Summary: She fell for him. But he fell for her sister. So she left. Now four years later she's back for his wedding to her sister. Everything was the same, everything except her. Will her return change everything? mainly Botan/Kurama minor Yusuke/Botan and Kurama/Keiko

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Botan Yukimura woke up as the sun started to rise. She quickly stretched and headed to the shower as usual. Every morning she woke up, took a shower and started on her chores. After changing into black shorts and a pink tank top, she went outside to start sweeping the porch of the house.

She looked out to the empty street. It was always rare to see any cars in the street at any time of the day in the small town she lived in. It was a town where everyone knew everyone and everything. News traveled extremely fast, especially if it was something big. Something like when her parents separated.

Botan had only been twelve years old and in school when she heard that her dad was leaving. Apparently her dad was trying to leave the town while she and her sister Keiko where still in school in order to make it less hard on them. It had been lunch time when a girl in her class came up to her and told her that her mom said that her dad was leaving them forever. Botan didn't even finish listening to what the girl was saying before she started running home. The main town with the shops and school was only a ten minute walk from her house.

Botan had been able to get home within three minutes. But it was three minutes too late. She only managed to see the form of her dad getting into a cab. She ran after the cab screaming out Daddy with all the might in her lungs. In Botan's memory that was the day her tears dried up. Since that day she hadn't shed a tear.

It was the beginning of summer and already it was hot. Botan quickly placed her long azure blue hair into a ponytail. She had only been sweeping for a few minutes before a little boy around the age of ten came into view with his red bicycle. "Good morning, Mikey!"

The little boy stopped and walked up to Botan with a big smile. "Good morning Botan!"

"Anything interesting in the paper today?" Botan asked

Mikey handed her the folded newspaper and frowned. "Nope."

Botan smiled and took the paper as he left to continue his paper route.

She finished sweeping and went on to start the laundry. By the time her chores were all done it was nine in the morning. Her mother woke up and made breakfast for them.

"When does Keiko come back?" Botan asked at the table.

"She'll be back from camp in about five weeks but next week we are going to go visit her" her mother replied, a proud glint in her eyes.

Keiko had gone off to a music camp for only the best of musicians in the nation. Keiko not only had musical talent but was also smart. She had always been the one everyone loved in town. Botan was always being compared to her sister behind her back. Keiko was the pretty, smart and talented one. Botan was only the other sister. Her blue hair threw people off and she wasn't the best one in school. Botan was a daydreamer. Even though Keiko was only one year older than her, she treated Botan like a child.

Botan also knew that her mother preferred Keiko but she accepted that fact especially since Botan looked like her father and that always brought painful memories.

"I need you to go to the store, Botan." Her mother said. "I need milk, flour and sugar to start practicing on your birthday cake."

Botan nodded. It was June and her birthday was June 21st just two weeks away. Soon she would be seventeen. She finished her breakfast and headed to the main part of town and into their small food store.

"Good morning Mr. Hiro!" she greeted the clerk.

The clerk smiled. "Good morning Botan. How are you?"

"Fine, thank you." She replied as she went down the aisles looking for the things on the list her mom had given her. She knelt down to take a better look at the dry goods packets and get the sugar.

As she was looking she heard a masculine yet soft voice. "Do you need help?"

Botan looked up to meet emerald green eyes framed by long red hair. His face had a feminine touch which disoriented her for a minute before realizing it was just masculine beauty but he was definitely attractive. She stood up and shook her head. "No thanks."

Mr. Hiro came up behind them. "So you've meet my favorite customer!"

Botan smiled at him. "My name is Botan. It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you new around here?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you too. My name is Kurama, my family just moved here. I am working part time here so if you need anything just ask me." He replied with a big smile.

Botan was about to say something before being interrupted by Mr. Horo. "You know, he is only a year older than you, maybe you could hang out until your sister comes home."

Botan frowned. Of course, like everyone else Mr. Horo also wanted the "best" for her sister and she was only to keep him around long enough to meet her sister. She didn't want to deal with the whole sister issue thing right now so she simply gave them a forced smile. "Sure. Maybe some other time."

With her answer, she picked up the last of the ingredients and went to pay for them. She was quickly out of the store. Halfway down the street she heard her name being called. She turned to see Kurama running up to catch up with her so she stopped.

"Hey, did I say or do something to offend you? I noticed you didn't seem too happy about something and well I wanted to apologize if I did something wrong." Kurama said. "I don't think it would be smart of me to offend the best customer of the place I work at."

Botan gave him a small smile. "Don't worry about it. It wasn't you. It's just…."

"Just what?" Kurama asked.

"Forget it. It's stupid." Botan replied with a sad smile.

"If you don't want to talk about it, its okay. I just wanted to know if you would like to be my friend. I really don't know any one here and I could use a friend to show me around town." Kurama said. She certainly was the most interesting person he had met so far. It wasn't just her blue hair, it was her amethyst eyes. They were so expressive and they mesmerized him for the few seconds they had connected back in the store. She was also very pretty, she almost seemed delicate. Just one word could break her and he was intrigued as to what made her so.

Botan laughed. "There isn't much to see but sure. Whenever you want, I'll give you a tour and tell you all the wonderful gossip you 'must' know."

Now Kurama smiled. She sure was something. "Great. So do you need any help?" he asked questioning the heavy objects in her arms.

"Nope. I am alright. But thanks." Botan replied. "I'll see ya around!"

She left leaving a very content Kurama behind. He quickly went back to the store where he had told Mr. Horo he was just going to see if Botan needed any help.

He returned to the store with a smile which Mr. Horo noticed. "So you had a nice chat with little Botan, heh?"

Kurama nodded as he went back to the cash register.

"Well if you like Botan, then believe me, you're going to love her sister!" Mr. Horo replied with a gigantic smile and returned to sweeping.

It was at that moment that Kurama realized what had bothered Botan just a few minutes before. "So it must be something constant." He whispered to himself.

Mr. Horo heard him somewhat. "What was that?"

"Nothing. Nothing." Kurama replied automatically as he kept wondering who could be better than Botan. Granted he had just met her but there was something different, something special. Something he liked.

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