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Botan's eyes shot open at the sound of the doorbell ringing. She slowly got up from the couch where she had been napping and went towards the door and opened it.

"Keiko!" she exclaimed at the sight of her sister.

Keiko smiled and hugged her sister hello. "I brought some cookies. Mom told me you had been wanting some for a while now."

Botan gladly accepted the cookies and led her into the kitchen to sit and talk. "So how did your trip go?" she asked as she placed the cookies in a plate and started making tea.

"Fine. But you didn't tell me that Yusuke was in Tokyo. I thought he promised to be here for the birth."

"He did but he has to work too. I can't tell him not to work either."

Keiko nodded in agreement. "So….how have you been?"

"Fine." she replied quickly.

"Botan, I know you. You can get away with telling mom that you're fine but not with me. I want to help you in any way I can but I need you to trust me. How are you really doing?"

She stopped midway of putting sugar in her tea and sighed. "I can't lie to you. I've been…remembering certain things."

Keiko moved over to where her sister stood. "Botan, you shouldn't think about the past. It's time to move on. It's not healthy for the baby for you to be remembering such things."

"But I can't help it." She replied. "I was so scared and what if it happens again?"

"It won't." She reassured her taking her hand. "You are only a few days away from giving birth and not only do you have a wonderful man by your side but you have me to take care of you. So nothing will happen to you or your baby. I am sure of it."

"Keiko, I was so scared of losing my baby. I just …." Botan started but couldn't finish as she felt a horrible pain in her stomach.

"Botan!" Keiko shouted as she saw her crouch in pain. She tried helping her sister up. "Botan, just hold on. I am going to call the ambulance and everything will be okay."

Botan felt it. It was time and she only wanted one person with her but he was far away. She couldn't think, she just felt the pain. It felt like an eternity before the ambulance got there and took her slowly to the hospital.

Once they signed her in she was taken to a room. She took Keiko's hand. "Call him." She gritted through her teeth.

Keiko left at once without even an answer.

A few moments later her husband, her love came rushing through the door. His red hair pulled back and worry expressed in his emerald green eyes shone through.

"Kurama!" Botan said she felt another pang of pain.

"My love, I was on the way home when Keiko called. I am so sorry for being late." He said gently as he took her hand.

Botan smiled. "I am just happy you're here."

"And I am happy to be here." He replied giving her an encouraging kiss.

The doctor suddenly came in with a somber look on his face. "Botan, unfortunately due to the complication you had a couple of months ago, we are going to have to do a c-section."

"What?" Botan asked in a whisper.

"It's the safest way…the only way." The doctor replied before turning to Kurama and motioning for him to meet outside.

"I'll be right back. Don't worry about a thing." Kurama told Botan as he headed out with the doctor.

The doctor looked solemn. Almost as if in pain. "Mr. Minamino, what I am about to tell you is rather complicated. I have ever had to this once before and it wasn't easy but you must be strong."

"Doctor, if there is something important I have to know then just tell me. I don't wish to be away from my wife any longer." He replied quickly.

The doctor took a deep breath. "In these types of cases there are usually…complications of sorts, especially in this specific case given the background, that endanger the lives of both the mother and child and in which we only have enough time to save one or the other. It is for that reason that before we begin the operation we speak to the husband to know who to save if it comes to that critical point."

Kurama was speechless. How could they even ask such a question? His wife or his child. The love of his life or the fruit of their love. Even after everything they had already gone through it seemed that life had given them yet another obstacle. A very hard obstacle to even start to comprehend. He just couldn't imagine loosing either one. He had been so happy, so ecstatic, when Botan had told him she was pregnant. And when she almost lost the baby a couple of months ago it had been so frightening. Botan had just barely gotten over the fear of losing it and now this. Why couldn't everything just be alright? Why?

"Mr. Minamino?" the doctor called interrupting his thoughts. "I know this is hard but it's necessary for us in order to take the right course of action."

Green eyes bore in the old brown eyes of the doctor. "Save them both."

The doctor frowned. "There are certain times in which trying to save both only result in two deaths instead of just one."

"How could you ask me to pick? It's not like I am choosing my favorite toy or game. This is my family we are talking about.…." Kurama replied slowly. "I can't just choose."

"I know it's not something easy to take in but we still have some time left before the surgery. If you wish to consult it with your wife or just take some time to think, I will come back five minutes before scheduled to talk again." The doctor said as he patted Kurama on the shoulder and left.

Kurama just stood there. He didn't know what to do. It was impossible to know what to do. He looked at his watch and took a deep breath before going back into the room. He looked at Botan. Her long blue hair was spread around her and her amethyst eyes looked at him questioningly. How couldn't bear the thought of never seeing her again. She was his angel and it just wasn't fair. He then looked as her hand gently caressed her stomach where their child currently waited without knowing what was to come. How could he deprive him or her from exploring the wonders of this world? How? How could he choose?

