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An Unusual Couple

A pair of blue eyes could be found, late at night, staring at anything even remotely interesting. The man was as comfortable as he was going to get in their bed at that moment, but he couldn't seem to fall asleep. He was quickly growing annoyed at his lack of sleep, usually he slept extremely well after hours of what he had just done with the other person in the bed. She, on the other hand, was sleeping like there was no tomorrow...lucky.

He couldn't come up with a negative thought about her though, she had stuck with him through everything. His training trip, the kyuubi, and everything else he had managed to throw at her...most of which was on accident. The training trip didn't turn out so bad though.

The sun was lazily sitting on the edge of the horizon, mere minutes from disappearing completely. It's waning light still reached two people though, sitting on top of the Hokage monument of Konoha. The pair were sitting close together, the girl in the boy's lap, their arms wrapped around each other.

Naruto looked down at Tayuya, using a hand to tilt her chin up so he could place a soft kiss on them. He had gotten too used to her company and affections to lose them for so long. The blond had fought long and hard against the toad sennin's plans, but couldn't stop them in the end. He had then turned his attention on accepting the fact he'd be gone for three years, and making sure he could do all he could for Tayuya before he left.

Said red head's voice broke him out of his thoughts. "What'd you bring me up here for blondie, no matter what my feelings are for you, you'd only come up with something this damned romantic if you needed to tell me something important."

Naruto smiled, her swearing had lessened in the half year or so they'd been together. She still swore, but not nearly as much, and that was just fine with him.

She was right though, he needed to tell her about the trip. He sighed and took in a breath, then started.

"Ero-sennin has a long term mission that I'm to go on. He decided to take me with him no matter what I want...typical pervert. Anyways, I'm going to be gone for the next three years on a training trip with him." The blond paused for a moment, before continuing. "I tried to convince him to let you come with, but that damn pervert...he won't even listen to me." He finished with a slight scowl.

Tayuya's eyes hardened, and she briefly looked down in thought for a minute or two, before looking back into Naruto's eyes.

The blond had to fight back the urge to gasp. Never before had he seen her show so much raw emotion, even if it was just through her eyes. He could see the feelings, nonetheless.

The red head's uncharacteristically quiet voice broke him out of his thoughts. "Promise me something, ok?" Upon seeing him nod, she continued. "Come back to me in one piece. I hate how much you matter to me, but love it at the same time. It's like a curse and a blessing in one. I've never felt this way about anyone before, and I don't know what I'd do if you never came back."

The girl's voice remained quiet throughout the entire length of her words, and laced with unhidden emotions. Naruto had never seen this side of her before, but as soon as it appeared, it was gone.

Tayuya continued after pausing for a moment, this time in her regular way of communicating. "You got that? If you even think about dying on me, I bring your dumb ass back to life just to kill you again!"

Naruto saw her half-hearted glare falter after awhile, and eventually crumble all together, before she pulled him into a passionate kiss. Their lips remained locked together for an amount of time that neither could remember, nor care for, before they broke apart and simply enjoyed the complete silence of the night.

The red head's voice broke the silence though, back in its uncharacteristic state. "So, when do you have leave?"

Naruto smiled softly, before replying. "Tomorrow morning, at sunrise."

Tayuya gave an unnoticeable wince, before falling quiet to think for a few minutes.

She sighed when she was done thinking, and slowly moved off his lap. The girl sat down and faced him, before continuing in the caring tone that had rarely shown itself before earlier. "I just want you know, before you leave, that I love you. I spent so much time trying to deny it...but, in the end, I knew it was true. I'm not sure how, all I know, is that I love you."

Naruto's face showed his shock for a split second, before one of his true smiles, his rare smiles, showed itself on his face. He replied with a sincere "I love you too", and fell quiet, because that was all that was needed to express himself to her. Tayuya climbed back into his lap, resting her head on his shoulder. They let the silence of the night comfort themselves with new feelings of love and separation, as they drifted off to sleep.

However, Tayuya's voice, back in its usual state, could barely be heard muttering something that sounded like "If you tell anyone, anyone, about this..."

