Disclaimer: I do not own the Inuyasha series or any of the characters.

Summary: "They had all tried it." The well proves to be too tempting for anyone to ignore. A series of nine one-shots of varying lengths.

With Both Feet

Chapter 1: Miroku

They had all tried it.

Secretly, of course. No one wanted to get caught looking foolish. But after Shippou had failed to cross through the well despite the jewel shards, curiosity burned.

This was why Miroku could be found standing by the well, trying to make up his mind. He'd been careful to make sure no one knew where he was heading. The questions would be uncomfortable if he was caught.

What factor decided who could cross through and who couldn't? How was it that Kagome and Inuyasha could cross through so easily?

He reached into his kimono and pulled out a flimsy book with strange, glossy paper, the colourful images appearing so realistic. Opening it to a well-thumbed page, he studied the scantily clad women for a minute. Then he tucked the pilfered "mag-a-seen" back into his kimono and sat down on the rim of the well, swinging his legs inside.

How hard could it be?

Pushing off from the edge, he released himself to the pull of gravity, and hopefully, the magic of the time portal.

Later, Kaede would wonder why he blushed when she asked him why he was limping.