"Is…is everything alright?" Botan questioned from where she lay noticing the trouble look in his eyes. "What did the doctor say?"

Kurama gave her a fake smile. "It was nothing. He just told me that the surgery was scheduled and that it shouldn't take long. Simple and harmless."

"Are you sure that's all?" Botan asked as she winced in pain.

"That's all my love."

Kurama walked over to Botan and held her hand as he looked deep into her eyes trying to pry into her soul. What would you do?... How would you do it?... He continued staring at his beautiful wife, her sweet smile, and translucent eyes. He took one deep breath. It felt like the last one he would take before coming to a decision.

The doctor came back just in time and once again motioned for Kurama to meet him outside but he refused. Instead he quickly walked over to the doctor and whispered something in his ear and with tears threatening to come down he returned to his Botan and gave her a deep and loving kiss.

"Everything will be alright." He whispered to her as the nurses came to take her. In response Botan only nodded and gave him that wonderful smile that Kurama had yearned for all day.

Kurama then left to the waiting room where their family anxiously waited for news. They stood as they saw him coming.

"Is it over?" Keiko asked first.

Kurama shook his head. "No. There were some…complications and she is currently being prepared for a c-section."

"Is it the same doctor who attended you?" Botan's father asked.

"Yes. He is the best doctor in the state and it's all in his capable hands now." He replied.

Her father frowned. "As long as he doesn't do the same stupidity of saying 'I am sorry…it took so long' like he did when he was with you, it's all fine. The one sentence almost killed my darling little Botan."

"Well that's all in the past now." Botan's mother said. "What exactly did the doctor say?"

"The doctor had explained that complications surfaced because of the incident a couple of months ago. Apparently when she fell something happened and now the only way of safely having the baby is through the c-section." Kurama quickly explained. "Now the only thing left is to wait."

And so they waited what seemed like an eternity. An eternity of thoughts that Kurama had to face alone. At times he felt like punching the wall and at others he felt like breaking down and crying. Had he truly made the right choice? He prayed that his choice wouldn't haunt him for the rest of his life. As he was walking to the bathroom to splash water on his face, the doctor came for him.

Kurama looked at him trying to see any visible signs of complications or…well he didn't want to think about the other. "Doctor." He simply said waiting to be informed.

"Mr. Minamino. There were complications during the surgery and we had to take into account your...choice." The doctor started. "But it's better if you came with me."

Kurama swallowed hard. There was a lump in his throat he just couldn't get rid of. He followed in silence scared to know where he was leading or to who he leading him to. It was nothing more than a few feet and a short elevator ride but it felt like he had been walking to his death.

Finally the doctor reached a door but before opening it he turned to face Kurama. "Amidst the crisis we had in the surgery room I really took into consideration what you chosen and…well I did as you wished."

Realization dawned on Kurama as the doctor opened the door and right in the middle, bathed by the light of the moon, was Botan and their baby. The doctor had done what he had told him to do and….. saved both. With a jolt of energy he sprinted across the room towards the two people he thought he had lost. He gave Botan a gentle kiss and then looked at their little angel and also kissed him on the forehead.

Kurama didn't have a long time alone with them before everyone came through the door.

"Oh my god!" Keiko shrieked as she saw them. "He is so cute!"

Botan smiled tiredly. "That was my exact reaction."

"He is beautiful." Her mother said giving the baby a small kiss in his tiny hand.

Botan's father nodded."As beautiful as the mother."

Botan caressed her baby's little hand and smiled as he opened his eyes to reveal his emerald green eyes. The eyes of his father and the love of her life. "Well little one, it's time to meet the family." She said as she gently lifted her arm to give him a better view. "There's grandma Kaoru, grandma Shiori, grandpa Ivan, and auntie and godmother Keiko."

"You forgot godfather Yusuke." Yusuke suddenly said as he came through the door with baggage."

"Yusuke!" Botan exclaimed. "I thought you were in Tokyo."

"I was but I came back early this morning and I was in the airport when Keiko called. So I rushed over here to meet my godchild and possibly nephew one day."

"What?" Botan asked confused. "Don't tell me that…."

Keiko gave her a sheepish smile. " Remember how I told you that I met up with Yusuke in Tokyo. Well we kind of went out more than once. And we are kind of together now."

"Oh, that's great!" Botan replied and then looked down at her baby. "Well, little one, meet your hopefully soon to be uncle Yusuke."

"What are you going to name the little angel?" Shiori asked.

Botan looked up at Kurama who had been deep in thought. "Kurama, why don't you pick a name."

Kurama smiled. He had been thinking about that and quickly decided. "Yuki."

"As in snow?" Botan asked liking the name.

"Yes. It was snowing the night we got married and this child will serve as reminder of the love we have for each other."

Botan smiled like never before. "Well…I love the name."

Kurama placed his arm around his wife and child, and looking down lovingly at both Botan and Yuki he happily thought that never again would he be completely incomplete.

The End!

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