With a quiet chuckle, Naruto looked up from his position under his wife, and out the window. From their bed, a full moon could be seen illuminating nearly everything in sight. The blond sighed. A moon like that brought back memories.

A silhouetted couple was seen walking along a pathway in the park. Trees on both sides and a pond nearby, combined with the soft hue of the full moon, made for quite a romantic spot. The pair stopped at the pond's shore, admiring the scene for a moment, before the blond sat down.

The other figure, a red head, looked down at her boyfriend of just over three years. They had both started young, she being only fourteen, while he was a mere twelve year old; neither of them cared much for other's complaints and protests though, it felt right to both of them, and that was all that mattered.

The two of them weren't really all that far apart in age anyway. He had just turned sixteen not long ago, the fact that it was a cool October night proved that much; she was almost eighteen herself, but a few more months separated her birthday from his.

The red head shook her head of her thoughts, and sat sideways onto his lap. His arms automatically wrapped around her waist, while one of hers went around his neck, the other placed on top of his. The girl sighed, closed her eyes, and laid her head on his shoulder before she murmured out a question.

"So, you wanna tell me why you decided to bring me here in the middle of the night? I mean, I know it's romantic and all, but there must be something."

Her swearing had slowly lessened as she aged, and eventually disappeared...except when she was angry, but if you were smart, you wouldn't get her angry.

The boy smiled, before softly laying his head on hers. He had yet to tell her his secret, and he figured she had deserved the right to know for some time now. The blond knew she probably wouldn't care, his age had matured him more than just physically, but he still couldn't help but be worried.

The red head had taken his silence as a sign he was just thinking over what he wanted to say. She whispered out one more sentence before falling quiet again.

"The last time you did something like this was when you told me about your training trip, after all."

Naruto smiled, she knew exactly how to predict him...it almost scared him sometimes.

The blond sighed before speaking to her. "You might have noticed how I might get a sudden change in power and chakra and such, right?"

She nodded, it was obvious something was different about him. From the way the villagers treated him, to the way his fighting style and power changed in difficult situations.

He continued at her nod. "Well, how much do you know about the kyuubi?"

Tayuya closed her eyes and let out a small laugh. "So thats what it was...you probably thought I'd think of you as a demon or something, didn't you?" Upon seeing his look of surprise, she continued. "You should have known that I wouldn't care about things like that. Then again, your idiocy makes you pretty irresistible at times too." She couldn't help herself as she laughed quietly at her love's stupidity.

Naruto shook off his dumbfounded look and grinned while hugging her closer to him. "You don't know how much hearing that means to me, I thought you might not..." The blond trailed off, a look of realization crossed his face before he let off a low growl. "I'm not that stupid, most people see me as a demon!"

The red head smirked. "I'm not most people, dumb ass" Upon finished her sentence, she stuck her tongue out at the blond...which she promptly found inside of his mouth. Needless to say, they didn't separate for quite some time.

Naruto smiled, unconsciously hugging the red head closer to him as he went through his memories. She really was able to read him like a book... he'd have to try not to be so predictable next time.

The blond allowed himself a small chuckle as he continued to reminisce, the next memory being humorous and passionate at the same time.

The sound of clashing metal and the music of a flute could be heard echoing throughout a thick part of the forest surrounding Konoha. A seventeen year old Naruto, and a nineteen year old Tayuya were training the middle of the spring season. A cool breeze blew through the trees, while the sun shined down brightly. It would have made a beautiful scene, if not for the numerous slash marks on trees and summoned doki.

Said doki were currently obliterating Naruto's small army of shadow clones, the original hidden away in another part of the forest. The blond had become a much better strategist in his time with Tayuya and his training with Jiraiya. The two of them had knocked enough sense in him to even get him out of his old obnoxious orange jumpsuit, and into clothes that blended better with the environment around him, depending on where he was at the moment.

