than the cursed seal was capable of. The blond hokage had then placed Tayuya on team 7, with a promise not to tell Sakura of who she was of course. The remaining four who had gone on Sasuke's retrieval mission had also been sworn to silence, none of them seemed to care much anyway.

If that weren't enough though, Jiraiya had told the two of them that they'd be going on a three year training trip with him. Originally it had just been Naruto, but due to his adamant stance on refusing to go unless Tayuya came with, the pervert eventually agreed.

The two of them had finished their breakfast, and made to head out to start their daily training. Naruto quickly hid a thin object in his thick jacket, and followed Tayuya out the door.

On their way to the training field, the blond kept shooting nervous glances at the red head...it wasn't often that he was able to show affection due to his past. Nonetheless, this didn't go unnoticed by the red head, she quickly became annoyed by it, and by the time they had reaching the training field, she couldn't stand it anymore.

Turning towards him, she narrowed her eyes. "What the fuck is up with you Naruto, your acting like an anxious 5 year old, and it's annoying the fuck outta me damn it!"

Naruto, now used to her language, sighed. "It's nothing really, but I remembered something you said back when we first meant, and...well..." He paused, not knowing what to do next. He let out a frustrated sigh, and reached into his jacket. The blond then held out an ivory flute, hardened metal encased inside of it, making it somewhat suitable for battle as well. He did this with a simple "Here, this is for you."

The red head's eyes widened to humorous proportions before snapping back into reality. She didn't have much money to start with, and hadn't started doing missions yet, so she figured she wouldn't even be able to get a new flute until the training trip. The blond's gift, and general show of affection, had her in a silent stupor for a few seconds, before she slowly reached out for the flute, as if it'd break at the slightest touch.

Tayuya ran her hands over the object, admiring it for a moment, before turning back to the nervous blond. She allowed herself a rare smile, and murmured a "Naruto", to get his attention.

As soon as he turned towards her, the red head's free hand shot out to firmly grasp a fair amount of his hair, before pulling the blond into a passionate kiss.

Strangely, neither of them could stop smiling for the remainder of the day.

The woman opened her eyes, and slowly got out of her favorite chair, grabbing the ivory flute she had set on the table next to her. Before heading to the door, where she had heard him coming home.

As she turned into the hallway leading to the front door, a blond entered the house. Upon seeing her, his face immediately lit up with a smile, the smile growing wider as he saw that she had the flute he had given her in her hands.

He engulfed her in a hug, placing a soft kiss on her lips, as he said. "How've you been all day love?"

She smiled, before replying in a soft voice "Bored without you...shit head"

The blond chuckled quietly, before wrapping an arm around her, while whispering "Well, let's see if I can change that eh?" into her ear.

The red head laughed quietly as well, before whispering back. "I don't doubt it, blondie", before sighing and allowing him to lead her to their bedroom.

She really didn't know why she stayed to wait around for him the morning after her found her, or why she stayed the weeks, months, and even years following that day. She did know one thing though, and that thought was reinforced every time she saw the engraving on their bedroom door.

That she was extremely glad she did.

As the door to their bedroom closed behind it, the setting sun reached the words put into the door. They read:

Uzumaki Naruto & Uzumaki Tayuya

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