He was currently wearing dark green pants, many pockets for kunai and other things in them, a chain mail shirt under another black one covered his chest. The blond had hidden himself in a nearby tree, and had been positioning newer clones around the red head while her doki got rid of his clones. Naruto knew that the girl was hard to surprise by just using clones alone. They were a bit louder and slower than he was, after all, but he could usually get the jump on her quite regularly. Knowing this, he silently worked his way up to a branch directly above Tayuya, her summons just finishing with his clones from earlier.

As the last of the clones were being destroyed, Naruto took some time to take in her appearance. She had the same kind of pants he had, although they were much tighter, and in a black color, while the shirt covering her light armor was of a plain white. She had activated her second level of the curse seal earlier on in the fight, becoming a little demonic in doing so.

The blond had nothing against the "demonic" side of her curse seal, just as she didn't care whether he was the vessel of the kyuubi. That was one of the things Naruto loved most about her.

He shook his head of his thoughts and tapped into some of the kyuubi's power, his eyes growing red and whisker marks becoming more defined; the red chakra flowing around him while his hands developed claws.

The clones had just been taken care of, which meant it was time for Naruto's plan to begin.

Then again, an all out ambush wasn't much of a plan...

Nontheless, the blond's clones charged Tayuya first, she started easily destroying them with her summons. Naruto took this as his chance, and focused on the seal one of his clones had placed on the branch underneath her. He had received a scroll with the Hiraishin and how to use it a few years back, supposedly the fourth's way of apologizing for what he had put the blond through. Naruto had only half mastered the technique so far, which was most likely why he found himself face down on the branch Tayuya was standing on, a half surprised, half amused look on her face.

He groaned and rolled onto his back, the kyuubi's power fading from his body. He cursed himself for using it before he was ready, when he heard a quiet giggle.

The blond looked up to find Tayuya smiling widely at him, obviously trying to contain fits of laughter.

He stood up with an indignant look on his face, before half yelling "It's not funny! That's a really hard jutsu!"

This just seemed to worsen the girl's attempts to calm herself, as she let out a quiet chuckle, fell silent, then laughed a little louder, and quieted herself once more, before giving up completely and exploding into fits of laughter. He cursed seal's power fading as her laughter grew more hysterical.

Through the laughing, Naruto could make out. "Only you...screw up...something like this" along with a "look on your face..."

While the girl was falling to her knees at his expense, the blond scowled, soon though, he found himself with a small grin. He let out a disbelieving snort. He didn't see Tayuya this care-free a lot, he decided to make the best of it.

So, while the girl was nearly incapacitated, he tied her arms and legs down to the branch they were on, using a special wire he had developed. Needless to say, she didn't like it.

"Damnit, lemme go asshole!" Her grin turned quickly into a scowl, while Naruto's grin just got even bigger.

That, however, only served to infuriate her further. "I'll fucking kill you if you don't let me go...NOW!"

Naruto only smirked, and leaned down to inject some of kyuubi's chakra into the special wire...she wouldn't be able to break out of now. The blond then decided to have some fun with the red head. He went down on his hands and knees, slid one of his legs in between hers, and pressed it against her womanhood. He then laid himself out, over the red head's body, while supporting himself with his arms, his lips were inches from her ears.

At the feeling of contact, Tayuya's eyes had widened, but when she heard him whisper something about payback in her ear, she did something she rarely ever did before, she blushed. Silently cursing the blond in her mind, she tried struggling against the wires...and found it to be no use, no matter what she did. The red head groaned.

Naruto smirked, he saw her struggle, heard her groan, and decided to have a little more fun with it. The blond figured he'd let her out after a few more minutes, she'll already want to kill him, and he didn't want to push it.

The boy's smirk grew bigger as her eyes hardened into a glare, so, he slowly lowered his lips to both of her eyelids, forcing both of them closed for a few moments. She immediately opened her mouth to protest, so Naruto pressed his leg against her harder. Her yell was promptly turned into a moan half way through the insult.

The blond then grabbed a nearby kunai and swiftly made a clean cut up her shirt, revealing the skin tight armor beneath them. He slid his hand up the armor to rub her sensitive skin, being sure to pay extra attention to the hardened center. Her soft moans fueled him, encouraged him, as his free hand started to slid the armor off her body.

He cut her arms free to rid her body of the armor, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her freed arms immediately started to rid his body of his shirt and armor as well, soon leaving the pair in the same state of dress. Both of them shared a fleeting thought of nervousness, knowing where this was heading, but neither stopped.

Naruto lowered his mouth to where his hand had been moments before, the hardened flesh of her chest. One of his hands began lightly pinching the other point of pleasure on her chest, while his other took over what his leg had been doing, slowly rubbing the now moist area between her legs. All thoughout this, Tayuya was arching her back, moaning uncontrollably. She had never felt this way before, never being one for pleasuring herself, these new feelings were driving her crazy.

She forced her closed eyes to open and her pleasured mind to think. Her legs were still tied up, that'd make it hard to turn the tables on the blond...even then, she had no intention of interrupting what her love was doing to her. Tayuya closed her eyes and entangled her hands in his hair, before losing herself in pleasure once more.

Naruto's mind, still being able to function somewhat, spared a thought at how her submissiveness was unlike her, but that only made him all the more excited. He sat back between her legs and slowly pulled her pants off, dragging his nails over the insides of her thighs. He took pleasure in her gasps and moans as he cut lose her legs, and stripped her of her remaining clothing.

He immediately lowered his mouth to her moistened center, kissing her lips softly and slowly running his tongue along them. He heard her moans getting steadily louder, so he pushed his tongue into her womanhood.

Tayuya's eyes widened before they snapped shut again as she threw her head back in pleasure, letting out a loud moan while her hands slid into his hair, her legs lightly wrapped around his head.

Naruto brought one of his hands up to start rubbing the hardened flesh near his mouth, allowing a small groan to escape him as he heard her moans and felt her skin around his head. This only served to pleasure the red head more. With what his hand was doing, and the vibrations of his voice inside her, she felt a building tension inside her, about to let go. Suddenly, the blond's mouth and hand left her. She looked up at him through lust darkened eyes, her breathing heavy, expecting an answer.

"I want us to come together." Naruto murmured. The red head felt a small smile tug at her lips, as she went to flip him over to get rid of the remaining clothing on his lower body.

Soon, his clothes were off, Tayuya on his waist. His length pressing into her leg only made her ache more, so she laid down on top of him, hoping to convey her feelings to him. Naruto seemed to have understood, as he flipped them over, then pulled her onto her hands and knees as he got behind her. The blond hesitated though, as if waiting for her to be ready.

Tayuya smiled slightly, and looked over her shoulder, into his eyes. That seemed to give him all the answer he needed, and he thrust forward, pushing his length into her.

The girl clenched her teeth in pain, before adjusting to the feeling. Pain was quickly replaced by pleasure. Upon the first soft moan she gave out, Naruto slowly started to pull out of her, before pushing back in, keeping a slow pace.

Tayuya didn't have any coherent thoughts at that point, but her body started moving in rhythm with the blond's behind her, meeting him as he thrust, their pace slowly increasing.

The pair's minds were spinning, both were focused on their lover and the pleasure they were feeling. Moans were regularly escaping Tayuya's throat, as groans were frequently leaving Naruto's. The two of them both felt a building pressure in them, along with feelings of wanted release.

Naruto gave one last thrust, pulling her body back against his as he did. The two shuddered simultaneously, and moments later, the pair climaxed as one.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. They had been woken up the next morning by a smirking Jiraiya, needless to say, it wasn't fun to talk their way out of that one. He didn't care though, that night was one of his best memories.

He let out a soft chuckle, to this day her submissiveness excited him to no end.

The red head on top of him stirred, apparently woken by the movement in her chest. She looked up at him with sleepy, questioning eyes.

Naruto smiled softly. "Sorry...just thinking about some of our moments together."

Tayuya returned his smile. "They better be good enough to wake me up in the middle of the night...dumb ass"

Naruto merely grinned. "Our first time."

The red head's face split into an identical grin, before she returned her head to laying on his shoulder. As she was slowly falling back asleep, she murmured one thing. "That one, is definitely worth waking up for..."

Naruto smiled, one of many moments they shared together, one of many worth remembering.

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